New $10 Starbucks Rebate + Vons/Safeway Deal

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$10 Starbucks Rebate


We have a great new Starbucks Rebate available! This comes at a perfect time because we have a second promotion running at Vons and Safeway.

Starbucks Promotion:

Purchase Starbucks coffee at your local participating grocery store. Then, find the Star code on the package and enter it online. It’s as simple as that. For every code entered, the rewards just keep getting better:

  • MSR Star1st code: Bonus Star
  • MSR Star2nd code: Free tall brewed coffee*
  • MSR Star3rd code: Free food item*
  • MSR Star4th code: $10 Starbucks Card eGift

Vons and Safeway ALSO have a catalina promotion running: Buy 2 Starbucks Coffee, get $5 Catalina good for a Starbucks gift card in the gift card mall.

In two separate transactions, you can do the following:

Buy (2) Starbucks Coffee or K-cups $6.99 ea (make sure you purchase the specially marked packages)
Use $4/2 Starbucks K-Cups Pack, exp. 11/30/13 (SS 09/08/13 #2)
or Use $2/2 Starbucks Bags, exp. 11/3/13 (SS 09/08/13 R)
Pay: as low as $9.98, Get Back $5 Catalina for a Starbucks gift card

Buy (2) Starbucks Coffee or K-Cups $6.99 ea (make sure you purchase the specially marked packages)
Use $4/2 Starbucks K-Cups Pack, exp. 11/30/13 (SS 09/08/13 #2)
or use $2/2 Starbucks Bags, exp. 11/3/13 (SS 09/08/13 R)
Pay: as low as $9.98, Get Back $5 Catalina for a Starbucks gift card

UPDATE: the catalina states that you can use only one coupon per transaction for the Starbucks gift card. So, here is an updated scenario:

Buy (4) Starbucks Coffee or K-Cups $6.49 (just your Just4U for a $6.49 price, be SURE to get the packages with the “star” code!) 
Use (2) $4/2 Starbucks K-Cups Pack, exp. 11/30/13 (SS 09/08/13 #2)
or  (2) Use $2/2 Starbucks Bags, exp. 11/3/13 (SS 09/08/13 R)
Pay: as low as $17.96, Get Back $5 catalina good towards any Starbucks gift card in the Vons Gift card center

Submit $10 Starbucks Gift Card Rebate, and purchase your Starbucks Gift card at Vons or Safeway with the (1) $5 catalinas you got in the transaction above.. My store has $15 gift cards.. so you would need to pay an additional $10 for the gift card.

After EVERYTHING– you will have paid a total of $27.96 for a $15 Starbucks Gift Card and a $10 Starbucks eGift Card PLUS 4 packages of Starbucks coffee!

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  1. Meryl says

    help, i am completely lost……i know i will get it somehow but this deal is challenging my old tired brain right now…..

    • BarstowMom says

      lol, me too. I’m sure after reading it a few times it’s not as complicated as it seems. My brain is also challenged and I consider myself an experienced couponer.

      Thanks Josie for the deal. I want it.

    • says

      Meryl, There are two different starbucks promotions. One is from Starbucks and you must purchase select packages to get the deal (4 “Star” packages of coffee) Once you do that you will get a free $10 Starbucks eGift card (click on the graphic above for more info)

      there is also a Catalina printing at Vons that will give your $5 towards a Starbucks Gift card when you purchase TWO starbucks packages. The gift card, is to be purchased from the gift card mall in Vons. the minimum I have seen is a $15 Starbucks gift card.

      Once you do the transactions outlined above (SEPARATELY) you will have $10 towards that $15 Starbucks gift card in the gift card mall at Vons. So, Pay $5 and then use the $10 catalina coupons and get a $15 Starbucks card.

      Hope that makes sense! :)

  2. San says

    Someone posted on FB – Southern Cali Savers Facebook Group that you could only use one of the $5 Catalina to purchase but … Josie asked if it says that … so not sure on if you can or can’t use the two $5

  3. Callie says

    Just did the deal – and registered the Starbucks card too, entered my codes. Says it takes up to 24 hours to recognize the code; excited for the freebies to come. Thanks, Josie!

    • Callie says

      They had to override the coupon for the $5 off the $15 gift card too, with no problem. I’m thinking maybe the deal was for the $25 gift card, however they forgot to put that verbiage on the ad? They didn’t anticipate everyone using them on the $15 cards.

    • Michelle says

      Yes!! I was wondering if maybe they had discontinued this. I havent bought starbucks in a while but, getting free coffee makes this even better! :)

    • Veda says

      Yes! My inlaws save up the bags and bring them to us because they can’t be bothered to take them to Starbucks for free coffee…. and then they complain about how much everything costs!

  4. Ashley says

    I plan on going in a few hours, so hopefully someone can answer my question. Couldn’t you do two transactions buying 2 marked bags in each transaction:

    First – 2 Sbux coffee – $6.49 each – use $2/2 coupon, get a $5 catalina
    Second – 2 Sbux coffee – $6.99 each – use $2/2 coupon, get a $5 catalina
    Submit them all for 4 stars???

    I know I will technically lose a dollar doing it this way due to the just 4 u coupon, but I would also get an extra $5 catalina, right?

    Thanks for helping!

  5. JoyJoy1417 says

    It would be better if you split your coffee purchases into 2 transaction and purchase (2) $15 gift cards. Total OOP would be $37.96 and you would receive (2) $15 gift card and (1) $10 egift card, plus the 4 coffee!

  6. Bridge says

    I just did this deal today. Awesome deal.

    Don’t forget to check your accounts for a $5 off $20 purchase. I had it in my account making the deal even sweeter.

  7. sarah says

    I went and bought my coffee and used the Just for U stuff, and did everything right, but the Catalina machine was BROKEN!!!! Is there any recourse for me?? Has anyone had this problem before? What can I do!?

  8. Judy says


    I input 4 star codes online 2 days ago, and today in my reward, it is show 4 stars but it is said — You have not given any Starbucks Card eGifts.

    Is there some problem with my account?

      • Donna says

        Is there a limit on getting the $10 egiftcard? I got the notice that I will get my $10 egiftcard in a week. But now I want to stock up for Christmas as presents. Can I buy another 4 and redeem and get another $10 egiftcard? Does anyone know?

        • sarah says

          I had this problem because I did not “opt in” to the program when I entered my four codes. You have to enter them through the special grocery store site thing above, not just through the app. I’ve contacted Starbucks customer service to ask if they will convert them over to the “grocery store rewards” thing; otherwise, I want to return all the coffees and just get it at Costco, bc it’s cheaper there with the coupon they’re running now.

  9. Jess says

    Does anyone know if the cat and Starbucks stars promotions are still running? I got a personalized price on Starbucks coffee this week and the coupons are still good…

    • Michelle says

      Yes, I received my e-gift card. I received it last week. I loaded the $10 to my registered reward card, I just entered the number and pin on the website.

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