Walmart: $2 Schick Money Maker!

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A great price match opportunity for you with a good amount of overage at Walmart! Beginning 6/12– Food4Less will have Schick Xtreme  Disposables on sale for $1.98 (woot!) We have coupons to match that will make these FREE at Food4Less– but even better if you take it to Walmart!

If you are new to price matching at Walmart–they allow you match the price of most grocery ads in your area. Walmart also allows you to use a coupon that is higher in value than a particular item– the remaining balance goes towards the rest of the items in your shopping trip. (So pick up some meat or veggies!)

Here is what it will look like:

Purchase (2) Schick Xtreme 3 $1.98 ea (you should have NO problems price matching this because it is clearly advertised)
Use $6/2 Schick Extreme3 printable coupon (direct link to coupon)
OR Use (2) $3/1 Schick Extreme3 coupon
or Use $5/2 Schick Xtreme3, Schick ST2 or ST3 Schick Slim Twin or Schick Quattro Disposable Razor Pack, exp. 7/7/13 (SS 06/09/13)
or Use $3/1 Schick Xtreme3, Schick ST2 or ST3, Shick Slim Twin or Schick Quatrro Disposable Razor Pack, exp. 7/7/13 (SS 06/09/13)
= 2 FREE + $2.04 in overage!

I use overage opportunities like this to buy items that I don’t find discounts on. Mostly produce or proteins–You can use it on milk if you want!

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    • Cynthia says

      At my Walmart they usually don’t pay attention and I’ve been able to get as many as I want. I’ve noticed they pay more attention to the price, specific item in the ad, and date on the ad… but they might limit you if they see it.

    • Cynthia says

      They actually won’t accept the coupon if its more than 75% of the price of the item (according to their coupon policy). But I my self haven’t tried it. Thats probably why most people price match it to Walmart.

  1. MKQ says

    A lot of stores do not allow overages anymore. they would normally adjust the coupon so it would be a wash than an overage. It sucks :(

  2. shely says

    QUESTION – shouldn’t this not be allowed? Walmart’s coupon policy says they will not honor Items that require a separate purchase to get the ad price in this case like the ad states ADDITIONAL PURCHASE 4.98. Is it just me or am i wrong? Please confirm.

    • says

      Shely, the “additional Purchase” is the amount of the Razors in case you decide to purchase more than the limit of 2 (as it states in the ad). Hope that helps!

  3. michelle says

    how does the price match work? do I need to take a food4less ad into wal mart or could I just tell them because i cant find the ad. sorry, I’m new to this.

    • says

      You do not need to bring the ad– beginning tomorrow, they should have all of your local store ads available to price match. The Schick Razors are at the very top of the ad beginning 6/12. Hope that helps!

      • Susan says

        Do you just tell the cashier or go to the returns area? I’ve never priced matched before, thank you!

        • Cynthia says

          Just tell the cashier you want to price match the item or items to whatever store your price matching it to before she rings them up. and they should have the ad at hand… but It has happened to me that they what you to bring the ad to make sure of the size, flavor etc. but their policy clearly says You do not need to bring the ad you are price matching to ( It is posted near the register).

  4. Jess says

    Was anyone successful in purchasing more then 2 at Walmart to get additional overage? Or are they matching the limit of 2 as well? Great deal either way!

  5. Lauren says

    I went to Walmart this morning and bought 4 (all that was left!). I price matched all 4 without a problem but the coupons were a hassle. None of the coupons, printable or newspaper, scanned correctly. The cashier told me that the computer was telling her that I didn’t have products matching the coupon when I clearly did. In the end, the manager took only my newspaper coupons and did an override of the system to allow the coupons. Hopefully everyone else will have some luck with the printables since they will give you more overage to work with!

    • Lauren says

      Update! I tried to use my printables at a different Walmart location this morning since I knew I would be nearby anyway and everything worked like a charm! No issue price matching, and the coupons went through without a problem. The cashier was very impressed. Lots of free razors!

  6. BRENDA says

    USED THE $5/2 & THE $3/1

  7. laura says

    This deal is not in my local Food 4 Less ad, I even went to the store to see if it was in the one at my store. It was not :( I was able to pick up a couple packs of free razors, but was of course hoping for the overage at Walmart with price match.

    • Mary says

      I thought so too. I reread the comments here and Josie mentions it’s at the top of the ad. I’m so glad I reread the comments. I’m in Moreno Valley.

  8. jess says

    I priced match @walmart. Had no issues, coupons went thru smoothly. I was able to use my overage without any issues. My transaction was the following:
    2 schick razors ( i got the 4pack pictured on the food for less ad) $1.98 each
    priced match farmer john bacon 16oz ( albertsons ad) $2.99
    used 2- $3 off one schick razors
    used 1-$1 off one farmer john bacon
    paid oop 27 cents :)

  9. katrina says

    Just tried this last night at the walmart in Irvine/Lake forest. It worked like a charm. There was only three razor packs left! So I got two using the $6/2 coupon. I had no ad, they price matched no problem. I just showed them the pic from this website. The crazy part is they gave me the overage back as change!! I was like “oh I’ll get some chocolate to make up” The caisher said that she had to give me cashback…. Who Am I to argue?? Great deal Josie!! Thanks xx

  10. Nudia says

    Did not work for me. Coupons wouldn’t scan, said no items for that coupon. It was the same one in pic and ad. So I left. I went to target and since there was no item count on the pic I got 2 8 Schick extreme regular 11.99 for 1.98 used coupons and paid tax as customer service is on the whole overage thing, I was planning on buying other items with overage and when was told no go. I left it,

  11. Jennifer says

    My walmart says they won’t except Food4Less ads because its a grocery store! I don’t get it but its their rule!

  12. kimberly says

    just a heads up the $3/1 is gone. QUESTION!.. as far as price matching goes….what order do i present the ad and the coupons? im guessing they scan the items, then i show the ad, and then i give the coupons? please help! thanks!!

    • says

      just let them know that you are price matching. Show the ad–then they will adjust the price on the items. Give the coupons and you are set!

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