Winco: Bulk candy just $0.98 lb

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Winco: Bulk candy just $0.98 lb


I have to say– I’ve been so disappointed with the halloween candy deals this year. This deal is good in my book and does not require coupons!

I stopped into Winco today and found the bulk candy on sale of just $0.98 lb {up to 10 lbs}. That is one heck of a deal– and pretty much the best deal we’ve seen yet!

There were tons of different varieties available. Sale ends 10/31

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  1. sapphirecitrine says

    ditto josie! i too am disappointed in the candy sales! i live in Diamond Bar near the Winco in Pomona… I’ll be visiting there our candy needs asap! thanks, as always, for sharing!!

  2. Amelia Carranza says

    What bummed me out is that in the past few years stores and candy companies don’t offer candy that comes in Halloween packaging (or at least much less than it used to). Because of this, the candy isn’t on sale the day after Halloween the way it used to be. But maybe this way I’ll eat less candy I guess Lol. These are great deals. I’m going to winco in a bit to see how much candy I can get for $20 for trick or treaters. $10 in sale candy and $10 of the more expensive kinds. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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