New Nestle Water Catalina = $0.73 Nestle 24pk!

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Nestle Pure Life water


We have a NEW Nestle Water Catalina available beginning today (8/12) at Ralphs and Food 4 Less.  The great thing is that they are part of the MEga Sale (so you must purchase 5 or 4 participating items, depending on what store you visit) and they are priced at just $2.99. Here is a deal idea that you can do Monday and Tuesday:

Nestle Water

Nestle Pure Life Water (0.5 L 20- 24-, 28-pk or 8 oz 24-pk) | 8/12 – 9/4
Buy (2) = $1.00 OYNO
Buy (3) = $3.00 OYNO
Buy (4) = $5.00 OYNO

Food 4 Less:

Buy (4) Nestle Water 24 pk $2.48
Use (2) $1/2 Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, exp. 9/8/13 (RP 07/28/13 R)
or Use $1/2 Pure Life Printable coupon
Pay: $7.92, Get Back $5 catalina
= $0.73 + CRV (if applicable)


Buy (4) Nestle Water 24 pk $2.99 ea (you will also need to add a participating Mega sale item to get this price)
Use (2) $1/2 Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, exp. 9/8/13 (RP 07/28/13 R)
or Use $1/2 Nestle Pure Life Printable coupon
Pay: $9.96, Get Back $5 catalina
= $1.24 ea

In past experiences, we have learned that your cashier MUST scan each package in order for you to get the catalina. If they scan one and then hit the “X”‘s button your catalina will not print.


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  1. Tina says

    Thank you Josie! I was bummed I didn’t have a second RP coupon but now, with the printable coupon, I can maximize the deal!

      • Ilovebargains247 says

        Thank you! Did you try it at Ralph’s or Food 4 Less? Someone commented that Catalina was not printing at Food 4 Less. They are both near me but I don’t want to waste my time going to F4L although it would be cheaper to get it there. Ralph’s price is still not bad though. TIA

        • Amani says

          I made my purchase at Food 4 Less. I remembered a tip from another reader to make sure they scan each package. The cashier wasn’t familiar but did as I requested and it ( the $5 catalina) printed with no problem.

          • Ilovebargains247 says

            Thank you so much again! I will try it at F4L and have them scanned individually. Hope it works too! *crossing fingers*

          • David R says

            My Food 4 Less cashier and manager didn’t know each package had to be scanned. I told the cashier prior to taking my order that they had to scan each water package. She didn’t listen, thus the catalina didn’t print. She called her floor manager over, she refunded me the cost of the waters, then ran each package through individually and the catalina printed out. The manager then stated that she had to let her store manager know of the problem. I told her it seemed to be a Food 4 Less wide problem.

  2. LD says

    Can someone please clarify for me. It looks like the picture above is from Ralphs buy 5 sale. Are the 1/2 liter 28 packs $2.99 (or is it a 24 pack as noted in the matchup)? Also, can anyone verfiy if the $2.49 at FFL is for the 24 pack (versus 28 and that those are the 1/2 liter size bottles as well). I noticed the cat is for 20, 24 or 28 packs; I’m just trying to discern what the price & quantity differences are between the 2 stores. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

  3. Becky says

    Does the cashier have to manually scan each water pkg. for the cat to print? I tried it at FFL and it didn’t print but she didn’t scan the waters individually. She didn’t like me very much when I returned them. I always get so nervous that the cat will print.

  4. julie says

    Cat didnt print in Moreno Valley but the cashier and manager where nice about it. He said he will adjust my next bill taking off the $5. Hopefully he will remember me.

  5. Jul D says

    Yes the cashier was giving me a hard time too saying there’s no Catalina printing for water bc she’s been ringing up waters the whole day and no Catalina. On top of that she didn’t want to scan by each. ;(

      • Jul D says

        F4L. I hope to try this at another location. And place one on the belt and have them scan it 4x. This time I’ll go to a guy cashier. Lol. I have had no luck at F4L seriously.

