HOT: Coke 12 packs as low as $1.64 ea + FREE Dasani 24pk Water at Vons!

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Check your Just for U account to see if you can score Cheap Coke 12-packs at Vons! If you have the personalized price–  you can get them for just $1.64 each with the B2G2 Free sale going on this week! on TOP of that.. You will receive a FREE 24 pk Dasani water with your purchase of 4! 

Note that this ecoupon is LIMIT 1. but unlimited–this means you can get one per transaction but you can do unlimited transactions.. You need TWO personalized prices (I have two separate ecoupons that are the same personalized price-make sure you load both.) So you should be able to do this same deal more than once–but it MUST be separate transactions.


Buy (4) Coca-Cola 12-packs $3.29 (if you have personalized price)
On Sale B2G2 Free
= $1.64 ea wyb 4 + FREE Dasani 24pk!

Pretty good price for stocking up for any summer parties you have coming up.

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  1. Jane says

    I did this deal last week but had issues. I also had two personalized prices for Coke at $2.99/12 pack. The personalized price did not automatically apply for one of the 12 packs, so I had to request a refund at CS. I tried to show them the two prices on my phone in case they argued that it was only supposed to apply to one. They didn’t even glance at it, just gave me the refund. So ended up with 4-12 pks and a 24 pk pf water for $5.98 plus crv! Awesome deal.

    • crlzmmr says

      I had the same problem ( except my price was $3.29 )
      Two cashiers, one Customer Service + me with my calculator
      and printed out proof of Just4U offer, I got a $3.20 refund.
      So if any one else does it, the math is:
      $3.29 x 2 = $6.58
      + CRV = $2.40 (coke)
      + CRV = $1.20 (water)
      + tax = $0.97
      Total = $11.15 ( with 2 free cokes + free water )

      • Lynda says

        I had the exact same problem!!! I tried explaining it to the cashier and customer service, but they kept looking @ me like I was nuts! 20 minutes later they finally figured it out and I also received a refund!

  2. altkb says

    hmmm… i know there were a lot of offers for soda yesterday, but today i hardly have anything for on my just4u

  3. Andrea says

    Has anyone completed this deal without having to ask the cashier to adjust the pricing? My Von’s is difficult to coupon at and I don’t even want to try unless I automatically get the pricing. Thanks:)

    • Tracyfl says

      I purchase a ton of soda from Vons, but I didn’t get the special price. Bummer.. I have had so many problems with Just for You/ it often says that “just for you not available in my area”, even though I have been using for a year!
      I also have problems with adding items and having them ring properly. I have spoken with customer service and haven’t been able to solve the problem..hhhhh

      • jules says

        Maybe if you print out your just for u deals and take it shopping with you, you will have proof to show the cashier. Just a thought! I try to print out all my loaded to card deals “just incase!!”

    • myla says

      I did this without problems. I have a 2.99 price, unlimited. bought 2, got 2 free + water. plus my free fiber one chewy bars. I paid 10.45 after taxes and crv.

  4. Wendy says

    I usually have the personalized deals that Josie posts about…. Not this one… Bummer :( can’t win em’ all… Oh, and thanks Josie! Your site is AWESOME!

  5. Andrea says

    Just an update. I was sure I was going to have a problem with this deal at the register but it worked perfectly. My personalized price was $3.29, I added both of the offers to my card and ended up paying $10.90 for 4 cases of soda and the 24 pack of water. Going back for more this week:) Thanks Josie!

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