Vons: HOT Kraft Cheese deal beginning 10/7

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Vons: HOT Kraft Cheese deal beginning 10/7


For two days, you can score a great deal on Kraft Sliced Cheese (Mon, Oct 7-8th)

There is a new Kraft catalina that begins MONDAY October 7th and Vons also has a Buy One Get one Free Cheese sale! This is on select Cheese– the Kraft Natural Slices are included:

Catalina Announcement:

Kraft Natural or Cracker Barrel Sliced Cheese 10/7/13 – 11/3/13
Buy (2) and get $1 OYNO
Buy (3) and get $2 OYNO
Buy (4) or more and get $3 OYNO

{Deal Idea}
Buy (4) Kraft Natural Cheese Slices $3.99 ea (2 will be free)
Use $1.50 off any 2 packages Kraft or Cracker Barrel natural sliced cheese from 9/8 SS
Pay: $6.48, Get Back $3 catalina
= $0.87 ea!

thanks, JB and Judy! 

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  1. ladybugpam says

    There was a 1.50/2 ip last month, check yr binders. i also have a 1.50/2 mq from just4u loaded 2 my card, though im not sure if its still available to clip. i checked my zip on this cat deal and my area is not included. may be the same as the kraft blocks cat not printing last month. please report back if it prints. cracker barrel is on sale for 2.99 and theres a $1 ip on their site.

      • ladybugpam says

        Sry, i meant the cracker barrel offer on couponnetwork didnt have my area included. i think theyre the same offer

        • says

          I feel confident that what you see on coupon network is not the same offer. Because the end date is listed as 10/26. The catalina announcement for the Kraft Naturals ends in Nov. Also, remember that not all catalina offers are listed on Coupon Network.

          • ladybugpam says

            yeah, the one on couponnetwork is for the cracker barrel blocks, now that I look at it again. the one with kraft is for slices. nevermind what I said about the $2.99 sale price, that is for blocks, too, and so is the q on their site.

  2. EES says

    Does anyone in San Diego see this coupon in their insert? I see a Sargento one that is for this style of cheese but not a Kraft one. I’m wondering if we got that one instead. I assume the Sargento ones aren’t BOGO or with the Catalina, right? This is like when we got the Scott coupon instead of Cottonelle. I looked for that Cottonelle coupon a dozen times because there were good deals with it but all we got was a Scott one that was similar. TIA!

  3. Cathryn says

    Also, check the kraft shredded cheese, also on BOGO… Some at our vons had peelies with buy one shredded cheese, get $1 off sliced cheese. Did this yesterday, not knowing about the Catalina….. Oh well….!

  4. Kerri says

    If I use the Vons J4U coupon for the $1.50 off two Kraft sliced cheese, one time use, if I buy (4) packages of cheese will it take off $3.00? Or will the coupon not work because it won’t recognize the free one? Thank you!

    • EES says

      You have to buy the 4 packages to use the $1.50 off 2. You are buying 2 in that case and 2 are free. The coupon should come off. I have the coupon loaded so I’ll be giving it a try tomorrow to see how it goes.

  5. JB says

    Still a good deal, even without the coupon. I saw peelies on the packages at my store, too. I’ll go tomorrow – maybe the cat will roll. I’ll report back. Thanks, Josie!

  6. Amy says

    I am in San Diego as well and do not have the coupon in my inserts, but will be getting some anyway. Still a good deal.

  7. EES says

    I bought 8 of these today (2 transactions) and only got a $2 catalina for buying the first 4. Nothing printed on the catalina except a barcode so I don’t know if the 2nd catalina is $2 or $3 but I guess I’ll find out next time.

    It did roll though–I used the first $2 catalina toward the purchase of the 2nd 4 items.

  8. EES says

    So I guess it prints a random amout, blank catalina when you buy 4! Glad I wasn’t the only one who got a blank catalina.

    I wonder if some of the varieties were excluded or something? I bought 6 thin Sharp Cheddar (I think 3 in each transaction) and 2 of the “variety” pack ones (1/2 Sharp Cheddar and 1/2 Pepper Jack). I think I had 1 of these in each of my transactions. I wonder if somehow they were excluded from the catalina deal or something?

  9. LD says

    I’m noticing several people did not rcv catalinas. I was hoping to do this deal at pavillions in OC tomorrow. Is there anyone out there that this worked for in the OC, and if so, can you please share varieties that did (or did not) work? Thanks in advance.

    • Shanon says

      Hi LD! It worked for me this morning (9am) at the Pavillions in Irvine. I bought 2 swiss, 1 colby jack, and 1 mild cheddar and it printed a blank coupon with a barcode. I just asked the cashier to scan it and I got the $3 catalina. Good luck!

  10. msl says

    is anyone going to contact Catalina about the blanks? at pavilions tonight also got a blank no amount i bought 4 sliced cheddar mild

  11. JB says

    I also got a blank catalina with a barcode (which says “Excludes dairy” on the right side, I’ve never seen that before), when I bought 4 packages – 2 colby jack, 2 mild cheddar. I had gotten a catalina printout last week notifying me of the upcoming Kraft/ Cracker Barrel catalina offer, so I made sure to go back to the Vons store where the offer info printed out. Weird.

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