Balance, Figuring it out and Park Days.

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Lately life has been hectic. To say the very least. I spend most of my days trying to figure out the balance in my life (blogging, being a mom and maintaining a life) and most days I am unsuccessful.

If you know anything about blogging (deal blogging more specifically) its very hard. Its a full time job and on top of it you have children seeking attention from you most of the day. I’ve been doing this for 3 years now and still have not learned the boundaries of home life and working from home. There have been times that I’ve wanted to throw my computer out the window because I have such a large devotion to Southern Cali Saver and feel that I need to DO IT ALL.

So. I am actively taking steps to help balance all of this.

Balancing it out:

You may have noticed lately that I don’t post much before 10am. Sometimes I may but there are so many things going on in the AM that I prefer to get it all done before I sit down to post.  I also have decided that I will more than likely stop posts after 8 or 9 pm.

I am trying my hardest to reach out to each part of So Cal and offer a wide variety of store deals. Fortunately I have all the major grocery stores around my home–so I can usually go to most but sometimes I can’t make it to find un-advertised deals. If you happen to visit a store and find something–feel free to email me! (southerncalisaver @ gmail . com)

…. Park Days:

One reason I decided to stay at home was because I wanted to spend more time with my children. ( couponing was the only way I could stay home!) I’ve found that I’m doing less of that.. and really need to spend more time with them. Spending more time at the park and interacting with my children means spending a little more time away from the computer.

I know you all understand :) 

Considering that most of you have families I figured that you would understand that I need this. The quality on Southern Cali Saver will only get better because with the steps I am taking–it will help me survive burnout and bring you only the best deals around.


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  1. Andrea says

    Bravo Josie! Your husband and family need to your first priority! I wish you all the best of luck in it & I will pray for you! I’m sure everyone will be happy to do whatever we can to help you out! May God bless you abundantly! <3

  2. Jessica says

    I totally understand how you feel Josie…..I too feel I need to do everything and never ask for help. Have you ever thought of maybe having a few of your followers help you? Maybe they can do the ads and then send to you for approval? Just an idea cuz I can imagine how busy you are with 2 little guys. I only have 1 and I don’t know how you find the time :) We all love ya :)

  3. Tanya Willey says

    I can’t imagine how you do everything that you do! Just “cheating” off of all your hard work takes so much of my time and energy, and I have found myself slacking in the family / household department as well… In the last week I have also been trying to shift my balance back to my family (4 kids, age 8 and under)…

  4. SChavez says

    Josie, you have been putting in a lot of overtime and double time in what have become your full time job and of course you deserve time off. In the end, all we have is family and they should always come first. Thanks for everything you do!

  5. Samantha says

    Love this and just remember family comes before all! Good thing about this site we get feed back from all members about deals and they can answer alot of he questions we have most of the time so sit back and enjoy your family. Time flies by way to fast !! Thanks you for all you do

  6. francine says

    i hear you sista! balance is a hard thing to achieve. i’ve also struggled with learning how to allocate time to everything and everyone that demands it. it’s not easy but, i think you are definitely taking the right steps by dedicating specific hours to blogging. i’ve been self-mployed for several years and it was only this year that i’ve learned how to find that balance. For me what worked was allocating specific hours to each business task and sticking to it without going a minute over. 9am-10am answer emails, 10am-11am inventory control, etc. I also give myself 15 minute breaks every 2 hours. I feel these 15 mins revitalizes me so I’m not drowning in 3-4 hour shifts. I also specified an end of day “STOP” time, for me its 6pm. The rest of the evening is for dinner and family time and that means not peeping at my computer or answering emails until the very next day.

    We only have one life to create memories and family quality time is where it starts. Lets face it when we are old and wrinkled the most valuable things to us are going to be the memories we created with our loved ones. Not a business, not a blog, not even a brand new Mercedes. I say this because I had 3 tumors removed in 2011 and it shook me to my core and changed me for the better. I realized at my young age of 32 I had accomplished so much professionally but, I had missed out on opportunities to spend time with my family. Thankfully by God’s grace I now have been able to create those memories.

