Stretch Your Budget: Reuse Newspaper!

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Stretching my budget, the “Freeze Your Spending” two week challenge and Earth Month really got me thinking! What one item in my household do I accumulate regularly yet not make the best of?


After a bit of research and asking around, I found some pretty cool ideas that will help you not only stretch your budget but can also help entertain the kiddos during the upcoming spending freeze challenge.  Lets start with the “stretch”:

  • Crush newspaper into a ball and soak in a solution of half vinegar, half water for an easy way to clean the windows, mirrors, computer monitors and TV screens. No more paper towels wasted!
  • Line your kitty litter box and trash can with newspaper to help absorb moisture and odor.
  • Wrap gifts with the comic pages or other colorful pages from your newspaper. It will be unique and FREE!
  • Shred newspaper and use it as packing material.
  • If you have a fireplace, use the newspaper as kindling.
  • Use newspaper as garden mulch or weed block.

You can even reuse the plastic bag the newspaper comes in! I thought these ideas were genius:

  • Use the plastic bag as a trash bag in your car, purse or backpack.
  • Pick up pet waste with the bag when out on your daily pet walk. :)
  • When packing for a trip store shampoo, lotion or any other liquid in the newspaper bag.

For those of you entering the two week spending freeze you can turn the newspaper into FREE fun activities:

  • Scrunch the newspapers into balls to toss around. Make a bunch and have a pretend “snowball” war!
  • Make newspaper hats…fun!
  • Make origami ducks and paper airplanes…so cool!
  • Scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby, use your newspapers to teach small children how to make one. They will become pros by the time you buy them the real tools!

The spending freeze challenge might be tough so I hope you find this weeks post to be helpful. Don’t forget to “reuse and recycle”….I’d love to hear any other ideas you have for newspapers!

Catina Mount is a Staffing Supervisor for Riverside Personnel Services, Inc by day and  purpose-filled blogger by heart. You can find her over at “Catina’s Causes” blogging about non-profits in need, personal “causes” she is focusing on and how to save money using the Southern Cali Saver website!



  1. Pamela says

    Thrift stores also use newspaper to wrap glasses and other breakables for customers. Along with boxes and plastic & paper grocery bags, these are great items to donate to a local non-profit:)

  2. Amber Arrey says

    You can transfer newsprint onto nails with alcohol. It makes an awesome look. Just cover with a clear coat of polish!

  3. cozycoupon says

    What you can also do with newspaper is recycle it! I receive 2 Sunday papers & a friends gives me hers from Sunday & also a 3 day delivery! In about 3 months I made enough to almost pay for one years subscription!

  4. Elaine says

    cozycoupon where do you take your newspapers to recycle for cash. I remember when I was in elementary school we would have newspaper drives to raise funds for my school. I had no idea you could still recycle them for cash. I always recycle them, but to get a bit of cash back and recycle is a win win for the environment and me :)

  5. Daisy says

    I’ve been saving them in paper Trader Joe’s bags to use as weed block in my new raised garden beds. They will go in under the soil to kill the grass and will break down and actually add to the soil over time. When the beds are done any I have left will be layed down in the walkways between the garden beds and then mulched over to keep grass down in the paths. I will put future papers through the shredder to use as mulch and add to the compost pile.

  6. Couponguy says

    If you use the newspaper in your fireplace, do NOT burn the comics or any other newsprint with color in it. Burning the color ink is TOXIC!

    Burning the regular black and white newsprint is OK though.

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