Rite Aid: Better than FREE Aveeno Nourish + Dandruff Control Shampoo

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Better than FREE Aveeno


Score better than FREE Aveeno at Rite Aid!

There is a monthly deal available on Aveeno and Lubriderm items: Buy 2, Get $5 +Up (limit 2 rewards) in addition to a couple of high value coupons.

{Deal Idea}
Buy (2) Aveeno Nourish + Dandruff Control Shampoo or Conditioner $7.99 ea BOGO 50% off (one will be $3.99)
Use (2) $3/1 Aveeno Nourish + Dandruff Shampoo or Conditioner printable coupon
or Use (2) $2/1 Aveeno Hair Care or Body Wash Product, exp. 6/30/13 (SS 05/05/13) –expires TODAY!
AND Use $2/1 Aveeno Hair Care or Spray (RA Video Values, June) (NLA unless you watched it)
Pay: $3.98, Get Back $5 +Up
= Free + $1 MM!


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  1. BarstowMom says

    Hi, Josie I printed the same coupon yesterday and it printed as $3/1. I wasn’t sure if you meant $3/1 in the post instead of $3/2.

  2. Fugee says

    the VV has already swithed to JULY (= All July Rite Aid Video Values). thats probably why I can’t see it.

  3. Kelly A. says

    For the VV coupons, I usually just print them as I need them. If I wanted them to be available after they go away, could I watch them, enter the code, and will they still be in “rewards” section to be ready to print?

    • Gaby says

      Yes, you can watch and they will still be there after the new month starts (until the coupon actually expires). That way you don’t waste ink if your not 100% sure you will use it and at the same time won’t lose possible good coupons.

    • says

      Kelly, after you have watched the VV coupons they will stay available until you print them or they expire. So, if you watch the june coupons–they will stay available even after the July coupons show up. Hope that makes sense. Just make sure you watch the offers, if not–they will disappear with the new month.

      • Kelly A. says

        Thanks for that, ladies. I guess I will grab some popcorn and start watching some video values this month!

  4. says

    How do you get your +up reward to print? Mine just attach to my card “virtually” so I never really know how many I have : /

    • says

      Dani, you should let the cashier know that you want to opt out of the rewards being loaded to your card. That way, from then on they will print. Hope that helps!

      • Rachel says

        yes, I did this! In my riteaid only ONE employee knows how to do it (they say it’s so rare that someone asks for them to be printed that they never remember how its done) so I had to keep asking every time I went to riteaid and FINALLY one day that woman was on shift and she did it for me. so worth it though, bc now i can choose which things i want to use my up+rewards for instead of just automatically toward the next purchase.

        • Daisy says

          You can control which ones you use when they’re on your card, too, just use your online account. Super easy.

          • says

            UPDATE: I went today to opt out of the card +UP rewards going straight to the card feature and the first employee I spoke to was VERY rude about the whole thing. Saying the only way to opt out was via the online website and that this was something I chose to opt into in the first place. (both incorrect) Not to mention when I started off the conversation by saying “I googled how to get the rewards to print instead of going to the card and it said this can be changed in store” he replied with “and who said that?….google?” (eye roll)

            He didn’t know who he was messing with though because I then proceeded to spend about 15 minutes finding online exactly where it stated that you can request to opt out in store.

            Here is a link: https://www.riteaid.com/faq/wellness

            It is located under the tap “What are +UP Rewards?” and once I showed him this he was forced to at least attempt fixing the issue, he found where it could be done in seconds, and finally my +UP Rewards were set to be printed.

            All I can say is persistency counts with coupons you guys. Stay strong and keep a smile on your face the whole time because it makes victory so much sweeter!

    • Daisy says

      Dani, if you log into your Rite Aid account online you can see how many rewards you have and turn them “on” and “off” by checking or unchecking the boxes next to them so you can use them when you want to and not if you don’t want to (as long as you use them before they expire! It shows when they expire, too.)

  5. Monic says

    I purchased two Aveeno baby lotions already this week, does anyone know if I would receive $5 +up since I am purchasing the shampoo? Thanks in advance.

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