Giveaway: (2) Readers Win Pampers Sweet Sleep Time Prize Pack ($100 in value!)

Pampers - Sweet Sleep Time Gift Pack


Story time is my little guys favorite time of the day. There is nothing like snuggling up with my boys and reading them a book.. I also want to know that my little guy is protected from overnight mishaps.

Pampers wants parents to know that they can ensure their little one’s sweet sleep time with Pampers Baby Dry diapers, which offers 12 hours of overnight dryness with three layers of absorbency (vs. two in other leading brands). To Celebrate Sweet Sleep time– Pampers is giving away TWO Sweet Sleep Time Prize Packs valued at $100! 

  • Pampers Baby Dry diaper pack ($13)
  • Pampers Baby Dry diaper coupon ($13)
  • Pampers Wipes ($5)
  • Pampers Wipes coupon ($5)
  • Constellation B Glow Animal ($30)
  • Good Night Moon book ($10)
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear Book ($10)
  • Where the Wild Things Are book ($15)

You can currently print a Pampers Coupon and participate in Pampers’ Moment of the Week!  Parents can post photos of their little ones enjoying a dry night’s sleep on their Facebook page  and on Twitter (@Pampers#PampersBabyDry) for a chance to be featured as the “Sweet Sleep Time Moment of the Week.”

To Enter (Mandatory)

1. Leave a comment below letting Pampers know that your child Loves Story time (or if they don’t ;) )

Additional Entries: (optional) — Leave a comment below (separately) for each additional entry


Giveaway sponsored by Pampers. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. Giveaway ends 4/29 at 11:59 pm. winners will be notified via email and will be given 48 hours to claim their prize. contest open to US residents only. no p.o boxes please.

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  1. nessa cortez says

    My daughter loves story tkme, its as if she was Olivia, please mom 3 books ok 4!

  2. Kelly says

    My daughter loves storytime all day. I like the story before bed because it brings peace to the end of our day (usually) lol.

  3. Jane says

    My girls looove story time. Demands it, actually, before bedtime. It’s a nightly ritual for us!

  4. Cynthia says

    My little one loves story time before bed. I think is that time of the day we are both relaxed.

  5. Tanya Willey says

    My 2 year old won’t let me put her to bed without reading books, but she likes to point and talk so much about each page that I can hardly get a chance to read the words!

  6. geneva says

    my two daughters love their story time all throughout the day! but mommy and daddy love it best at bedtime!

  7. Julie says

    My Baby Loves Reading. She’s Only 1 /2 But Will Sit There And Just Look At Books, Even The Dictionary.

  8. Lindsay says

    My little one loves story time :) My older one loves me to read to him but never wants to go to bed! Lol

    • Carmen r says

      Unable to comment by myself:( I hope this counts. My son loves story time and likes to be read. I want to donate the diapers to my 18 year old niece , who is a single mom!!!

  9. Cynthia says

    My daughter loves story time each night before bed, she is trying to read herself at 2.5

  10. terri says

    My son’s loved storytime. We read hundreds and hundreds of book each year. We lived within walking distance from the library and had a special cart to carry all our books each week. I believe the reason that my son’s could read before they started kindergarten was because of all the books we read before naptime and bedtime. I am about to have a new nephew and would love to be able to share our love of books with him.

  11. Amanda says

    My son loves story time as well. He is always asking me to read another one. He has gotten to the point where he has memorized a couple of our shorter stories and is always ready to impress with his upside down story reading skills. I love the quality time it gives us for a brief moment in our busy days. <3

  12. Ney says

    My little Andrew loves story times, he loves books and always wants to read, he goes to daycare and he always likes to sit on the floor when we read because of circle time.

  13. megulle says

    My lil man loves reading books before bedtime. He cannot go to bed without a book. He’s also at the age where he remember the words and could read some of the sentences.

  14. Shannon says

    Oh, my two little ones LOVE story time! We sometimes read 3 -4 books/night!!!! I would love to win this for them! Thanks, Pampers!!!

  15. Rosie says

    My kids are picky. Some nights (or days) they let me read books other nights they wont.

  16. SARA says


  17. Leticia g says

    Story time is our favorite time that my kids (13,6,9mo) and I have to sit, relax & recap our day. Thank you pampers!

  18. Cindy says

    My son has his days. Sometimes he loves hearing stories other times he takes away the book and says “No mami no. Sleep now.”

  19. Stephanie says

    My son loves story time! We read when he wakes up, before nap and before bed time.

  20. Nicole says

    My 2 year old loves story time, we love pampers at night to keep him comfortable and dry. Hopefully his little sister will enjoy sharing story time with him too.