  6. couponbabby714 says

    I want to try this deal at f4l but I don’t know how catalinas work do I buy 5 pay $9 & have to buy another 5 pks nd use it in that tranaction?

    • LD says

      Couponbabby, this deal is going on at 2 different stores. At F4L you only need to buy 4 cases to get this deal. When you go to the register put one water on the belt and have the cashier scan it 4 times. They can’t use a code or scan one and then use their keys to x4. The catalina only prints when the item is scanned. After you pay for the waters then the coupon will print. It will be a Manufacturer’s Coupon for $5 that can be used on any future purchase. You can buy whatever you want, does not have to be more waters.

      You may hear people ask about “rolling” when they talk about cats. If the cat is rolling, that means you could purchase a second round of 4 cases and use the $5 MC that printed in the 1st transaction towards the balance due on the second set of water. A rolling cat means that at the end of that transaction, a second coupon for $5 would still print. Rolling cats are not the norm.

      Typically if you want to do the deal multiple times, and you want to receive a $5 cat after each round, don’t pay for them using the $5 coupon. Use the $5 coupon to purchase unrelated items instead (like bread, milk, chicken)… anything that is from a different manufacturer, in a seperate order. Otherwise, you could use the $5 cat to pay for more water, but that just means that a second $5 cat will not print. One person mentioned that the cat is rolling, another person said that it did not roll for them. It’s up to you how you want to play it, if you plan to buy a second round of water.

      One more thing…. the $5 cat will print on 4 or more…. so if you buy 4 or 10 in one order, you would still only receive one $5 cat. If you wanted 8 cases, you should break it into 2 seperate orders. Then use your $10 in MC towards other groceries. Hope that helps!

  7. Kateri says

    Worked for me at Ralphs. Cashier acted like she didn’t need to scan each one, but when I explained it to her she was interested to help.

  8. kp says

    Thanks for posting Josie! I did this today at F4L and it worked perfectly! I had to tell the cashier to scan every package though.

  9. eightoheightqpon says

    If you are afraid to ask the cashier to scan each bar code you can offer to read the upc number off to them and they can punch it in 4x. I went to Ralph’s and asked the cashier to scan each bar code and she looked at me like I was crazy. She said she couldn’t do it because that particular store doesn’t have those hand scanners so she typed in some code she had on her code list and the cat didn’t print. She then apologized and voided the trans and started a new trans and had me read off the upc. The cat finally printed and I was on my way :)!

  10. LD says

    Josie, thanks for the heads-up on this awesome deal. I did it at Ralph’s this evening. The cashier wanted to use a code to charge for the water, but when I explained, they were happy to scan one case 4 times. Cat printed without issues.

    By the way, the case at Ralphs are 28 packs (as shown in the picture) not 24 packs, as per the written details above.

    Thanks again!

  11. LD says

    Eri, yes it should. Cats print that way in my Ralphs all the time. Just make sure there is a machine connected to the register you plan to use.

  12. TITA says

    Thank you again, I went to Ralphs and didn’t notice cashier put code and then put quantity. I bought 8 of the 28-packs of water and 2 of the Crest toothpastes. The catalina did not print so I pleaded with the cashier who was very annoyed to say the least and he had to scan each 28pack of water individually and then one catalina pinted out. I guess you have to pay for 4 of the 28packs and an additional item from the buy 5 get $5 items to get a catalina for each set. But GREAT buy I use water like crazy I am so thankful for you thank you very much!

  13. Liz says

    TITA.. you are correct… only one catalina prints per transaction so you should have purchased 4 waters and 1 other single Mega sale item. I try and choose the cheapest one (Lawry’s was on sale at Krogers .49 cents Mega sale) or something you can coupon down to a low amount. Then you should have done the deal AGAIN and this time use the $5.00 Catalina in the second transaction paying even less for the resulting sets of 4+1 item. For example had you paid 10.45 in your first transaction you would have paid 5.45 in following transactions.

  14. Antonio says

    The Catalina deal for this is rolling i purchased almost 2 pallets of water from food4less just rolling the catalinas + coupons

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