Update: Nature Valley Catalina = 4 FREE Boxes at Vons!

Nature Valley


I mentioned this catalina offer yesterday but I have an update for you!  Vons has  Nature Valley Granola Bars on sale for just $1.49 with in-ad coupon! You will be limited to just 4 boxes at this price–but we have a NEW Nature Valley Granola catalina at Vons that makes this a great deal!

Nature Valley Granola Bars (5 ct+), Granola Thins or Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares through 9/8

Buy (3) = $1.00 OYNO
Buy (4) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (5) = $3.00 OYNO

Now, its been reported (and I just tested this) that you will score (2) $2 catalina when you purchase 4 boxes! Reader, Marissa just did this deal with purchasing (3) granola and 1 Oatmeal squares and got back (2) $2 catalina:

I can’t say for sure WHY this is happening–there may be another catalina offer that we don’t know anything about.

{Deal Idea}
Buy (4) Nature Valley Granola Bars (5 ct+) or  Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares (pictured on the in-ad coupon)
Use  $0.50/1 Nature Valley Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares printable
or Use $0.50/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars printable
or Use $0.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars, Nature Valley Granola Thins or Nature Valley Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares, exp. 9/28/13 (SS 08/04/13)
Or Use (4) $0.75/1 Nature Valley Soft-Baked Oatmeal Square, exp. 9/21/13 (SS 07/28/13)
or Use (4) $0.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars, Nature Valley Granola Thins or Nature Valley Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares, exp. 8/17/13 (SS 06/23/13)
Pay: $2.96 if you purchase 4 Nature Valley Oatmeal Squares, Get Back (2) $2 Catalina
= 4 FREE Boxes!

Catalinas are great because they are coupons good on pretty much ANYTHING in the store for your next purchase.. so pick up $4 worth of produce!

What is a Catalina? Check out more Coupon Lingo here

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  1. Christina says

    I was just looking at these at Stater Bros and thought I better not I’m sure I have a coupon for that at home. They were on sale for $1.99 there. Glad I didn’t get them.

  2. Alind says

    I would love to know what store location (area) you go to, because ALL the ones (including Pavilions) in my area will only accept 2 like coupons per transaction per THEIR store policy (regardless of what the Q states).


    • Curtis says

      Do they have a self-service check-out?
      The one right by me in West Hollywood has one and it is so easy to use.
      I hardly get any beeps (no matter how many “like” coupons I use) and if I do, the cashier comes over and just overrides it.
      I did go to a Vons in Burbank last week to do the Eggo waffle deal. I had four $1.50 coupons to use (from Kelloggsrewards.com) and the hot pockets. I wanted to use the $5.00 off $15.00 coupon with it. The cashier said they only accept 2 coupons per transaction (huh?) and the amount had to be $15.00 as a total after coupons to accept the $5.00 off $15.00. It is near my work and never go there…..now I know why I stick to my local Pavilions and use self check out.

  3. Cheetosmom says

    Cat is rolling…….it is spitting out an extra $2.00 not sure why……it does not work on the nature valley thins because they are under the 6.8 oz required for the in ad coupon….this was the san diego area…..happy shopping :)

  4. BarstowMom says

    my catalina didn’t print so I have to call the catalina company. The 7up 10 2liters are $0.59 and there’s $0.50 coupon in the coupon center making them $0.09

  5. suzyq says

    anyone know if this is working at safeway as well? and josie says it is limit 4 at this price but the comments say it is rolling, are you just adding the j4u to the card and then using another coupon from the ad for your next transaction so you can get more? help please!

  6. Mayra says

    I just did the deal and got 1 $2 cat? ;( I got two granola bars and 2 oatmeal squares and they show on my receipt at 2.98 for both oatmeal squares after qs..

  7. Charlotte says

    I bought 3 reg and 1 soft and got both CAT’s at 11:15 this a.m. in Glendora. Yeah! Plan to get more regardless of 2nd CAT because with 5 kids in school we eat these regularly.

  8. Sandy says

    I just bought 2 granola and 2 soft squares and only received (1) $2 cat. But still a great deal used 3 $0.50/1 and 1 $0.75/1 and paid $3.71 ($0.43 ea after $2 catalina) … maybe the trick is that you have to buy 3 reg and 1 soft to get the 2nd??

  9. I don't shop @ Walmart says

    I purchase 4 granola green packages and received 1 cat, making it$.50 ea. Still a great price. My store in Kennewick, WA is all out of squares :-(

  10. Ann says

    For the person who received 2 of $2 catalina. Could you please confirm if both cat. have barcodes on them.? I went this morning, and got 4 of soft baked ones, it printed 2 of them, but one of them only show $2 off your next purchase, but no barcode to scan, and said “not a redeemable coupon”.

