Food 4 Less Weekly Ad 10/30-11/5

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Food4Less Ad


Here is the Food 4 Less Weekly Ad through 11/15!  Food4Less is a Kroger Affiliate Store. You will find all of the Best deals listed below with coupon match ups. 

New to Shopping at Food 4 Less ? Start here:

  • Start with learning the Coupon Lingo!
  • Print some COUPONS << — just one small way you can help support Southern Cali Saver and keep the deals comin’. thanks for Supporting the site! 
  • Don’t understand the Match ups below? Check out this quick Tutorial on how to make the BEST of the coupon match ups each week!
  •  <<< — MY Favorite Deals! 

This week we have a Buy 10, Save $5 MEGA Sale! Buy 10 participating items and score $0.50 off each item. Final price below reflect discount and coupon.




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  1. lisa says

    Hi Josie. Do you know if the buy 10 save $5 deal means you have to buy it in multiples of 10, or once you hit 10+ do the items reduce down? Like if I get12 or 14 qualified items will they all be at the sale price, or only 10 of them?

  2. Curtis says

    Is the Downy still on sale for $2.48 this week?

    And are the Huggies wipes still on sale for $1.98 with the Catalina printing?

    • Karla says

      The Downy is still on sale, idk if the catalina is still printing, my store is sold out. They should get a shipment in tonight so I will try again tomorrow.

  3. Daniela says

    I had a horrible experience with a customer service agent and her manager. I lodged a complaint with the company, but has anyone heard of F4L only accepting 3 internet coupons? Here is what I wrote, please contact me and tell me what you did, and if there is anything I can do:

    I am writing to express my EXTREME disappointment in training of staff, dissemination of information, and failure to update your coupon policy. We are a single income family of 5 in LA and as such I take great pains to research deals, clip coupons and shop for the best deal for the money. I research meticulously down to the last cent, and always obey every detail of every coupon and your coupon policy. To my dismay today I was met with harsh words and very rude customer disservice. I was informed that I would only be able to use 3 of my 14 coupons that I had printed from the internet for 7 or so different products. I DID NOT COPY THEM, BUY THEM OR DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL, but was shamed in front of other customers like I had. I had to go out of the line, recount all my products, and see which ones I could still afford. After hours of research, re-planning on the spot was ridiculous and humiliating. I asked if the coupon policy had been changed as I review it frequently as to obey all rules, and I have never seen anything like that. Both Mercedes and her male Manager were very rude, never once apologizing, saying that it was in a memo. I asked to see the new coupon policy and they said it was not in the coupon policy. I then asked if it was site specific, and they said that no it was store wide. I am very disappointed. I would like this policy explained in writing, if they were incorrect to be reprimanded and retrained, would like a gift certificate for the amount that I was forced to put back on the shelves for the total of $15.50, and a phone call from this company with an explanation. I realize that my one voice may not count for much, but this new “policy” with out any policy is going to alienate a large customer base, one with which I am very active and in touch. Please do right by us. Thank you.

    • tita says

      I had several experiences, and was fed up on my last experience. I went home after this rude cashier that obviously dislikes me for my use of coupons refused to ring me up because he said I couldn’t use my coupons and my catalinas. I am also a mother of a family of 6 who depends on couponing to strech my budget. I called the store back and asked for the corporate phone #. I was dissappointed at their customer service rep who seemed to also hassle me so I hung up. About 20 minutes later the store manager called me back I guess customer service got my cell # on caller ID. He was great and apologized and gave me a $25 gift card. I know it is really frustrating but sometimes you have to just look for another store or do multiple transactions. I do after that experience I painstakingly divy my items and make sure in one transaction I have no more than 2 internet coupons or 4 manufacturer coupons so no one can hassle me and I carry their coupon policy. I don’t think you deserve to be treated that way and you need to voice your concern to the higher ups. Couponing is not a crime so don’t get discouraged it takes alot of hard work and dedication. I know your pain and you are not alone. KEEP COUPONING…air hug to you I hope it doesn’t happen but so what if it does it’s not like it’s coming out of their pockets you keep couponing it is totally worth it.:)

  4. Bree says

    Hey ya’ll,
    I was told today that Food 4 less does not take internet coupons. This is my 1st time shopping there and was surprised by this. Does anyone know if there is a written policy for this? I wouldn’t ask except for many of Josies match ups include printable, that makes me believe that perhaps it’s not a policy and the casher just did not know???

    • Brandon says

      There are two stores in LA less than a mile aparat and one takes and the other does not. I work in OC and that store takes them. Some don’t care about limits and some do but usually limit 2-4 per like item.

  5. crystal says

    I was able to find a $1/1 welchs juice in my stash making it .98 cents for me…I know it came from RP just don’t remember the date. It worked out pefect because I needed 1 more item to make the 10 goal since all the coupons either had a 4 or 2 limit.

    • Jacqui says

      They were out at Food4Less in late September/early October. My store only got it once and was wiped out within 24 hours.

  6. Dawna says

    The Softsoap printable coupon seems to be no longer available in my zip code. If anyone can still access it, what is your zip code?

    • Jacqui says

      The $0.50/2 is No Longer Available, but there are $0.50/1 for the 8 oz and the 28 oz refill available under 90210

  7. Dawna says

    Welch’s 100% Juice is listed in both the advertised and unadvertised Buy 10 sections. Is there something different about them?

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