Aldi coming to California!

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Aldi Logo


What a great change for Southern California! I’ve heard rumors that Aldi was coming to California–the front page of the Press Enterprise has confirmed this!

About Aldi:

  • Low prices on family basics (they are known for low prices on Produce)
  • Low price Generic– Aldi has their own label.
  • Cash and EBT only
  • Bring your own bags



This means great things for us–and makes the California Grocery scene even tougher! Aldi does not accept coupons–you can think of them to be similar to Fresh & Easy without the prepared meals for sale.

What great news, considering the recent changes in Albertsons stores and the loss of Double Coupons for Southern California

So are you excited about this new So Cal grocer? 


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    • Lisa says

      I love Aldis I just moved to Ca. and miss Aldis. I did a lot of my shopping at Aldis. They are really cheap and have great special buys. I hope they move to Ca. soon. I have shopped around and Walmart is very expensive to shop at, especially when you are feeding a big family.

    • Lindsay says

      You won’t need coupons. Their prices are incredibly fair, and most of what they carry is not name brand, anyway. Most of their brand products I like at least as well as, if not more, than the name brand products. They are a sister company to Trader Joe’s so you know the quality is good.

  1. Erica says

    Hopefully the prices really are less. I doubt they would be cheaper then what we can get with coupons and sale prices combined.

    • Lindsay says

      Depends on how avid a coupon shopper you are, I suppose. They have very decent prices, and they regularly run sales on seasonal products just like other stores.

  2. Daisy says

    Too bad it’s so far out there, that drive would negate any savings for me. Driving to Winco in MoVal isn’t even worth it for me and they accept coupons. Hopefully they’ll do well and expand quickly!

  3. Elizabeth says

    I have had mixed experiences with ALDI throughout the Midwest.Generally no organic food. Watch for dented cans and many of the stores were extremely unorganized . There were no “departments” to speak of. Reminds me more of a Big Lots only for groceries. You have to pay .25+ to use the baskets/carts. No consistency in stock of produce. Check expiration dates on frozen products. We never bought the meat there. Good for canned goods. Prices were like 10/10 days at Albertsons or Vons. By the case pricing /sales as well.

  4. Lynn says

    Loved Aldi’s when I lived in Lawrence, Kansas. They always had great prices on their produce and canned food items. :0)

    • Kelly A. says

      Aldi does not accept coupons because, I believe, they do not carry name brand items. I have heard from other blogs that they have great deals on produce, which we already have in most parts of CA anyway b/c of an abundance of produce and low prices at ethnic stores, but I say the more options, the better!

  5. Lupe says

    So glad to hear this! Shopped there all my life before we moved here from the Chicago area 2 years ago. They did start carrying some organic products but not everything. Loved their prices on basic items like sugar flour oil eggs etc! The one store we really missed from home!

  6. BunkMomma says

    Late to this party, but WOOHOO! Just moved to CA and I miss my Aldi. When everyone else had milk for $2.50, Aldi was at $1.69 all summer…and others stores had to drop, too! I am an avid couponer, and most things I could get cheaper at Aldi without a coupon than I could at a store WITH a coupon! They have an organic line now (it looks to be the same label design as Kroger’s Simple Truth line), their produce was always fresh and cheap, and I LOVED getting yogurt for $0.39 a cup! This Aldi better happen soon…my kids miss the animal crackers…they remind me of McDonald’s cookies back in the early 90’s!

  7. Marty says

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to learn that Aldi is coming to SoCal. I shopped there very frequently when I lived in the Charlotte, NC are and have missed it ever since moving back.

    Their prices were unbeatable and it got us through some really rough times when the economy tanked. I believe they will be very successful here too.

  8. Rose Otrambo says

    I am so excited that Aldi is coming to Southern California. I am getting ready to move back to CA from NC and was not looking forward to the high grocery prices. I knew I was going to miss Aldi and now I still get have a little bit of south during my shopping experiences THANK YOU ALDI! YAHOO!

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