Finish Detergent Try Me Free Rebate

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Finish Detergent Try Me Free Rebate


This sunday, look out for a Finish Detergent Try Me Free Rebate Up to $9 total value for detergent and rinse aid! This was in the LA Times and could possibly be regional so check out your papers this weekend!

You may want to hold onto the Rebate in case we see a BOGO Free deal (which we see often at Rite Aid or CVS) and score TWO free after Rebate!


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  1. Iris says

    What does the rebate mean by “UPC code copied from the carton”? Does that mean write down the code number, cut out the bar code, or make a copy of the bar code??

  2. Jean Kellogg says

    I received this rebate form that was sent TO MY HOME. I purchased the products and followed all directions exactly. Today I received a letter stating “We are unable to process your request becasue of the following reasons: THIS OFFER IS NOT VALID IN YOUR STATE/AREA.” Are you kidding me???? This offer was marketed TO MY HOME, and you refuse to honor it…after I’ve purchased your products, filled out your forms and mailed in the rebate with my postage???? BTW…their were NO regional restrictions listed on the rebate form. I will never purchase their products again, and will be sharing this on social media so nobody else gets scammed.

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