Ralphs Perfect Pairing Promotion Deal Scenarios {My Trip: $85 worth of groceries for $13!}

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I decided to head into Ralphs last night and do another round of the perfect pairing promotion (find out more HERE) ! This time I wanted to use the Digital $5 off coupons that I had attached to my account from their Facebook Page (No longer available) To my surprise, my results were great!

I wasn’t sure how the digital coupons would act with my cart total so I was going in blind. However, this is what I discovered:

  • If you have the $5 off Produce coupon (expires today) and the $5 off $35 eCoupon (expires today)– BOTH of those will come off as long as you have $15 worth of produce and $25 of other items in your cart. (to meet the $40 grocery requirement of the promotion)
  • You can buy ANYTHING in the store (excluding Milk products, fluid milk, tobacco, gift cards, lotto tickets and the usual prohibited suspects)
  • coupons will bring your out of pocket even lower. Here’s why I feel coupons on top of your instant savings is okay: The coupons will be reimbursed to the store. The $40 instant savings is a store promotion, so you would treat it as a store coupon. Also, the $40 instant savings comes off of the Alcohol portion of the bill.

Here is my transaction:

Bought (6) BV Coastal Wines $5.59 each
– $16 worth of Produce (Del Monte Bananas, Apples, Raspberries, Blackberries, Romaine, Grapes)
– (3) Propel Waters $0.49 each
– (4) Purina Dog Food $1.99 each
– (1) Silk Almond Milk
– (4) Toberlone chocolate $1 each
– (1) Crisco Vegetable Oil $2.99 each
– (2) Nabisco Snack Paks $0.99 each
– (8) Sheba Cat Food $0.70 each
– (2) Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate $0.99 each
– (1) Marshmellow

(2) B3G1 free Sheba coupons
(1) $0.75/2 Nabisco coupon
(1) $1/3 Purina Dog Food coupon
(2) $1/2 Toblerone chocolate coupons
(1) $0.50/2 Swiss Miss coupon
(1) $10 groceries when you buy 3 select spirits
(2) $0.50/1 Del Monte Fresh Produce coupons
(1) $5 off $35 total purchase ecoupon (NLA)
(1) $5 off $15 Produce ecoupon (NLA)
Paid: $13.51 OOP, got back $1 Sheba catalina

I’ve put together five deal ideas for you to do– there are ALOT of items from the Buy 10, Save $5 promo. So, you essentially have today and tomorrow to do most of these (except deal idea #3)  they all include different coupons and items–  hopefully this helps you make the most of this promotion:

{Deal Idea #1}
— (6) BV Coastal Wines $5.59 each
— $15 worth of produce
— (6) Powerbars $0.49 each
— (4) Campbell’s soup $0.49 each
— (6) Clorox Bleach $1.49 Each
— (3) Hot Pockets $1.49 each
— (1) Suave Hand Lotion $0.50 each
— (8) Swanson Broth $0.49 each
— (1) Simple Face Cleanser $5.49
— (1) Simple Face Wipes $3.49

(3) $1/2 Clorox Bleach, exp. 11/30/13 (SS 10/06/13)
(1) B2G1 Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets Brand Sandwiches printable
(2) $1.50/3 PowerBar Product printable
(1) $0.40/5 Swanson Broth, exp. 1/15/14 (SS 11/03/13)
(1) $0.40/4 Campbell’s Condensed Soup, exp. 1/15/14 (SS 11/03/13)
(1) FREE Simple Cleansing Wipes wyb Simple Cleanser or Moisturizer, exp. 12/1/13 (RP 11/17/13)
-$5 Produce eCoupon
-$5/$35 eCoupon
– $40 instant savings
Pay: $18.47, Get back $2 catalina for buying $8 in Clorox products
OR $28.47 if you don’t have the Produce or $5/$35 eCoupon

