Fresh & Easy Sold to Yucaipa Companies

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Today, Tesco announced that Fresh & Easy has come to an agreement to sell to Yucaipa Companies. They have announced that some stores will be closing (no word on that yet) but here is the notice on their Facebook Page:

Today our parent company Tesco has announced it is selling the Fresh & Easy business to The Yucaipa Companies LLC. All along we have been hopeful that Fresh & Easy could be sold as an operating business, preserving jobs and the great shopping trip you’ve come to expect from Fresh & Easy.

We are very pleased that this agreement with Yucaipa preserves more than 4,000 jobs and a vast majority of the business. Unfortunately, as a result of this agreement some stores will be closing. Friends of Fresh & Easy should review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Friends Rewards Members at

For over five years, all of us here at Fresh & Easy have worked hard to bring you great products and a great shopping trip at a great value. We appreciate the love and support we have received from you, our most loyal shoppers. Rest assured, we plan on working through this transition to new ownership with the same spirit and dedication that we’ve brought to this business since the beginning.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to seeing you in one of our stores soon.

How do you feel about this? 

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  1. angcab says

    It makes me nervous that they might close my store! I started shopping there since I changed to vegan/vegetarian and organic diet. I would hate for them to close because I find food there that none of the other stores sell! :(

  2. Sheralyn says

    I love Fresh & Easy and I hate to see stores closing. I have been a huge supporter of F&E and I urge people to do more shopping with them. Save more with rewards, coupons and sales combined. Some of my favorite products are bananas $0.19 each, Strawberry Vanilla Granola (seasonal) 12 oz. bag $2.99, New York Steaks $8.99-$10.99/lb. (the quality is better than most restaurants!), F&E Greek Yogurt 6 oz. cups $0.98 each, F&E Instant Oatmeal in Maple & Brown Sugar, Apple Cinnamon and Strawberries & Cream, 10 pk. $2.49 (all natural, no artificial colors, flavors, or dyes), and the 24 pk. Pure water 16.9 oz bottles, $2.99, often on sale for $2.50, the price and quality cannot be beat!

    • Name says

      Exactly. Your reasons are why this company lost 3 billion dollars and if it is not drastically changed with the new owners……will continue to fail.

      • Sheralyn says

        @Name My point was, and continues to be, to spread the good word and rally more people to shop at Fresh & Easy for the value. More customers = more revenue.

  3. Jen says

    I really like Fresh & Easy and buy the majority of my groceries there because of the quality. We have 2 locations so hopefully they are not affected.

  4. Denise says

    I agree. Their store brand quality is excellent and reasonably priced. I always buy their 28 Oz crushed tomatoes which are only priced at $1.40 plus they send me 40 cents off coupons for this item with unlimited use. Another great buy is the ground chuck at $2.49 a lb..match these buys with a $5 off of $20 coupon and you’ve got a great deal!

  5. Veda says

    Theirs is the only ground beef I buy and its a great price so I hope the store here stays open. It’s also the only place around to buy British groceries and their imported cheese selection is excellent and well priced.

    • Sheralyn says

      Veda, I, too, will only buy my ground beef at F&E. It is flavorful and top quality. I buy the 2 lb. family pack, at $2.49/lb. It’s far better quality and a better deal than any other competitor.

  6. Denise says

    I know that they already announced they’re closing the 4 Sacramento stores, as well as the Modesto store (i.e. all 5 stores in Northern California). I couldn’t find anything on any So. Cal stores. They do say that everything in the stores that are closing is immediately going to 25% off. So, it’s a good sign if you walk into your store and stuff is still at regular prices. :-) I love our fresh and easy, especially the clearance section! I’ll be interested to see if the $5/$20 coupons continue. I also have 2 friends employed at the Riverside distribution center. So, I’m happy for them, it looks like they’ll get to keep their jobs (so far).

  7. Sofia says

    That’s sad they’re a great store. For some reason in my area they built 2 stores in locations where there aren’t alot of people, especially those who like healthy food. We always had to travel 30 minutes to get to one and it was never busy.

  8. Gee says

    I had read that Yucaipa had bought Ralph’s and some other grocers in the past, Yucaipa fixed and improved them. This news sounds good to me, maybe in the future there will be more FnEs added in better locations.

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