HOT Dove Deal at Food4Less!

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HOT Dove Deal at Food4Less!


The Dove Deal I posted about at Food4Less has gotten even better! Grab your coupons and head out!

IN Addition to the two catalinas below, we have a third mystery catalina printing for $1.50. Because we are not sure where it is coming from we don’t know how long it will last.

Dove Body Washes or 6-bar Multipacks | 9/23 – 11/6


Dove or Degree Deodorants | 9/23 – 10/23

This is the deal I just did:

Buy (2) Dove Women’s Body wash $5.98
Get 2 FREE Dove or Degree Deodorants with purchase of each (TWIN PACKS WORK FOR THIS!) <<– Twin Packs may or may not work for you, some have reported it to be working while others have not. 
Use (2) $2/1 Dove Body Wash, exp. 10/27/13 (RP 09/29/13)
or use $1/1 Dove Body Wash, exp. 10/27/13 (RP 09/29/13 R)
Pay: $7.96, Get Back (1) $3 catalina AND (1) $2 Catalina AND (1) $1.50 Catalina
= $1.46 for all!

Other Deal Ideas:

Buy (2) Dove Mens Body Wash $3.98 each
Get 2 FREE Dove or Degree Deodorants with purchase of each (TWIN PACKS WORK FOR THIS!) <<– Twin Packs may or may not work for you, some have reported it to be working while others have not. 
Use (2) $2/1 Dove Men+Care Body Wash, Body and Face Bar or Active Clean Shower Tool, exp. 10/27/13 (RP 09/29/13 R)
or use (2) $1/1 Dove Men+Care Body Wash, Body and Face Bar or Active Clean Shower Tool, exp. 10/27/13 (RP 09/29/13)
Pay: as low as $3.96, Get Back (1) $3 catalina AND (1) $2 Catalina AND (1) $1.50 Catalina
= 6 items FREE!

Or try this one:

Buy (2) Dove 6 Pack Bars $6.48
Get 2 FREE Dove or Degree Deodorants with purchase of each (TWIN PACKS WORK FOR THIS!)<<– Twin Packs may or may not work for you, some have reported it to be working while others have not. 
Use (2) $1/1 Dove Beauty Bar, exp. 10/27/13 (RP 09/29/13)
Pay: $10.96, Get Back (1) $3 catalina AND (1) $2 Catalina AND (1) $1.50 Catalina
= $0.74 each if you buy Dove Deodorant Twin Pack

Heads Up: IF your catalina does NOT print there could be many reasons for this: Your store may not have catalina machines (some F4L stores do not), it could be jammed or off. The only sure way to know is if your machine has a green light, not a red or blinking light. If your catalina doesn’t print you can contact the catalina company and they can mail it to you: Contact form HERE

Other Notes:

  • You can substitute Men’s or Women’s Degree Deodorant for Dove and get the same results as above
  • My store does not allow coupons on the free items– your’s may be different. :)
  • Catalina (s) are rolling

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  1. Lucy says

    The twin packs of deodorant didn’t work or me I tried yesterday only the reg ones so thy might have fixed the glitch

  2. joanna says

    The dove go fresh twin pak didnt work for me either i tried on friday. No luck might try the degree.. Hope it works. Thanks

  3. Renee says

    Do you have to purchase 2 of the same items… Like 2 body washes or 2 6pks of bar soap in order for the Catalina to print? Or can you purchase 1 body wash & 1pk of bar soap & still get the Catalina? Oh & by the way I did this once already, I purchased 2 men’s body washes & got 1 men’s degree deodorant & the 2 pk of women’s degree deodorant without a problem :-)

  4. Joanna says

    My catalinas aren’t printing. On Friday I shopped at Foods Co and tried mix and match. I bought 1 dove men’s BW and 1 women’s BW in addition to 2 degree men’s deodorants and didn’t get my catalinas. Then I tried 2 dove men’s BW and 2 dove men’ deos on a diff register and still nothing. Not sure if my store is included in this deal.

    • says

      People have successfully done this at Foods Co! Make sure your cashier has the catalina machine filled with paper and that it is not blinking red

      • Joanna says

        Although I was hesitant I went back tonight and the deal worked perfectly! Didn’t get the extra $1.50 cat but it was still such a great deal. I guess their machines were down on Friday. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement :)

      • Kelly A. says

        Yes, did this at my Foods Co last Friday in Bakersfield. I think I will go back and do this again for the extra catalina too.

  5. eric says

    The deal worked for me today. I did not have the regional 2 dollar coupons for men care only one dollar value each. However they accepted two $1/1 for each of the deodorants. For some reason the second body wash rang up for only 1.98 so i ended up paying 2.48 for 4 items and got 6.50 in catalinas. Nice moneymaker!

  6. Tita says

    WOW!AWESOME! I thought I died and went to CATALINA heaven! I don’t know how or why I did 5 transactions and got two $2, one $3, and one $1.50 catalinas. I am so happy THANK YOU JOSIE! YOU ROCK!