{Deal Idea #2}
– (2) Smirnoff Vodka $9.79 each
– (4) BV Coastal Wines $5.59 each
– $15 of produce
– (10) Propel Water $0.49 each
– (6) Powerbars $0.49 each
– (1) Simple Cleanser $5.49
– (1) Simple Wipes $3.49
– (2) Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate $0.99 each
– (10) Monster Energy Drinks $0.99 each

– (2) $2/1 Smirnoff coupons (check your Rite Aid Ad for 11/17, also there are hangtags found in some stores)
and Use $10 off groceries when you purchase 3 participating spirits (hang tags found in some stores)
– (2)  $1.50/3 PowerBar Product printable
– FREE Simple Cleansing Wipes wyb Simple Cleanser or Moisturizer, exp. 12/1/13 (RP 11/17/13)
– $0.50/2 Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, exp. 12/15/13 (SS 11/10/13 R)
– $5 Produce eCoupon
– $5 off $35 eCoupon
– $40 instant savings
Pay: as low as $14.65 if you have the $5 eCoupon and the $5 off $35 ecoupon, submit for the $8 Smirnoff Rebate.
Pay as low as $24.65 without the $5 eCoupon and the $5 off $35 eCoupon, Submit for the $8 Smirnoff Rebate

{Deal Idea #3}

– (6) Smirnoff Vodka $9.79 each
– $15 of produce
– $25 of Meat (think, Turkey!)

– $2/1 Smirnoff Coupons (check your Rite Aid Ad for 11/17, also there are hangtags found in some stores)
– $10 off groceries when you buy 3 participating spirits (hang tag found in some stores)
– $5 Produce eCoupon
– $5 off $35 total purchase eCoupon
– $40 instant savings
Pay: $28.74 if you have two $10 off coupons, Submit $8 rebate from 11/10 RP
Pay: $38.74 WITHOUT the ecoupons, submit $8 rebate from 11/10 RP

{Deal Idea #4}
Buy :

– (6) Bottles of BV Wine $5.59 each
– (2) Clorox Bleach $1.49 each
– (2) Listerine Mouthwash 1 Liter $4.49 each
– (4) Nabisco Snack Saks $0.99 each
– (2) Digiorno Pizzas $4.99 each
– (4) Toberlone Chocolate Bars $1.00 each
– (4) All Laundry Detergent $2.99 each

(2) $2.00/2 All Coupon (RP 11/3/13)
(2) $1.00/2 Toberlone coupon (SS 11/10/13)
(2) $0.75/2 Nabisco coupon (SS 11/10/13)
(2) $2.00 off (1) Listerine Mouthwash
(1) $1.00/2 Bleach Coupon (SS 10/6/13)
– $40 Perfect Pairing instant savings
Pay: $22.87

{Deal Idea #5}


– (6) Sterling Wines $7.69 = $46.15
– (4) Betty Crocker Macaroni & Cheese $0.50 = $2.00
– (6) Powerbars $0.49 = $2.94
– (2) Classico Pasta Sauces $1.99 = $3.98
– (4) Swiss Miss $0.99 = $3.96
– (2) C&H Granulated Sugar $1.49 = $2.98
– (2) Axe Bodysprays $4.49 = $8.98
– (2) Toberlone Chocolate Bars $1.00 = $2.00
– (4) Tresemme Shampoo or Conditioner 32oz. $3.69 = $14.76


(2) $5.00/2 Tresemme  coupon (RP 11/17/13)
(1) $1/2  Toberlone coupon (SS 11/10/13)
(2) $2/1 Axe Bodyspray Printable coupon
(2) $0.50/1 C&H Sugar Printable Coupon
(2) $0.50/2 Swiss Miss coupon  (SS 11/10/13)
(1) $1/2  Classico coupon (RP 11/10/13)
(2) $1.50/3 Powerbar printable coupon
(4) $0.25/1 Betty Crocker Mac and Cheese (SS 10/20/13)
(1) $3/2 Sterling Wine coupon (RP 11/10/13)
– $40 instant savings
Pay: $32.74


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  1. Jane says

    I used only 1 vodka q because it stated on top that it was limited to one per visit. :(
    But with the $8 for 2 smirnoff rebate, the vodka was a fantastic deal!

