Food4Less: $0.48 Campbell’s Go Soup + Nestle 24 pk only $1.73 ea!

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Two more Food4Less deals that I spotted today! Campbell’s Go Soup is part of the Buy 4, Save $4 deal this week as well as Nestle 24pk! in addition to the sale–there is a Nestle water catalina running! Check out the deals below:

Buy Campbell’s Go Soup $1.48
Use $1/1 Campbell’s Go Soup printable
or use $1/1 Campbell’s Go Soup, exp. 4/9/13 (SS 01/13/13 R)
or use $1/1 Campbell’s Go Soup printable
Pay: as low as $0.48 ea!

Nestle Water 24pk catalina:
through 4/14:
Buy (2), Get $1 OYNO
Buy (3), Get $3 OYNO
Buy (4), Get $5 OYNO

{Deal Idea}
Buy (4) Nestle Pure Life 24pk $2.98
Pay: 11.92, Get Back $5 catalina
= $1.73 + CRV

WARNING: This catalina will not print unless your cashier scans EVERY package of water. otherwise, the catalina will not print. 

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  1. AmburQ says

    I was at Food4Less earlier…..and on the Campbell’s to go display (right side near the bottom) they had $1 off coupons so be on the look out.
    also a bit of advice on the water …..I had a weird problem with the cat not printing on some water I was buying…the problem was the cashier pressed the quantity button then scanned one package of water. After 3 tries we figured out that she had to scan them individually.

    • Michelle says

      I think this issue regarding the catalina printing with water deal has been brought up before. My understanding was that the cashier has to scan each package of water in order for the catalina to print. This might explain why some people are having trouble.

  2. yoli says

    I was at F4L earlier and bought the 4 Nestle water packs. The Cat did not print. I ended up returning them :(

  3. Lisa says

    I have never couponed at Food 4 Less. I have some $2/1 Go Soup Coupons. Does Food 4 Less give you overage or will they mark down the q?

    • Pamela says

      I have those $2 q’s, too. the price before the buy4, save $4 discount is taken off is $2.48, the register uses that price to accept/reject a coupon, so the $2 q’s go through fine cuz it’s not over the original price. it’s a ymmv situation…your cashier may be aware of the $1.48 price and adjust the q down to $1.48…or what will most likely happen is that the cashier won’t care/notice and you will end up with overage, so be sure to account for that possibility and have other items in your transaction to soak up that overage.

  4. nancy says

    I also found $1 off go soup that don’t expire until sept! I used mine from 1/13 and will go back for more.. my f4l only accepts 3 like kind coupons so the buy4 save $4 can get tricky

  5. campanita says

    Good News! my husband just came back and bought 4 cases of water and the Catalina printed, but as Josie says you have to make sure that the cashier rings them up one by one.
    He was not paying attention at the beginning and they rung up all together, but he explained that it had to be one by one. So the cashier gladly refunded the water from the first transaction, rang them up one by one, and the catalina printed! Another thing that they noticed in the first receipt was the water shown $3.78 instead of $3.98.

    Thumbs up to you Josie and thanks for keeping us informed! :)

    For those that this might not work for, contact Catalina and they will send you the Catalina, as long as you purchase the required items.

    • Shirley says

      Thanks for the update. Is it $2.78 and $2.98 (the price in Josie’s example) or the $3 prices in your example?

      • campanita says

        What I meant was the price when they ring it up is $3.98/$3.78, then you get the $1 off for the mega event, for each product, thats why its $2.98 at the end, after all discounts are applied.

          • Shirley says

            Selene – I just got back and bought 4 Nestle Pure life water (I did exactly Josie’s buy idea) $2.98 wyb4 is the price and $1.73 is the calculation it works out to be after the $5 cat. (and yes I had her ring them up one at a time and it printed) HTH.

  6. Rachel says

    I had the cashier ring up each water and no catalina printed. Are the machines specific to area regions? The F4L I went to is in East LA/Downtown area.

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