Stretch Your Budget: Reuse Dryer Sheets

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By now I am sure you never want to see or hear the word “BOUNCE” again after the dryer sheet craze at Target this past month. By the looks of all the pics in the Southern Cali Saver Facebook Group it seems like most of you were able to snag at least 3 FREE boxes and the REALLY lucky “couponers” have beautiful stockpiles full of dryer sheet heaven.

So, the topic of the week…what to do with all those dryer sheets once you have ran them through a cycle. Do you just throw them away? NOPE! The super frugal give the dryer sheet new life. After scouring the internet (and speaking from personal experience) I have compiled a list of great ways you can use that dryer sheet one more time:

  • Sick of buying Swiffer cloths? Use a dryer sheet! Once the cycle is over, pull out the dryer sheet and attach it to your Swiffer. Works like a charm! Wipe down your baseboards with the recycled dryer sheet. Use the dryer sheet as a dust cloth…a quick swipe across the sofa table is all it takes! Wipe down your TV screen (gently of course!). The chemicals help to repel dust.
  • Used dryer sheets still have quite a bit of fragrance…stash them under the seat of your car, in shoes, drawers, anywhere you want a “fresh’ scent. Dryer sheets are tough enough to polish sink surfaces!
  •  If you are REALLY crafty…turn them into flowers for scrapbooking and other arts and crafts. Here is a fun tutorial I found online.

Ok, now it is your turn…what suggestions do you have for giving all those beautiful, FREE Bounce dryer sheets a second life? I can’t wait to hear!


 Catina Mount is a Staffing Supervisor for Riverside Personnel Services, Inc by day and   purpose-filled blogger by heart. You can find her over at “Catina’s Causes” blogging about non-profits in need, personal “causes” she is focusing on and how to save money using the Southern Cali Saver website!

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  1. D says

    I have been away for awhile. Is the Bounce deal still viable? If so, what is it and how can I get in on it? Please help since we go through “loads” of it! = )

    • Jane says

      Hi there, D! The Bounce sheets are $1.97 at regular price for the 34 ct at Target. Use the $3/3 Target q from this past sunday’s paper AND the $3/3 manufacturer q from the latest P&G insert (was in last 2 weeks..can’t recall which) to get 3 boxes for free. I would suggest buying with other items to use up the small overage. If you’re lucky enough to have multiple coupons, just be aware of the fine print on the coupon itself and buy in multiple transactions/trips as neccessary. You’ll be able snag this deal anytime before the coupons expire since this size box is regular price. Hope that helps! :)

      • jc says

        My Target finally had some :) although went to pay and the checker first told me …
        I hate coupons… I’m just being honest”
        Me “so I take it u don’t use them?”
        Her “No, it’ not worth my time”
        I so wanted to tell her in 5 min I will save more then u make in 4 hours but I did not have the heart nor wanted to stoop to her lack of customer service!

        She looked at all my coupons and first tried to tell me I could only use one coupon and then I could not use the coupon because the picture on it was of the bounce bar and not of sheets. She then educated me that the picture on the coupon is the only thing the coupon could be used for. Then I bought some method dish soap and the target coupon beeped but I pointed the picture of the soap on it. Then she forgot my bag credit and when I got home she over charged me by one box…but on a happy note I got all my bounce sheets finally! :)

  2. SChavez says

    I was not able to get any Bounce last month but today finally they had it at my store and I was able to get 6 boxes. My tip for reusing it: if you have dogs or cats, after the drying cycle is over, apply some hair spray to the used sheet and wipe your sofa with it. It will remove the pet hair with minimum effort. HTH.

  3. Barbara G says

    I keep a box on my dryer to collect my dryer sheets when a load us done. You can place one in a dish or pan that has baked on grime let it soak over night comes off easy next day.

    • Izabela says

      I agree. It’s not a secret anymore – dryer sheets are VERY toxic and very unhealthy to humans and the environment. I never used them and never will. Vote with your wallet people. Do not support companies that hurt us and the planet. There are much healthier options out there.

      • says

        Hi Izabela,
        I’d love to hear about some of the other options for dryer sheets….I definitely need to use them, otherwise my son ends up at practice with a pair of my nylons stuck to the inside of his gym shorts…lol! Can you offer some suggestions?

  4. Charlotte says

    I read somewhere to throw them in suitcases or gym bags when not in use and they then smell nice when you go to use them again.

    • SLNY says

      I do that. I also cut them in half and stick them in the pillow cases when I make the beds (switch them out every 3-4 weeks), in my linen closet and in my couch. I probably use my dryer sheets more out of the dryer than in. I also use the used ones to wipe off mirrors and windows. Gets all the finger prints off.

  5. Daisy says

    I’ve always thought dryer sheets were too strong to start with (like Josie said… lots of scent leftover after one use!) so I cut or tear them in half. Half a sheet does just as good of a job of controlling static without the smell being so pronounced.

  6. Diana s says

    At my daughters school they use them to wipe the white boards they use to practice their letters and sentences , that’s where I’ve been donating mine too public schools need stuff also :)

  7. steph says

    I have not been able to get a single free box since this deal was discovered. I ended up just using my coupons on larger counts because I was completely out but I was upset that all three targets that are local for me never restocked and if they did I was too late because one or two people would take them all. Oh well, you can’t win them all I guess.

    • Brandon says

      I feel your pain, I’ve checked mine at least 8 times since last month. One of the stockers said that every time they stock them a lady comes in and buys them all, at least 20 each time, which is strange because the cashiers ALWAYS limit me to 4 coupons per day. It makes me wonder if she’s the friend of a cashier or maybe a cashier herself.

    • SLNY says

      The targets in my area have been wiped out too. One even took the sign down for the $1.97 size off the shelf. I asked if they have any in the back and I’m always told yes but they will not be put out until the evening when the stockers come. I go back in the morning and there is still none. Would not be surprised if the employees are taking advantage of the deal.

  8. says

    So many awesome ideas! Thanks everyone…..I think my favorite so far is using them on my Swiffer! But I am definitely going to try some of these other ideas. :-)

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