  2. Jen says

    poop. I don’t have money to shop until after the 25th. Do you think you’ll do this again with different sales in the following weeks??

  3. ChipL955 says

    Here’s something I found out last night when I went back to do the Perfect Pairings and the mega again:

    The 3-oz. Suave body lotion is not a trial or travel size. Nowhere on the tube does it say travel or trial size, and it is sold in the section with the other lotions, not in the travel size section. This lotion is on sale for $0.99 but it’s part of the mega so, when you buy 10 participating items, it’s only $0.49.

    There was a coupon in yesterday’s paper for $1.50 off any Suave body lotion, and it will work on the 3-oz. size. If your Ralphs does not give overage, the coupon will have to be adjusted down to make the lotion free. The Ralphs in my area give overage, so I bought six of the lotion at $0.49 each (bought four other items to hit ten on the mega) and used three $1.50 off coupons, for a $1.56 moneymaker.

    They were also handing out free samples of Tresemme Platinum Strength shampoo and conditioner at my Ralphs last night. What is up with all these deals these days?!?!

  4. Brandon says

    Did you have any issues with the Almond milk or was this a filler to make 10 for mega since I think milk is excluded.

  5. Brandon says

    By the way I bought 28 arrowhead 3L PET waters for .59 (.49+.10 CRV), 12 power bars and 12 cases of a mix of raspberries and black berries and 6 BV wines. Got lucky and the BV distributor was there and got a $10 coupon out of his car. Paid 7.94. My groceries total came to 40.40 before coupons and then fell below the $40.01 mark with the $6 powerbar coupons and the two $5 and $40 came off before I gave the cashier the coupons. So not positive but looks like you need to be at $40.01 before coupons.

  6. Jenn says

    My Ralph’s has a Perfect Pairings poster and the fine print says Limit “#” per household. The “#” is scratched out and “one” is written in. So it reads “Limit one offer per household”. Any idea if this is my store’s own rule to the promo?

    • ChipL955 says

      The Perfect Pairings fine print in last week’s Ralphs circular reads “Limit ONE (1) offer per visit.” I suppose an individual store has the right to override published policy, but they’re liable to run into some dissatisfied customers. You might want to hold on to last week’s ad and bring it with you when you shop.

  7. Jane says

    I did 2x in a row seperate transactions. Looks like you need to cashier profile and assume the one you choose will not care or know

  8. Jess says

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for finding this great deal! I was already planning a huge trip to Ralph’s for the mega sale to stock up on chicken broth and other cooking essentials. I saw the Perfect Pairings post last night and added 6 bottles of the BV wine to my cart today. I scored $415 worth of groceries for $126!! This is huge for me!! Thank you, Josie!!!

  9. Stephanie says

    Does anyone know what the form answer is on the limit? The flyer I have says 1 per household? I got the wine, but now I want to get the vodka.

  10. LD says

    In Josie’s shopping experience pictured above- it seems that the $5/ $15 produce coupon has changed. I recall there were issues with this e-coupon with buying prepackaged items. I see Josie purchased packaged romaine & berries, and she stated that the $5 coupon came off. Has anyone else had success with the $5 on packaged produce?? I’d love to know before I chance packaged items.

    • Michelle says

      I bought the packaged nuts that are at the produce section and the $5 came off with no problem. I bought 3 packages of the $5.99 nuts and nothing else from the produce section.

      • LD says

        Thanks Michelle! I was wondering about the nuts with the $5/ $15. Hope the display is still there when the digital coupon comes around again!!

  11. jan says

    Thanks Josie!
    Even though I didn’t have any ecoupons, I was able to save over $130 and paid only $25 for 6 bottles of wine and bunch of groceries, shampoos and stuff I needed! Still a great deal to me!

  12. Laura H. says

    Has anyone figured out if the Challenge butter will count towards the $40.01 or be excluded as a dairy product? I assume we can’t use the bags of shredded Sargento or Kraft cheese either but wasn’t sure… I’ve done the deal once and am thinking of trying it again tomorrow, but I really need to stock up on cheese and butter!