  21. Angela Quinonez says

    My little one loves story time. She isn’t here yet (due 5/11/13) however every night I read to her a story from her new book collection. She kicks and wiggles then settles down just before I go to bed each night. I can’t wait to read to her when she is here. We will be having story time every night as a family tradition. :)

  22. Katie martin says

    My kids love story time. They enjoy the time mom and dad are with them to share a story before bedtime.

  23. Laura says

    Storytime is apart of our bedtime routine! My son loves books and now picks out the books we read at storytime!

  24. Liz Pacheco says

    My four year old n two year old love story time they make sure they get their story read every night n they enjoy reading in the day too

  25. Cynthia says

    Just tweeted the post! Would love to win with a 2.5 year old and 2 weeks from having my second. Thank you!!

  26. shauna says

    I love story time with my daughter and she never lets me forget to read a book to her. Its the most special time of the day…thanks pampers

  27. Wilene says

    My 3 yr old son picks three books to read every nite. He loves colorful animals and Elmo. He catches us when we “accidentally” skip a page. He now memorized each page than he can tell us back the story.

  28. says

    Our twins love story time..they have since we started reading to them in the womb. They love to turn the page and put them in their mouth. Lol

  29. Wilene phou says

    My 3 yr old son picks three books. He loves colorful animals and Elmo. He catches us when we “accidentally” skip a sentence or a page. He mostly memorized the stories that he ends up reading to us.

  30. Ashley says

    My daughter loves story time right after her bath and brushing her teeth.i have too read at least two books.

  31. aileen says

    My 2 year old son loves story time. But I make up most of the story, so it is more exciting

  32. Lessley says

    My kids love to hear the story then make up there own to go along with the pictures. I love hearing there version of the story they just heard.

  33. HM says

    My 18 month old LOVES any mommy & me time!! He is just learning to enjoy books and this would be just amazing!! <3 Thank you <3

  34. Tina W says

    My kittens LOVE storytime… but I’d like to win the Pampers pack for my niece who is expecting. :)

  35. Cynthia M. says

    My boys love storytime. My 7 and 1 year old love to listen to there favorite book, Goodnight Moon, before they drift off. The baby sleeps well with his pampers every night. They work best at night for him.

  36. Melissa says

    My son LOVES story time. He not only wants stories at night, but randomly throughout the day. He has his favorites that he likes to hear over and over again and loves to ask about the pictures and point things out. I am so happy since I know it’s expanding his vocabulary and hopefully making him into a lifelong reader!

  37. rebecca says

    My twin boys love story time! my favorite part is when they “read” back the story to me :)

  38. Jordanna Y. says

    My daughter loves story time!!! It’s a must every night before bed for our family!!!

  39. Jessica V says

    My son loves bedtime/story time. His little routine is making his last little bottle before bed and telling the dogs it’s time for bed, then we snuggle up in bed and read a story while he finishes his milk =)

  40. Vincent Vasquez says

    Every night my wife and I will get our little 9 month old son and sit him in our lap as we get one of his many books given to him and read to him as well as show him the book as we read. He already enjoys trying to turn the pages himself and, when he’s not trying to eat it, likes to carry them with him as he crawls around the room.

  41. Brandy says

    Believe it or not, my toddler does not enjoy story time before bed. So we have story time after his nap- during which of course, he wears Pampers.

  42. Darcy says

    All of my girls enjoy story time–even my tweens, but just this morning, my youngest (almost 2) brought me a book and said, “read”.

  43. Vnava says

    We love Pampers!! It’s the only thing my son has ever used since he was in the NICU. He has a bedtime story every night. My favorite is when he tries to read the story to me :)

    • Mallori says

      We love story time!! My son actually likes reading to us more than us reading to him right now lol. And I prefer pampers over huggies for my youngest! :D

  44. Jess says

    My little guy loves his storytime!!! Books are his favorite thing to play with and story time with him is the best!

  45. Melody says

    My 14mo son has always been a lil book worm, every since he sat up on his own at 4mos. Now when he wants me to read to him he’ll simply bring the book over to me, and throw it in my face. -__-

  46. Breanne Blanchard says

    Both of my kids love Story Time. My husband either makes up a story or we read to them every night in bed…love that time together! :)

  47. Ashley C says

    My son loves story time, it’s what we always do before bed :)


  48. Scott Schwerman says

    My daughter loves story time. She basically demands it at bed time and you end up reading the same book over and over at least 3 times.

  49. Molly Bussler says

    My son loves story time…especially if I do the voices and funny faces…we both enjoy it..lots of fun! :D Thanks for the great giveaway!

  50. Livivua Chandler says

    my 7 year old does love story time but that 9 month old just wants to eat the books