HOT Money Maker U by Kotex Liners at Ralphs!

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Kotex at Ralphs


Updating with the recent coupons from today’s paper! HOT Money Maker! 

Kotex Liners are just $1 this week (22ct) and U by Kotex 18ct AND we have a catalina running that includes these smaller boxes.

9/9 – 10/6 | Kotex Natural Balance or U by Kotex Products
Buy (2)= $2.00 OYNO
Buy (3) = $2.50 OYNO

Buy (2) Kotex Natural Balance or U by Kotex Liners $1 ea
Use (2) $0.75/1 U by Kotex Liners, exp. 11/2/13 (SS 09/22/13)
Pay: $0.50, Get Back $2 catalina
= 2 boxes free + Money maker!

Please note, the $5 off 5 Pick Up the Values coupon does not work on these packages.

Best part is you can take your $2 catalina from the first transaction and go back and purchase TWO more. You will pay tax only and then get an additional catalina (What we call “rolling”)


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  1. J says

    Kinda new to this.. if I purchase 2 and use the Catalina to purchase another 2 will another Catalina print out? If not, if I purchase 4 will a catalina print out for 4$?

    • JB says

      I haven’t done this deal yet, but normally for Catalina deals, you get exactly what’s listed. So above, Josie lists Buy 2 Get $2 Catalina, Buy 3 Get $2.50. So if you buy 3 or more, you’ll still only get a $2.50 Catalina coupon to print out. If this deal is “rolling,” then that’s the best option, to save the most money. Do separate transactions. Buy 2, pay $2 + tax, and a $2 Catalina coupon will print out. Then do the next transaction of 2 boxes, use the $2 coupon to pay, and you’ll only have to pay tax. And, another $2 Catalina coupon will print out! Then just keep going, if you need more.

  2. angel says

    Just tried this out with both Kotex and it did not work for me. Catalina machine was on but nothing came out. I’m in Long Beach .

  3. Ann says

    Thank you Josie! I was able to get 14 of them today, 7 separate transactions. I don’t think there is a limit on the Catalina.

    Also, I notice the Soft Soap hand soap pumps were $1. Would they work for the $5 off 5 items for Kimberly Clark deal?

  4. J says

    Just got back from doing this deal and was told I cannot use it on my next transaction yet the Catalina states On your next ORDER does that mean I CAN?

    • Talia says

      Definitely you can, I did 5 transactions of two packages each at my Ralph’s self check out and rolled the catalina’s for all. The attendant there sort of gave me this little commentary that she didn’t think that I should be able to use the catalina in this way. I just pointed out that it said “next order” and that this was my next order, she then glanced at my basket and said what about the rest? I never came across that, figured she must be new and tripping out, so I just smiled and kept going, but she wasn’t too happy with me every time the “attendant has been notified” part of the check out process came. I finally told her whether I do all my transactions now, or keep leaving and coming back I would be doing the same thing, so what difference does it make? And if she had any questions, she might want to run it by her manager. She didn’t.

  5. najelle says

    Did this deal yesterday at the Ralph’s in Placentia (alta vista and rose drive)… i got the black boxes and used the self serve check out. hope this helps.

  6. JB says

    9/21 it worked in Encinitas. 2 separate transactions, self-checkout. 2 boxes of the 22-count regular liners, then got 2 packages of the 16-count long “absorbent liners” which were also $1 (and in Josie’s pic).

  7. Anita says

    Awesome, thank you! I picked up 12 boxes today in San Pedro. 2 per transaction, 6 transactions total. Paid 0.18 tax each set so $1.08 out of pocket TOTAL. 😀

  8. jenni says

    I live in Los Angeles, and my catalina specifically states that it excludes the 22ct liners. In fact I’ve tried to do many transactions that you post here and none of them work.

  9. Mary D. says

    I did it last night and earlier today in the Whittier Ralph’s store. Both with the U 18 liners (my fav) and the Kotex 22 liners, but all without coupons. Lol I did get the Catalina’sand rolled them. I took the last 2 U liners last night and there were only a few of the Kotex left after I grabbed 6. Hopefully they will get more stock. The Kotex are my daughter’s favorite. Now I have to go back with the coupons!

  10. Anna says

    Working at Monterey park. Just picked up 10 on 5 separate purchases. No U liners tho, only natural balance and it’s empty after I took 10 this morning. Hopefully they stock up soon. Thanks a lot.

  11. Tita says

    YEAH! The buy 5 get $5 off coupon RELOADED again on RALPHS website under coupons! HAPPY DANCE TIME :)!!!
    Save $5.00
    when you buy any FIVE (5) participating Kimberly-Clark or Co… more
    exp 10/13/2013
    ✔ Loaded

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