Albertsons: Buy $100 Amazon Gift Card get back $20 in FREE Groceries!

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UPDATE: here are the participating gift cards: Applebees, American Eagle, Bass Pro Shops, iTunes, Kohls, Amazon, Buffalo Wild Wings, Mastercard, Lowes, Regal Cinemas, Toys R Us and AMC! 

woohoo! I mentioned this awesome Gift card deal back on Monday and can confirm that Amazon Gift Cards are included in our sale! I am beyond excited because we do 90% of our christmas shopping online.

Don’t forget that Mastercard Gift Cards are part of this promotion. You can MAKE money purchasing them–here’s how:

Buy Mastercard $100 Gift Card + $5.95 activation fee
Pay: $105.95, Get Back $20 Catalina off your next $20 or more purchase
= FREE Money! :)

If you shop online, Amazon is the best bet in my eyes–no fee and score FREE groceries (Maybe pick up your turkey with the $20 catalina?) I snagged this deal early this morning while I was out shopping for my $2.99 Jennie-O Turkey Breast.! Super deals!

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  1. Brandon says

    Could you buy $100 MC plus $5.95 activation and use that $100 MC and buy a $100 GC and get another $20 in groceries back? So spend $105.95 and get a gift card for $100 and $40 in groceries?

        • says

          no, not that I know of.. I wasn’t sure I understood your question. If you are saying buy one $100 MC gift card to buy another mastercard gift card– you might be able to do that. however, you would still pay the $5.95 activation fee twice.

        • bridgette camacho says

          im going to use the mastercard to buy another gift card. i did it last year and it worked. twice. it was at vons so it was limit 2. so hopefully it will work for 2 $20. cats this year

          • bridgette camacho says

            worked perfectly! used $105.95 cash got a $100. Mastercard and a $20. catalina.
            I then purchased another $100. M.C. used the first $100. M.C. and paid $5.95 cash for the activation fee and got another $100. M.C. and another $20. Cat

  2. Daisy says

    Do Amazon gift cards work on the Video On Demand? We never buy anything from Amazon but do occasional watch TV shows or movies on it.

  3. Jenny Spencer says

    They have arco cards?? I’ll stop by on my way home and let you know. It takes me $60-70 to fill my tank. Buying this would at least help me save on some groceries.

  4. becky says

    Worked for me! Purchased 10 – $100 Mastercards today ($1060) and got back $200 to Albertsons. The cashier I worked with was amazing! I purchased each one individually (didn’t roll over gift cards to buy gift cards) but will now go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving for free!

    Josie- which Albertsons do you shop at? I went to the one off the 79. Just found your blog yesterday but have been looking for a local blog for awhile. 😉

  5. Eileen says

    Can we use multiple $20 catalinas in one transaction or are they limited to one per transaction? Also, do the catalinas roll, i.e. if I use one $20 catalina and bought $100 Amazon GC in one transaction, will it produce another $20?

    • bridgette camacho says

      limit 1 Catalina per transaction per day.
      and No, you can not use the Catalina to purchase another gift card.

  6. Heidi Kristall says

    my cashier let me use the two 20.00 i purchased but i did separate transaction. I got 100 AMX gc for my birthday last week, and wanted to shop at Kohl anyway- so I used that to get 100 in Kohls – sweet

  7. Melissa says

    So when using the mc gift card do you run it like a credit card? Because I thought you could only buy gift cards wi cash or debit and not credit, I just want to know so I don’t screw it up when I do it

    • EES says

      I buy gift cards with my credit card all of the time. Some smaller stores might not let you though so I guess you should ask first.

    • Jacqui says

      Yes, when you buy something with a mastercard gift card, it works just like a regular credit card (you do have to do a few extra steps if you want to use it online.)

  8. Jessica says

    Do you know if the MasterCard gift card can be used at a gas pump? My husband drives for work and this might be quite a money maker

      • Daniel says

        Usually when you use a credit card at the pump they do a preauthorization for $75, so in this case you would only be able to pump $25 of gas before you reached your credit limit. Some gas stations will not allow you to pay with gift cards such as prepaid Mastercards if you try to pay for the gas purchase in advance with a cashier. YMMV on this though. I am sure some gas stations may allow it.

  9. Glenn says

    Bought a $100 Amazon gift card at Albertsons in Torrance on Hawthorne Blvd. this afternoon. $20 coupon did not print from the Catalina machine. The green light was on and it was loaded with paper. Another cashier reset it after just to check, still no coupon. Manager called over. Manager says it is only on the $25 Amazon gift cards and there is nothing he can do for me. Refused to give me anything.

    • Ringo says

      Check out this site. You can make your claim.
      It sometimes happens to me, and I always request a catalina that didn’t print. If you bought right one, I’m sure they will help you out.

      I bought a $100 Amazon gift card today, and a $20 catalina printed without any problem. :)

  10. julie says

    I bought $100 mc gift card today and no $20 coupon came out. Manager wasn’t helpful. I called customer service and they verified that it is one of the participating cards but wanted me to call catalina about it. Boooo.

  11. hazzy says

    Catalina says limit one coupon per transaction per day. Does this mean I need to come back 4 days to use these up? or can I do 4 different transactions in one day? I just picked up 4 of these Catalinas.

  12. Jacqui says

    Per my Albertsons, you can’t use one gift card to purchase another. Technically the register will allow it, but the wording on the gift card (which you accept when you purchase it) is that you cannot use it to purchase another gift card.

  13. Karen says

    The manager said i can only do it with a MasterCard that says $100 and not on $20-$500 ones… I said load $100 pls.. And she said it doesn’t work on that kind of card. Is that true?

  14. Daniel says

    Does anyone know if I can buy a gift card for two qualifying stores (a %50 Kohl’s and a $50 Amazon gift card) and since it equals $100 and they are both qualifying stores, will I receive the $20 Catalina? Has anyone tried doing this and you got the Catalina? I would hate to gamble and lose.

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