Vons: FREE Anthony’s Pasta!

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Anthonys Pasta Products
Anthony’s Pasta is currently on sale for $1.00 at Von’s and included in the Buy 4, Save $2 sale. When you buy 4 participating products Anthony’s Pasta will be only $.50, making it FREE after $1/2 coupon. However, because the coupon limits you to “one coupon per person”, you can only use ONE coupon from this past Sunday’s Smart Source Insert, you will need to combine it with the printable coupon in order to get 4 free!

{Deal Idea}
Buy (4) Anthony’s Pasta $.50 (Must buy 4 participating products!)
Use (1) $1.00 off (2) Anthony’s Pasta Products exp. 11/23/13 (SS 9/22/13)
Use (1) $1.00 off (2) Anthony’s Pasta Products
=4 FREE!

Check out the entire list of this week’s Von’s matchups here.

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  1. Sandy says

    I got these today but the Vons deal was buy 4 save $2.00 – so I bought 4 @ $4.00 saved $2.00 and I used the $1.00/2 = $1.00 for 4 or $0.25 ea (did I miss something on the deal?)

  2. ari says

    I tried this on the first day, they just rang up $1 each, didnt give me the $2 off. And i had a lovely time showing my “favorite” cashier the ad and her having to manually adjust the price, she was even more thrilled when i pulled out my coupons to get the pasta free.

  3. Jenn says

    It’s working today. I had the same experience yestday with them ringing up as $1 each and not the extra $2 off. My cashier was lovely and adjusted based on the ad. I went back today with another set of (2) $1/2 Qs and its working.
    Super excited for free pasta! I have a lot of hungry boys to feed!

  4. Liz says

    A lot of us in Las Vegas are being told at Von’s “I’m sorry our policy is to limit coupons to 2 like coupons per transaction.” or “4” …. I called corporate and they told me this is not the corporate policy… so if they happens to you ask them to show you the coupon policy and then to point out where on the policy it says that. I had 2 managers unable to do so allow me then to use more then 2 coupons. Also, call 877-723-3929 which is their corporate customer service number and report the store and complain saying you are a coupon and you are upset that they are limiting your coupons per transaction which is not the policy of the corporation.

  5. Tracyfl says

    I already used the coupon, but I am still excited about pasta for .50 ea. Do you know if I buy multiples of 4 do I get multiple $2 off? If I buy 12 would I get $6 off or do I need to do separate transactions?

  6. Alma says

    Hi my lovely couponers…i went to Vons yesterday bought 20 pastas used 10 $1/2 coupons and paid $0.00 save 100% so the Vons in Oceanside is honoring this sale and you will be getting FREE pasta

    • crlzmmr says

      Well, make sure you buy some bay leaves!
      I still remember (with horror) the story someone told
      about discovering weevils in their spaghetti.
      (They had so many packages of pasta
      they couldn’t use them fast enough before they got infested)
      Since hearing that story, to this day,
      I get worried every time I get more than 4 packages
      in my stockpile.

      • Kelly A. says

        It’s usually a good idea to put those dry goods from the store in the freezer for a day or two. I do this with flours, and sugars, so I think it would work for the pasta too and kill/get rid of any unwanted stuff.

    • Ravady says

      was it well stocked in the one in oceanside? was thinking about going today. If not i am going to see if i can pricematch at walmart.

      • Alma says

        yes it was well stocked… and i didnt have any problems…i took a friend with me that also got the free pasta and neither of us had a problem i used newspaper coupons and printed coupons…

  7. Jocelyn says

    Went to get my pasta but the cashier wont accept my printables because it says “golden”. I didnt argue anymore though its says “or anthonys” . Ill just try again some other day i still have until tuesday. Still a good deal 0.25 each pack!

  8. Cynthia says

    Did anyone get a personalized price for $.88 for these? How does it work with the coupon, because they do not give overage, do they just adjust it down?

  9. Cynthia says

    Also, this is off topic, at the Von’s in Temecula by the front door next to the pumpkins there were hangtags on the 2 liter Fanta soda bottles for “$1 off soda when you buy a pumpkin.” The sodas are on sale for $.99 and it didn’t specify the size of the pumpkin! So I got 2 little ones for $.69 plus 2 free 2 liters of soda :)

    My kids love to decorate those lil pumpkins for halloween!

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