Ralphs: Buy 5, Save $5 Unadvertised

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Buy 5 Save $5


Here is the complete list of the unadvertised/advertised Buy 5, Save $5 deals at Ralphs! Here is how it works:

  • Buy 5 participating General Mills items and receive a $5 OYNO Catalina at checkout (valid on almost anything in the store, like cash). This is a STORE promo, not a national Catalina.
  • Limit is 4 REWARDS per transaction, which means you can get 20 participating items each transaction.
  • Catalina is rolling!
    Roll = turn around and use the Catalina you just earned to pay for subsequent transactions, then another Catalina prints.
  • Stores are allowed to set limits on how many transactions you do in one day, how many Catalinas you can redeem in one day, etc.,


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  1. Derrick says

    Kind of new to this… So is it one catalina per purchase? So if I bought 5 of the ceral and 5 of the yogurt would I get $10?

    Also it appear to be mix and match from the list above… Is that correct?

    One last question by “store promo” you mean we have to use the catalina at the same store? Or is that mean depending on the store they may or may not be doing the deal?

    • Josie says

      If you purchase 5 items, you would receive $5–if you purchase 10, you would receive $10 and yes, you can mix an match. All Ralphs stores should be doing this catalina– I mean store promo because it is only limited to Ralphs stores–no other So Cal stores. Hope that helps!

  2. Yvette says

    Thank you for not only taking the time to list the items but to also include scenarios! Much appreciated!
    Thank you!

  3. Nat says

    I second Yvette on the appreciation! Very cool of you to give scanario’s, Josie.Thanks! I have a silly quesyion about the Ralphs ecoupons, and I know I should know this by now, which is why I feel silly, but are ecoupons usable more than once? Im interested in doing the cake mix & progressorecipie starter twice and was curious if the ecoupon would work more than once? Or are they a one time use coupon?

  4. says

    Question, so if we do the deal and get our catalina, can we turn around and use it on our second transaction? THANK YOU!!

  5. kristine says

    These are all great scenarios and we need to stock up on cereal(Summertime!) but I stopped rolling the $5 after 2 sets of 5 Totino’s and used it on some basic necessities!Luckily, I have all week to gather my coupons and try again!

  6. couponguy says

    Just to let people know, for the Progresso soup, the 2/$3 sale is limited to the vegetable and bean soups. Any soup with meat in it (chicken or beef) is NOT included in the sale.

    I was just at Ralphs and bought 20 cans of soup. :)

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