Skintimate Coupon | FREE Skintimate at Food 4 Less

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Skintimate Coupon

 Sale continues today! 

Grab this high value $1/1 Skintimate Coupon! Skintimate Shave Gel is on sale for just $1 at Food 4 Less — it was priced at $1 last week too, so it may continue throughout the new sales week tomorrow. 

Print this Skintimate Coupon now– should make for even more deals if you can head into Food 4 Less.

Thanks, FTM for the coupon

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  1. Sheralyn says

    Would someone kindly let me know if this is still the sale price for next week’s sale? The closest F4L is over 10 miles round trip for me (not complaining, just explaining). Thanks!

  2. Jackie says

    Anyone else printing more than two coupons? I got five so far. Hope this sale is still going on.

    • Danae says

      I printed 14 before I decided to stop…I could have printed more I’m sure. I hope this price is still going on after tomorrow!

  3. Sandy says

    Yayyy!! They were still $1 this morning. 4 = $0.36 (tax) I had my husband stop by to see on his way to work… hopefully I can run back and grab a couple more after work or at lunch! :)

    • Sheralyn says

      Brandon, How much was it? Does anyone know if that’s normal for F4L to raise prices before the new sales week begins?

  4. Sheralyn says

    OK, so I went on Friday night and they were out of stock but still $1. I called today and now they’re $2.88. I’m glad I called, thanks for the heads-up Brandon!

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