  11. Ann says

    Sorry… my mistake. I just checked mine, both have barcode on them. I was in a hurry this morning, and stuffed everything inside the bag. One of them was folded to the back somehow, and I didn’t check carefully. Sorry again…

  12. katherine says

    this works at safeway. we can double here in washington. i bought 4 soft baked, used (4) .75 coupon and (4) double. payed .96 cents and got the $2 cat. then i tried to roll it by buying 4 crunchy bars and the cat did not spit. bummer

    • I don't shop @ Walmart says

      I am in Washington, but we don’t have doublers. Too bad your cat didn’t roll. I rolled my cat 3 times by purchasing original (green) granola bars; my hubby takes them for snack :-)

      • katherine says

        mabye it’s because i bought different flavors. i bought orginal, peanut butter, pecan, and almond. oh well. glad yours rolled.

  13. Sheralyn says

    Just did this and only received (1) $2 Cat. I bought 3 crunchy and 1 soft-baked. That comes out to about $0.42 a box. It’s still a great deal!

  14. Corey says

    Bought 4 squares.. 3 cin. brown sugar, 1 peanut butter. Got 2 $2 different cats back.4:09 pm Upland,CA Thanks Josie

  15. Laura says

    Worked for me at vons in La. First time I bought three crunchy green boxes and one soft squares got 2 cats. Second time I bought one soft squares and one peanut butter, one apple crisp and one pecan…. Used both cats from the first transaction and it rolled and printed two more. The cats do look different though one had the barcode like regular the other one was longer and had the barcode all the way on the very end. Deal done at 7pm.

  16. Mike says

    I just did this around 9pm, bought 4 of the soft cinnamon, used 4-.75/1, paid $2.96, and got the 2 Cats. My wife then did the same with 2 Peanut Butter, and 2 Cinnamon, and got 1 Cat. Not sure what the trigger is…….

  17. Cristal says

    Worked for me in Palm Springs. I thought I had only gotten one Catalina but as I was putting them away I realized there was two. They were kind of stuck together and looked like one. I bought 3 of the green granola bars and 1 soft baked cinnamon and brown sugar (I believe). I purchased them at about 10 PM.

  18. anna says

    Hi. I bought 2 crunchy and 2 soft. I only received on cat. I was at Vons in San Diego. Still a great deal. Good luck! :)

  19. jaden says

    I bought 2 peanut butter and 2 cinnamon oatmeal squares and got both cats. This was in South Corona today about 12:30pm

  20. cezs says

    I bought 4 soft-baked, 3 cinnamon & 1 pb, got 2 $2Cat but the cashier only took 2 .50Q :( Paid .96 for 4.. Not bad, thanks Josie! That was 9:15pm La Habra CA

  21. Amy says

    I did the deal tonight at 6:30 in East San Diego county. Bought 4 soft oatmeal squares, got 2 Cats, then got a Von’s circular and tore out the $1.49 wyb 4 Nature Valley so I could do it again. Got 4 more soft oatmeal squares; got 2 more Cats. Awesome deal, and yes, the Cats looked different.

    Only weird thing was the cashier told me I could only use 3 like coupons per transaction; I’ve been couponing there a year and had never heard that!

  22. yukiko says

    I did twice in this morning at Hollywood Vons pavillion.I got 2-$2 Catalina both time.It worked perfectly!I bought soft baked oatmeal square cinanmon 4 peanut butter 4.

  23. Christina says

    Did this deal twice this morning about 11:30 am and still got (2) $2.00 cats each time, here in Los Angeles . Awesome deal

  24. Tina says

    Hi all,
    So this is one transaction per card? I can’t do this twice on the same vons club card? Thanks in advance!

    • Donna says

      You still can use the same club card to do another transaction but you will have to use the in-ad coupon to get the $1.49 price for each box. I used the same club card and did 4 transactions in the same shoppin trip.

  25. Jennifer says

    I’m in San Diego and have tried 3 vons stores. Two printed 2 $2 cats but the other only 1 $2 cat. I asked the cashier why & she said even though the stores are all the same region some are considered “show” stores & they get better deals and offers to entice customers to come in. She said her store isn’t one of those. So maybe it has to do with the actual store too

  26. Kimmie says

    I have had hit n miss on this deal. My local store are mean and only let you use two like coupons and handed me their new Couponing policy. Also only 1 x $2 Catalina. Today I went to a Von’s by the beach and they welcomed all my coupons and I found organic juice with q on it making it $.50!! Nice!! I have a new favorite Vons-

  27. lili says

    I bought 4 trial mix they run out of the soft oatmeal and I got 2 2 cat .they let me use three like coupons, I don’t really like my store they always have only one o two cashiers and long lines it takes for ever to get out of there but they had really good deals so I have no choice. OK I lost the point , because I have the coupons for the oatmeal I went to another Vons near me and they have it the thing is I paid with my previous Catalina and I didn’t get anything back :( oh well still good deal I just want to share

  28. Amy says

    I did this deal again this morning in east San Diego county; I bought 4 boxes of the crunchy bars and used four .50/1 qs. Used my two $2 Cats from previous transaction, paid nothing, got two more $2 Cats!

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