“The Great Giveaway” Promotion at Babies “R” Us and Toys “R” Us = FREE Baby Items!

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The Great Giveaway

Friday 8/30 through Wednesday 9/13, Babies “R” Us and Toys “R” Us are having something called “The Great Giveaway” Promotion. Depending on how much you spend, you will get to choose between 3 different FREE promotional items! How awesome is that?! Offer excludes diapers, wipes, food, formula, and toys (infant toys included).

Here are the FREE promotional items you can choose from:

  • FREE Babies “R”Us Umbrella stroller wyb $50 in participating items ($20 value)
  • FREE Carter’s Diaper bag wyb $100 in participating items ($40 value)
  • FREE Summer Infant Video Monitor wyb $150 in participating items ($100 value)

If you decide to take advantage of this deal, make sure you come back and let us know what qualifying items you purchased and what free item you choose!


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  1. ashley says

    I just bought the Graco stroller and got the Summer Moniter as well!!! Its not that hard to spend over
    $150 at the place!!! SCOREEEEEE so happy!!!!

  2. Mercedes says

    I made a large purchase on 8/30 and was told to come back in with my receipt to pick up the giveaway since they were out. ONLY had a shipment of 4 monitors…. Now this week they tell me they aren’t receiving any more giveaways and that it was while supplies lasted? 4 items is not enough to advertise these giveaways. I’m very disappointed with Babies R’ Us and feel that this is false advertising. I’m about to switch my entire registry to amazon or target…

    • Donna says

      Mercedes, Call 1-800-ToysRUS and they will make sure you get a rain check for a monitor. I just did it because my store was saying the same thing! I was told that not only would I get a monitor but that the store personnel that told me I wouldn’t would be in some trouble of doing so.

    • Linda Rivera says

      I went today with my daughter and granddaughter to the local Babys R Us store to check to see if they had gotten the monitor they had promised to give my daughter on August 30, 2013 when she spent almost $200 in their store. My daughter had called several times between then and today and had sort of gotten the run around with more promises to have the issue resolved. Basically they kept telling her that they didn’t have the monitors in stock. While there I had to get real assertive but we left with a beautiful baby monitor valued at $159.99. I don’t believe the ad that was posted in August stated “while supplies last.” The Babys R Us employee said it was a real fiasco for them but the store manager made good on their deal when they were called, so we are happy. Today is February 7, 2014. Go in to the store….tell them you were on the list and tell them you aren’t leaving without the monitor or a comparable one as you were promised back in August. Good Luck!

  3. Cookie says

    I heard that the stores are scrambling to make it right. They were only saying what the big bosses told them to say. I think they will eventually give everyone monitors.

  4. says

    We went to babies r us today to exchange some diapers for a bigger size. I have been looking for a double stroller for a while, so I stopped by th stroller department to see what they had. Lo and behold there was the perfect stroller, correct brand, and the right color on sale for $99.99! This was even cheaper than the so called cheapest store around, so I jumped on the deal. It was the baby trend sit and stand stroller. I also needed a halo sleep sack for my growing infant, and was able to get just what I wanted. When I went to ring up the cashier asked me if I wanted a free diaper bag. I was kinda like, did you just say free? She was telling me of this promotion and I said sure, I’ll take one. I figured it would be a tote bag or something, but it’s a beautiful Carter’s bag. And I was needing a new diaper bag cause mine was falling apart. Thanks babies r us, you made me and my boys very happy!

  5. says

    Hi.. My baby Now 15 month is baby boy n my girl is 5 yr old . Me housewife my husband salraly very low and one year can change 10 – 20 jobs . Every month not enough money baby things so got many Baby Thing dont want on throw give me like etc…. Cloth . Toy or ……

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