Food 4 Less Grocery Deals 4/3-4/9

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Here are the best deals I see this week! 



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  1. Je Yo says

    I think the Catalina offer on Reach floss is still good. Do you know if the sale price for the floss is continuing?

  2. Amber Jackson says

    There is a $1/1 California Pizza Kitchen coupon too, I think it was from RP 3/17. It expires 4/14.

  3. new123 says

    there’s also a $1 coupon on the Pillsbury Toaster Strudel if you have it it came on a book call QUE RICA VIDA. free for me :)

      • cathy says

        Hello Josie is at the front door next to the adds I bought today clorox bowl cleaner is 1.99 minus Mq from store is .99 also pinesole is 1.78 and same coupon .78 the coupon is for clorox, windex, pinesole, and 409 products now 409 is 2.99 will be 1.99 with coupon i didn’t get that thinking I could wait for a better deal also in the front part of the insert there’s a couopon for buy 2 clorox bleach save 1 and clorox bleach is 1.99.

        • vnava says

          What is ur paper called when I went to F4l there was a little magazine with coupons sounds like the one u described it has a clorox coupon and a charcol coupon on front page but that coupon that u are talking about in the back doesn’t say for Windex it only says for pinesol, 409 and some clorox stuff?

          • cathy says

            Yeah I know what you are referring to, at my food for less they had windex coupons 1/1 I din’t explain my self well, i’m sorry.

      • New123 says

        No it was on the smart source I believe 3/17 I get the el hoy newspaper and it had it there it usually comes on Saturday

        • cathy says

          In front of my food for less there was a small magazine stand full of them next to the adds and those coupons are in there i manage to get 4.

          • new123 says

            Cathy but if you want to check on Smart Source from 3/17 we also got it . Also for the Pillsbury Toaster Strudel i got $1 off coupons on a free magazine call Que Rica Vida.

  4. Joanna says

    Hi Josie, I haven’t seen P&G products on sale here the last couple of months. Do you know if perhaps they’re just not advertising it? I’ve missed their deals on Downy and Cascade!

  5. Jessica says

    I didnt see the windex in my ad (I trust you!) does anyone see if its just windex or if the multisurface included/pictured. Im so low on cleaners since vons didnt have the lysols for cheap this year :(

  6. mdme says

    my store has it but maybe my cashier doesn’t have one at the register. before I walked out of the store I looked back tO make sure and it is there. bummer. =(

  7. Susie says

    I just went to F4L and did the Hormel, Skintimate, Edge, Windex and Brut deal. The store I went to was well stocked. I rolled the Windex 6 times. Skintimate was not $0.48 but still a great deal at $0.98 so I still bought them. My store also did not adjust coupon and gave the coupons to me at face value. The manager was standing right there by my cashier and told her it was ok. This is my first time at F4L and I’m thinking of becoming one of their loyal customer since my experience there was so awesome lol :)

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