    I agree with Andrea, family first! I solute you for looking for that balance and making the right choice. My family and I will continue to follow your blog and visit your sponsors. Oh, and of course shoot you an email if we find any great coupon deals! :)

    • Mary D. says

      Thanks for the “idea” of treating this Couponing as a job and setting specific hours to do specific tasks. Life really is too short to miss out with family.

  7. Stephanie says

    josie, Thank You for all you do! Time is precious with your little ones it really goes by to fast and even when you think they are big enough, and you look back they really are not. so i commend you for taking the time and trying to balance everything. I too still cannot balance everything and I do not even blog!

  8. Mary D. says

    Wow!! Thank you. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your realness as I really needed that post. I find myself getting so engrossed with “searching out the deals” that sometimes my family is put second. Something I definately don’t want to happen. Thanks for sharing your heart and talent with us! You are amazing and very much appreciated. In addition, thanks to your awesome following for all the extra deals they each find and report as well as responding to questions as they arise. I always say it takes a community. I am so happy you are finding that balance, something I need to also do. Thank you for creating my (LOL) SoCal Couponing Family. God Bless you!

  9. Wendy says

    Thank you Josie … And to all who post helpful comments :-) I too have struggled with the balancing act. It took me awhile but I decided what would work best for me was to limit the stores at which I “frequent”. I don’t try and hit every “hot” sale now… I do the best I can at Target, Walgreens, CVS, and on occasion Ralphs. I was driving myself crazy trying to run around town and get all the deals at every store. If the deal is at a store not on my “list”, the deal HAS to be worth my gas and time! Hang in there Josie, you’ll find what balance suits you… And yes, family first!!!

  10. Jen says

    No worries at all Josie, we totally understand. Take a break, you deserve it. You are an awesome mom and I know how you feel trying to balance everything to be able to afford to stay home with the kids. Do whatcha gotta do. We are all stil here for you. Thank you for all you do!

  11. Lynda says

    Believe it or not I always ask myself how in the world do you do it? Even you deserve a break, we all understand. Take all the time you need to spend it with your family.

  12. Cynthia says

    Josie I don’t know how you do it all, you are superwoman to me! As a mother of 3, I know it’s hard to have balance in life. When I start to get too involved in couponing and finding the deals, I try to take a step back and tell myself that my kids are only little once, and the deals and coupons will always be around. They grow up way too fast so cherishing memories and family time is the most important! Take as much time as you need, don’t worry about us, we’ll still be around to support you :)

  13. Susan says

    I love that in my job my boss always says, “Family First!” We all have to remember and tell ourselves that… Life is just too short! Those little guys are lucky to have such a great mom.

  14. Karen says

    I’m a mom of two young boys. I like your blog because it’s written by a human!! I don’t have time for every single deal anyways!

  15. Katie says

    I really appreciate all the you do on this blog! Helps me out with my own family so much! Enjoy all your time for yourself and for your family. Balance is the key and we are all struggling with that.

  16. Daisy says

    They’re just coupons, it’s just stuff. I think a lot of people lose sight of that and get caught up in the adrenaline of the “deal” and think it needs to be all deals all the time.

    You have to take care of yourself before you can help anyone else, it should always be self and family first!

  17. Tita says

    THANKS A BUNCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! Thanks to all your great work my family reaps all the rewards. It’s so hard to balance life with all its demands. Family is first and I want to say you are AWESOME! Keep up the excellent work it really helps. Thanks to you I can find space in my budget to gets all the great perks. Bless you and your family they are lucky and fortunate to have you.

  18. Amber Arrey says

    We all love your site and what you do to help us all each and every day. There are so many deals and I find it truly amazing that you are able to blog, have family time and even pick up your own deals. I know this is your other baby but I also hope that you are able to get some help by someone similar to yourself. Someone who has the same integrity and cares for your followers the way that you do. It has been amazing to see the quick growth of Southern Cali Saver. You have always and continue to do an amazing job even if it has to slow down a bit.

    Your supporters will continue to support you through each new journey. Growing pains hurt, but they will make room for a whole new chapter in your career and family life. God Bless!

  19. newbie says

    I think we will all be more than glad to help. You’re the person I go to so that I can save money and do fun things with my babies…it’s only fair that we reciprocate that.

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