  7. Cheryl says

    THANK YOU :) I read about this deal last night and went today to try it. I went to 2 different Food 4 Less stores and did 4 total transactions :) They all went perfectly and I spent oop a total of $7.52 and have $6.50 in catalinas left to use. I did not try the 2 packs of deodorants because they were not marked, but both stores let me use the deodorant coupons on my orders. Oh, and the 7.52 included a Caress body wash deal as well, so I was soooooo happy with what I got today, and my kids were thrilled.

  8. marie says

    went to the F4L in Pomona, Ca @ Garey –
    Bought two Mens Dove body washes @ 3.98 each. & picked up one ( Free) Dove deodorant .
    I used the two of the -$1.00 MQ ( they don’t allow coupons on the free item)
    Paid 5.96
    BUT…. I only got $3.00 back. =] nothing more…
    so , paid about $1.00 per item

    • says

      Marie, the reason you didn’t get all of the catalina offers is because you did not purchase TWO deodorant. :( You get one free deodorant for every body wash or bar soap that you purchase.

  9. Music4Laura says

    Yep–the $1.50 printed for me tonight too in the I.E. area…kinda bummed because the double dove deodorants were not marked (I tried, but they still didn’t work so I exchanged back for the degree)…but still an incredible deal!! (What is funny is they worked on the first day the deal was printed, but now they don’t?!?) Thanks Josie for all the heads up!! Question-how do you find out about all of the Catalina prints/deals, etc in advance?! Thank you!!

    • says

      unfortunately, the policy itself is poorly worded. What they mean by catalina coupons are the coupons you receive at checkout that are tied to one particular item. (ie. $2/1 Luvs diapers) Catalina coupons may not be used with a manufacturer coupon on the same item.

      and then they go on to talk about using unlimited catalina coupons in a single transaction.. which would have to mean that they are talking about total purchase coupons (in example: Save $3 off your next purchase)
      There is no limit on the number of Catalina coupons (one Catalina coupon per item) that are presented in a single transaction as long as the total coupon amount does not exceed the total grocery bill for that transaction.

      Of course, I could be completely deciphering that wrong..and if I am, it still follows the policy above because when you do your first transaction you are only using two coupons. Then, if you decide to roll them, you could still follow the rules by using only 3 catalinas and 1 coupon and follow the “one catalina coupon per item”. I am assuming you are talking about the rolling part?

      Total Purchase coupons (ie. $3 off your next purchase) have always been used a coupon that doesn’t tie itself to a particular item–therefore, you can use it on anything in the store (hence the off your next purchase part) That is why it is allowed to be used during anytime even with coupons.

      Hopefully that all makes sense.. its pretty late. LOL :)

      • maria says

        I was at f4l and I try usin 2 catalinas one of $3 and of $2 and the cashier and the manager said NO we can only take one catalina per transaction it didn’t really matter how much or how many mq i was using she will only allow one catalina per transaction. so i only used one i wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it.

        ps. THANK YOU JOSIE for taking your time to help us save $$ thank you very much.

  10. ladybugpam says

    Could you please edit your post and take out the part about twin packs? Several ppl have commented that twin packs are no longer part of the deal. It would prevent further confusion. Thanks!

  11. Andrea says

    Just tried this deal again at the F4L in Chino. I got 1 women’s Dove body wash, 1 men’s Dove body wash and got 2 women’s Degree deodorants. I paid $3.96 OOP and got back the $3.00 and $2.00 Catalinas only. I’m still happy but I did notice they pulled the promotional tags off the twin packs of deodorant.

  12. Natalie says

    Tried this deal today at 130 and no catalinas printed tried different registers and everything is it still working for anyone else?

  13. amanda says

    Just did the deal in signal hill. Bought 2 womens dove body wash and 2 womens deodorants and got all 3 catalinas!

  14. MeleP says

    Done twice for both caress and dove deals, no prob. Got all cats in Victorville. Male cashier was impressed…tried handing my extra dove mens bodywash coupons and he quickly said, we will get terminated by accepting coupons. What! I give my fave cashiers all the time. Says, it already happened to a co worker…..too bad.

  15. Barbara G says

    I went to Baldwin Park f4l and the girl did not give me my cats…. Not until I asked for them then she gave me a dirty look, then when I went to do my next transaction she refused to take them ….. Any suggestions …..

  16. Claudia says

    I did the deal this morning and only got the $1.50 catalina. Definitely not expecting that outcome. I already sent my online request to get my $3 and $2 catalinas.

  17. Mellisa says

    Thank you Josie for your website! Even though I can’t believe I am missing that weeks coupons so I didn’t get to “stock up” this time but as we all know… Another deal will come around. :) just not my turn. Thank you for all you do to help our families. Sincerely… A very very appreciative mom of 3!

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