Current Pumpkin Prices

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Current Pumpkin Prices


Halloween is just a week away. I have compiled a list of Pumpkin prices available at most major grocery stores if you aren’t opting in to visiting the pumpkin patch this year.

Smart & Final: Medium Pumpkins $2.99 each


  • Large Pumpkins $6.99 each
  • Medium Pumpkins $5.99 each
  • Small Pumpkins $3.99 each

Fresh & Easy: Medium Pumpkins 2/$6

Food 4 Less: $3.78 each

Stater Bros: $0.29 lb

Walmart: $0.34 lb (price may vary)

99 cent only store: medium Pumpkins $0.99 (store selection varies)

Armstrong Garden: $19.99 for all you can carry!



  1. Kathleen says

    Armstrong Gardens has a great deal on large pumpkins. $20 for all you can carry. We were able to get 5 very large pumpkins that would have been $8-$10 each at the grocery store.

  2. JustD says

    My CVS stores have medium/large pumpkins for $4.49 regular price. One store that had them for $3.99. I’ve used my ECB’s the last couple years to get good size pumpkins for my l/o’s for little OOP!

    • JustD says

      After thinking about this post a little more, I weighed the pumpkins I bought this year. All 3 were 19 – 20 lbs each. It works out to roughly $.22 – $.24 per pound.

  3. Erin says

    Northgate Market in S San Diego has them for $.15/lb. That’s the best price I’ve seen. CVS has small ones for $1.99 if you’re looking to use some ECBs.

  4. Amy says

    There is a Mexican supermarket by me called Vallarta. They have one day sales every Wednesday. Today, pumpkins were included at $0.20/lb. I paid $4.20 for a 22lb pumpkin. My kids love it!

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