Get FREE Rachael Ray Dinnerware When You Shop at Albertsons!

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Rachael Ray

Have you picked up the new Albertsons Stamp Saver booklet where you can get FREE Rachael Ray dinnerware when you shop at Albertsons?

I found mine in customer service and also at the checkout lanes. From now through 12/26, for every $10 you spend at Albertsons, you will get a saver stamp which you will peel and stick to the inside of the booklet pictured above. For every 20 stamps you collect, you will get a FREE Rachael Ray dinnerware item of your choice. The booklet also notes that if you only collect 10 stamps towards your next free item, you can purchase the dinnerware item for $2.99 (reg price $5.99).

The Rachael Ray dinnerware items you get to choose from are:

Now, I must note…this isn’t that great of a deal since yo have to spend $20 in order to get something that retails for $5.99, however, if you are planning to shop there anyways, you might as well get something for free! Plus, you have all the way until the end of December to accumulate your stamps.

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  1. Brenda says

    The dinnerware is nice. It’s Rachael Ray, so it’s good quality. However, in order to get all 6 items for free, you have to spend $1200.00 at Albertson’s.

    Not the greatest deal, in my opinion.

    • Dorothy says

      There are only 4 items that can be obtained via stamps: mug, dinner plate, smaller plate, and soup/cereal bowl. What people have to ask themselves is whether or not they are likely to spend 400 dollars per month at Albertson’s, and that would have been starting day one. Or: request that friends and family save stamps for you if they have no interest in collecting for themselves. Soup bowls are used a lot at my house, so that would be about all I’d care for. The men in my house don’t like itty bitty bowls…but the plates could be used for gifting Cookies etc. during the holiday season.

  2. missy says

    I agree Brenda, not a great deal at all. Funny, I was just laughing the other night with my husband about my free Von’s dishes that I still use. I got them 1993-1994 when I first moved out of my parents house. I’d love new dishes but not for $1,200!

  3. Michelle says

    You still get the stamps when you use coupons. For example if you had $20 in coupons and your order came up to $0 after coupons, you would still get 2 stamps :)

  4. Laura says

    The Albertson’s people are telling me that the bakers and platters on the display are not part of the “buy groceries and get stamps for free dishes” scheme. Why not?

    • Judy Aoki says

      Same question as above. Why are the baker’s dishes not included? Is there any way you can get them–I saw some on display–what would the store do–send them back??

  5. KG says

    I am almost to my first free item!! I did the free essential everyday items and the free noodles this week! They give you the stamps based on your before coupons total. I did not have to spend anything to get them!

  6. Char W says

    @Laura The only “free” items are: mug, bowl, salad plate, dinner plate :( I was more excited when I thought it included all Rachael Ray items not just the dinnerware.

    There are some purchases that don’t qualify, from it says for the stamps “the total purchase is minus excluded items such as prepaid Master Cards, tobacco, money orders, postage stamps, lottery tickets, wire transfer services, all gift cards, bill pay service, or any other products excluded by law.”

  7. Pat DeLucas says

    I shop at Albertson’s and was happy to see the dishes there from Rachel Ray, until I saw where they are from. CHINA Can’t they find a US manufacturer? We need the jobs in the US.
    Pat DeLucas

  8. Amber says

    I have eleven of these stickers, willing to trade them for other coupons or a product if anyone is interested :)

    • desiree says

      What coupons are you looking for? I’ve been collecting from friends and family and random people in line around me. A couple gave me almost 30 stamps today :) I would love to pick up at least one dish set.

  9. Loma Johnson says

    I’ve filled an entire brochure, and am beginning on another one. The dinnerware doesn’t knock my socks off, however—–I love the red confetti-like speckled ‘garbage’ bowls (reminds me of vintage Texas Ware bowls….but more colorful and deeper…..for that matter both the dinnerware and accompanying pieces are vintage inspired…..and the colors aren’t similiar to, but def not fiesta hues. Not bad at all…but def not spot on color matches.

  10. Doug says

    I’ll never reach the threshold that will get me the dishes but I am collecting them for someone who will. First come first serve. Let me know.

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