Ralphs: Private Selection Yogurt just $0.25 + Other Great deals!

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Private Selection Yogurt


I mentioned this Ralphs Private Selection sale in the Ralphs weekly ad— but there are some great unadvertised deals as well! Here is a recap: Buy 4 private selection yogurt, get $4 off!

  • Private Selection Yogurt $0.25 after instant savings
  • Private Selection Pastas $0.50 after instant savings
  • Private Selection Baby Pickled Corn $1.19 after instant savings
  • Private Selection Artichoke Hearts $1.09 after instant savings
  • Private Selection Pineapple upside cake $2.49 after instant savings

Private selection brand is a Kroger brand, so there are not any coupons available. However, the Private selection Yogurt deal is great!

Thanks, Jo and Shakella

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  1. renea says

    Has anyone tasted the private selection yogurt? Just asking bc I hate to waste things. I normally buy french vanilla yogurt from yoplait or tillamook. Thanks!

    • nancy says

      The Private Selection yogurt is a greek style strained yogurt. The cups are split so on one side you have the yogurt and on the other you get a fruit blend or honey. I absolutely love these, but if you have never had them just know the actual yogurt is not flavored. I am soo mad that I was in Ralphs today and completely skipped the dairy case because my husband was being impatient. I have to go back.

  2. terri says

    My store (Smiths) has sign on shelf saying that yogurts are excluded from promo. And many items that are participating are not marked. E.g. small private selection artisan bread is $1.50 for only $.50 after promo wyb 4

  3. Gayle says

    I was just at my Ralphs. I bought 4 Private Selection yogurts, but the $4 didn’t come off. I didn’t notice until I got home. I was more concerned about getting my $6 off 60 for load to card coupon. I guess I will go back and see why it didn’t show up. I believe I saw the sign too.

  4. Daisy says

    The yogurt is NOT included in Riverside (and may not be included anywhere.) The signs are professionally printed Private Selection signs so they clearly do not intend to honor a lower price on these. The cheese crumbled, wedges and shreds are also not included and have their own sign specific to those products excluding them.

    Did you try this Josie? If it worked for you, which location?

  5. Gayle says

    I did go back and saw the sign in my El Cajon, California store. The sign was up but for some reason the $4 did not come off. They apologized and returned my $4. I have not tried this yogurt yet so I was eager for a chance when the price was low.

  6. LD says

    Does anyone know if Private Selection Digital Coupons will come off along with the $4/4? There are a few on-line (deli meat, frozen burgers, mushrooms, bakery). If so, there’s a great deal on pineapple upside down cake. Josie posted it above at $2.49. There’s a $2.25 digital, would make it $0.24!! I try not to buy sweets often but sounds soo good…. and for $0.24… eeek sugar rush!! 😉

  7. Laura H. says

    Here in L.A. we also had the sign saying that the yogurts were excluded. I went ahead and stocked up on the pasta though… bought 15 packages of pasta and 1 jar of artichoke hearts : )

  8. Anna says

    Los Angeles will not do the yogurt. It specifically stated in the weekly add that all dairy product r not included. Too bad. I thought I was gonna stock up.

  9. i says

    At the Torrance store yesterday, the signs were up making the yogurt 0.25. I stocked up and was surprised when the $4 didn’t come off. The cashier ended up doing it for me, which was great. I feel like Ralphs often has some “mistake” in their ad these days and has a xerox posted next to the ads, saying that the ad was incorrect and they won’t be honoring the prices.

  10. jbbrooks says

    Yogurt was part of the deal at one ralphs by me and not part of the deal at another one – within 2 miles of each other. Odd!
    Thanks Josie!! Great find!

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