Moneymaker on MasterCard or Visa Gift Cards at Vons! PLUS new Just4U Offers on Produce and DOUBLE Gas Rewards!

Vons Gift Card Catalina 0911-1008

Yesterday at Vons, this little guy printed for me that says Buy $100 in MasterCard and Visa Gift Cards and get $10 off your next shopping visit!  Offer is valid 9/11-10/8/13, limit 1 offer per household.  You’ll have to pay a small activation fee, but it will still be a moneymaker!

{Deal Idea}
Buy (1) MasterCard or Visa $100 Gift Card
Pay One-Time Activation Fee – $4.95
Receive $10 off your next shopping order Catalina

I would recommend buying a gift card in a $100 increment, instead of (4) $25 gift cards or (2) $50 gift cards, just to be safe.  But, if you’re brave and you try it, let us know how it goes!  I don’t see this offer advertised in this week’s ad,  but you might find signage in your store.


Vons 2 off 8 produce Vons 20 gas rewards

Also, check your Just4U accounts for these offers!

  • $2 off your next purchase of $8 or more in the Produce Department, limit 1 per day. UNLIMITED until 10/8/13!
  • $0.20 per gallon gas reward when you spend $20 in one shopping trip! Expires 9/24/13

Let us know if you have any other hot special offers in your account!


  1. Curtis says

    If you buy the smaller amounts (less than $100), there will be a an activation fee for each one so that would not be a money maker.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Maybe its just me but I’m not understanding how this is a money maker, you still have to pay the initial $100 and you can’t roll it because its limit 1 pet household, right?

    • says

      Elizabeth, yes you pay $100 but you receive $10 back in Vons “store credit” (in the form of a coupon) that coupon is good on most items in the store. So, pay $104.95, get back $10 = $94.95

      and you still have your $100 gift card.

  3. Mike says

    I didn’t get the Produce one. Was getting a bit excited about Free Salad Kits if I would have gotten it. Kits are 2 for $5, but I got a $2.40 J4U. With the $2 off coupons in the Fresh Ideas, it could have been a .40 MM!

      • Glenn says

        No, period. Also note that the $5 off $20 can not be used on ANY items in the dairy (including non-dairy items such as non-dairy creamer).

  4. Pam Tuey says

    I feel like I hit the lottery! I have Free Barilla Plus pasta, Free Progresso Healthy Heart Soup, Free Tortillaland Uncooked torillas, and Free Natureripe Berry Quick Snacks!!!

    Also $5 off $25 Coldstones gift card

    I have been doing really well at Vons. The gas savings really work for us. We go to a Vons station and save $ 25.00 on a fill up.

    Tillamook butter $ 2.86 lb I always think of Josie when I think butter :)

  5. Porter says

    I went to Vons yesterday and there is a cat that started on 9/9 for huggies diapers and wipes does anyone know if that cat only works at vons and does anyone know where the diaper and huggies wipe refill sales are ?

  6. Denise says

    I know that the prepaid paypal branded card that was on sale at CVS had a $5 activation fee + a $5 monthly fee that was charged once every 30 days, starting with 3 days after the sale. I know people that still made money by spending the money on the card right away and then canceling the card before the 3 days. I have no idea what the fees on this brand of pre-paid card is, but I would investigate it very closely, and probably be prepared to spend it all w/in a day or two, 30 days at the most.

    • Meryl says

      I did this with the Net Spend I think it was- NOT the paypal card FYI. I filled up the tank RIGHT AWAY- and made $5 on it, nice!

  7. annette says

    I got a 5.00 off 20.00 it says “one time” but in details it says Limit one (1) coupon per transaction.
    Will it come off each transaction? I have a few 10% off special items too. Will they all work
    in one transaction?

    • Jacqui says

      Usually, if you get a dollar off amount (like $5 off $20) you can use it along with your percent off. Also, if you have a personalized price, you can also use the percent off. I have a personalized price of $0.57 for bananas plus a 15% off anything in the produce department and I was able to use both to get bananas for pretty cheap.

  8. Lucy says

    For 5/20 coupon. do i reach my total of $20 before or after coupons? I read the fine print and it sounds like after all savings but I saw someone buy things and it took off before coupons. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks! I was planning on buying the salads and arrowhead water. 4 salads 5 arrowheads and some bread.

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