Katie’s Shopping FRENZY: $12 for $128 of Product! (FREE FOOD)

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Katie sent me this great shopping trip that she did today. I was going to share mine but she did much better than me! There are a couple of great things going on that can snag you FREE FOOD! Here are a couple:

Here is what Katie did today:

Stater Bros
7Up 12pk, $3.33 , FREE ecoupon = .95 (tax + crv)
Fresh Express, $1.99, FREE ecoupon =0
Total = .95

2 Palmolive Dish Soap $1.02, (2) $1/1 dish soap mobile = .02e
Archer Farms Sausage $3.09, $1/1 meat mobile = $2.09
Sliders $4.99, $2/1 on package, $1/1 meat mobile = $1.99
Green Onions .99, $1/1 veggie mobile = 0
Celery $1.77, $1/1 veggie mobile = .77
2 Bread $1.19, (2) $1/1 bread mobile = .19e
5 Bananas $1.20, $1/1 fruit mobile = .20
2 Oranges 1.38, $1/1 fruit mobile = .38
2 Frozen Veggies $1.14, (2) $1/1 market pantry ftozen item = .14e
2 Banquet meals $1.02, (2) $1/1 frozen food =.02e
4 Poise $2.99, (4) $3/1 = 0
12 Bounce $1.97, (4) $3/1 target + (4) $3/1 = 0
Total = $2.09 ( some items provided overage, as well as using reusable bags, as well as the red card)

Rite Aid
Arm & Hammer Cat Litter $5, (2) $3.50/1 = $3
Used $3UP, paid .90 tax, got back $2 UP

Dollar Tree
4 Pretzel Bites $1, (4) $1/1 = 0
2 Westsoy Milk $1, (2) $1/1 = 0
2 Coke $1, (2) .99/1=.01+ crv
1 International Delight creamer $1, .55/1 = .45
4 Garnier $1, (4) $1/1 = 0
4 Softsoap bars $1, (4) $1/1 =0
Total = 1.24

4 Kens Salad dressing .99 (4) $1/1 = 0

Transaction #1
Sleep right breathe aid $7, $1/1 = $6
Morton Epson salt $4
Allergease $4
Crest mouthwash $4.50 (I think I got over charged here) $1.50/1 = $3 used15% and 10k points= $6.30, got $7RR, (2) $4RR, $2RR

Transaction #2
Morton Epson salt $4
Used $4RR = .36, got $4RR

Transaction #3
Allergease $4
Used $4RR =.36, got $4RR
Total = $7.02, have (2) $4RR, $2RR, $7RR

Final for today was $12.20, with $19 back in store rewards,  for $126.38 with of product! 

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  1. beth says

    Awesome haul!
    I’m curoius though, how did you get two of everything at target?
    Two separate orders with two different phones maybe?

    Just realized I’m gonna have to get the target mobile q’s sent to my daughters phone too. Maybe hubby’s too!

  2. suzanne flores says

    I was wondering same thing how did she do everything 2 times/? I went today but did one cp for each.

    • Katie says

      I had two mobile coupons-you could do one with yours, and one with a friend’s phone. I was not sure if the $1 minimum had to be hit for each or not, so with the fruit, I did $1.20 (-$1), and $1.38 (-$1) just to make sure that each coupon had a dollar minimum to attach to. With the vegetables however, I did .99 and $1.77, and both vegetable coupons came off, so it seems that it attaches to the total amount of the vegetables, not the individual amounts. That also makes me wonder if I had only gotten one of the meat, if the $1/1 and the second $1/1 would have come off, but I did not think that was how the coupon was intended to be used. HTH

    • Jenn says

      The pretzels are SuperPretzel Soft Pretzel Bites at Dollar Tree. I picked up two packs this week with the $1 off any item coupon. Free!

  3. Julie says

    Congrats to you. My question is which Walgreens did you find the Breath Rite Aid at? My Walgreens and the corporate have both confirmed to me that it is only available on line and you can’t get register rewards on line. They are supposed to be contacting me as I feel this is false advertising. Would love to know if it is, indeed, available at stores. Thanks and keep couponing!

  4. rose says

    Walgreens charge me $4.50 for the crest mouthwash too so I told the cashier to cancel it. By the way, great couponing!

  5. christy says

    when you type fresh or spring for those target coupons, both have the $1 off $1 or more fruit and one for veges. and the barcodes are different on both. I was able to use both in my one trip. so I got 2 sets of bananas and my veges (bagged carrots for $.50, got 2 bags) for free. :)

  6. JB says

    There’s a $.50 off Palmolive MQ- check the coupon database. Combine with the mobile coupon = better than free.

  7. Day says

    Ok.. question… I’m new to the whole couponing thing(loving it!?!) and I just read something about mobile coupons??? Especially for fruits, veggies, and bread??? How does that work?? Where are you getting them? Do they just scan them off of your phone? Please help! — located in riverside, ca

    • Laurie says

      Google target mobile coupons. It will take you to a Target site where you just enter your cell phone number and choose a time of day to have coupons texted. You show them to the cashier straight off your phone.

  8. Rebecca says

    I keep trying to sign up for the mobile coupons and I have yet to receive any. My text work just fine from other companies.

  9. evy says

    Has anyone experienced their target mobile q’s not being read by the cashier’s scanner? I always end up dictating them the bar code. This deters me from using them because I feel I’m holding the line for too long.

  10. Charlotte says

    Are the mobile q’s different for everyone? I don’t have the palmolive or bread one, unless they already expired.

    • JB says

      The mobile coupons are the same for everyone, I think, but recently there were several sets of mobile coupons available. You had to text in UPUP, FRESH, and SPRING. So there were three sets available. One of them expired 4/20, maybe the “$1 off bread” and “$1 off dish detergent” was in the set that expired. The coupon wasn’t specific to Palmolive, could be any brand dish detergent. HTH.

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