Amazon Gift Code Search: over $80 up for grabs!!

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So here it is: I’ve got 18 Amazon Codes up for grabs. The fun part is that I’ve placed them within the blog! (make sure you look everywhere!)  There are a total of 18 codes, some $1, $5 all the way up to $10!!  They could be in the posts, comments or anywhere else :)

If you have found a code, be the first to copy and paste the code into your Amazon account and you claim that code!

PLEASE Copy/paste your code in the comments below once you have REDEEMED your code. 

I have gone as far as several weeks–so get to hunting!  Good Luck and have fun!

For those that do not know what a Amazon code looks like here is one to get you started: B2JQ-SJUNMK-EAYL

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  1. amanda says

    Everyone that I find say they have been used… I have found 6.. also found this one MNZX-PGEVK9-VYKR that has been used

  2. Alice says

    I found 2 and claimed it but Amazon blocked out some numbers after redemption :(


    are the only things I can see now.

  3. Amani says

    I’m curious… My connection is slow today so I don’t have a chance of getting a code before anyone else. In addition I haven’t seen one code. Can someone tell me where one is (used I’m sure) so I can know what to look for in the future. Thanks

  4. Tina says

    I keep finding codes that people are claiming and not posting…if you found it please post so we can refer to a list. It’s exciting to find…

  5. Melissa says

    Found all 10 but everyone was used .;0(

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