Vons: $10 off $100 American Express Gift Card valid through 5/28!

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Vons10 off 100 Amex


Check your Just4U Account for a Special Offer of $10 off a $100 or more American Express Gift Card!  This deal is good for one-time use and you still have to pay the activation fee, which I believe is $4.95 for American Express.  Still a moneymaker!

Buy (1) American Express Gift Card $100
Load $10 off $100 American Express Just4U Coupon
Pay $4.95 Activation Fee
= $94.95 ($5.05 moneymaker!)


Also, you may have a $15 off $100 or more MasterCard Gift Card offer in your Just4U account as well, valid through 5/21!

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  1. Daniel says

    I used the $100 MasterCard I got from Safeway’s $15 off Just4U offer to purchase the $100 American Express card with their $10 off Just4U deal. So I got an additional $4.05 MM by changing my $100 gift card from MasterCard to American Express with no new money outlay. By the way, American Express gift cards are far superior to MasterCard gift cards as American Express gift cards have no fees ever (after activation). MasterCard gift cards will charge you $2 a month after 12 months I believe,

  2. ivy says

    Curious. Can i buy both of these gift cards then turn and use them to buy grocery when i shop with my coupons for more savings? Going shopping the same day?

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