List of Fresh & Easy Stores Closing

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Fresh & Easy Store closing

In case you missed it… Fresh & Easy will be closing a few stores across California, Nevada and Arizona. This was announced earlier this week when Tesco announced they have sold the Fresh & Easy brand to Yucaipa LLC. the “Talk” is that this company will rebrandsome or ALL of the Fresh & Easy stores to their  Wild Oats Brand store.

I’ve gathered a couple of news links that have identified stores closing. (the have not released an official list yet–but I will post that as soon as it is available)

If your favorite store is closing (and you have signed up for their emails in the past) you will be notified of your stores closing, you will receive this email this week:

Fresh & Easy store closing Let us know if you’ve received this email!

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  1. SS says

    I used to shop at Wild Oats in Pasadena way back when… I thought they closed down, but I guess they’re making a comeback. Hopefully, though, they keep Fresh & Easy around. It’d be nice if they started taking MQs!

  2. Michelle says

    Sad that the San Bernardino and Rialto stores closing, but doing a happy dance for the good deals I was able to score yesterday and today. Everything was 50% off and I was able to use the $4 off of $20 coupon. I did multiple transactions and only paid $6 and change for each transaction.

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