Vons: FREE Ocean Spray Juice!


Free Ocean Spray at Vons


Update: Ocean Spray has confirmed that you CAN use the 64 oz coupon (below) on the 60 oz bottles (above) because they have stop manufacturing the 64 oz bottles.

Ocean Spray

Get Ocean Spray Citrus Juice FREE at Vons and Safeway through 7/30! (I checked the online prices for the Sacramento area and they are the same)

Buy Ocean Spray 100% Citrus Juice $0.99
Use $1/1 Ocean Spray 100% Citrus Juice, exp. 8/31/13 (RP 06/02/13)

Thanks, Courtney!


  1. Kat. A says

    Question….. Does Vons have a limit on the amount of items you can get a rain check for? I had 6 coupons to use and he would only write me one for 3 bottles. Just wondering because this is the first time it has happened to me. There is not a limit specified on the sign…unless I missed it. Apparently, some person came and wiped out their entire display…beyond rude and frustrating.

    • I don't shop @ Walmart says

      My Safeway in Tri-Cities, WA limits rain check to 6 items. I’ve got one for Johnsonville Grillers other day.

    • Kat. A says

      I think that it depends on the checker as far as the rain check limit. On a side note, I was happy to see that the shelf clearer was caught today by my store Manager and told that she could not use multiple cards or stacks of coupons on one item. Apparently, they have been watching her antics for quite a while and decided that enough was enough. Yea! Now maybe other shoppers can take advantage of good sales and not be greeted with empty shelves because of one persons greed.

  2. anna says

    Hi! great deal!

    So at my Vons in San Diego, they limit only 2 coupons per like item!
    Anyway, when I went, there was no sign that it was on sale so at first I was really disappointed but then I went to scan it at self checkout and the sale price with Vons Club worked :) Also, I had no problem using the coupon at self checkout.

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