    • Daisy says

      Fluid dairy (milk, cream, etc.) is the only thing that has been excluded for me in the past- I haven’t done this deal yet but you can always ask at your store when you get there.

    • Glenn says

      Cheese works. No problem. I bought Cracker Barrel today. When Ralphs had double coupons, cheese coupons use to double (as well as ice cream, sour cream, whipped cream, yogurt…so I don’t think they will be excluded). It should only be fluid milk products excluded.

  13. Francine says

    I did the deal at food for less manager said i can only get the discount on food only not other products is this true?

  14. Glenn says

    The $40 Off Order offer comes off as a retailer beverage coupon…so you are actually getting the full amount of tax based on $40 off as well (for Los Angeles @ 9.00%, that’s another $3.60 off). The $5 off $35 coupon also is coded as a retailer beverage coupon so that takes another .45 in tax off based on 9%. The entire tax on my order today was only $1.03 and I had purchased $56.44 in taxable merchandise.

    My entire order was $36.52 including a 20 lb. turkey and 6 Smirnoff vodka bottles. I used 2 $10/3 coupons as well as various other manufacturer coupons (plus I have the $45 rebate). Total savings was $176.82. Coupons accounted to $82.39 off of that savings…plus the tax on the $40 and $5 offers.

      • AJ says

        Not sure about the $10/3 cpn because I can’t find that one either but I bought the Bailey’s today and there was a $3 hangtag on it plus it qualifies for the $8/2 rebate. There were also $1/1 hangtags on the BV wine!

  15. Lindsey says

    Thank you so much for posting about this promotion. I scored $150 worth of stuff including the wine for $10 OOP! This is why I love to coupon. Thanks for all you do Josie.

    • Glenn says

      At Ralphs, no. It can be part of the deal.

      But, FYI, at Vons, yes (as I often get $5 off $20 personalized offers from Vons and it does not count towards the $20 with coffee creamer).

  16. Alice says

    So I did this deal 2 times at 2 different locations. The second location the cashier wasn’t sure if I can use the $10 q on groceries for purchasing 3 bottles of participating items. She wasn’t curious about if I had hit $50 in groceries (which I did) but more concerned about using it for “Holiday shopping.” Then she later tells me “technically you can’t use the coupons to pay for the alcohol” and then says “never mind.” I’m not sure how I was suppose to respond because I know I wasn’t doing anything wrong. The $40 promotion is a store promotion considered as a store q right?

    • says

      Alice, Usually Instant Savings is a store promotion (similar to the Buy 10, Save $5 deals that they often have) Therefore, the store is offering the discount. You are using coupons that will be reimbursed to the store– so the store isn’t losing anything… only the $40 they are offering to you. Hope that makes sense.

  17. Tracy says

    Just wanted to thank you with all the saving tips on your site. I just came back from Ralphs and did this deal, bought the ff:

    6 BV wines
    18 Swanson Broth
    12 Powerbar
    36 Cesar Dog Food
    1 Pumpkin Pie
    1 Vanilla Loaf Cake

    I only paid OOP $10.08 which includes the tax and savings of $139.20.

    Thank you so much Josie.

  18. annette says

    I have a free ralphs store coupon for private selections frozen fruit and haagen dazs. Do you know if the amounts will count towards the 40.01 total? BTW..THANKS JOSIE FOR ALL YOUR WORK AND EVERYONE ELSE FOR YOUR INPUT.

  19. Jeri says

    Thank you Josie! I just did this deal with the BV Coastal wine and paid $7.11 OOP and got a $1 Catalina back from Sheba! I had the $5 off $35 Ralph’s ecoupon and a few “free” product coupons that I’d been saving. Made for a great deal! I haven’t been this excited about a transaction in a while. Thank you again.

  20. tita says

    Once again, A MILLION THANKS! I sooo appreciate your hard work finding all these awesome sales and how to maximize our savings. I appreciate it times are tough and couponing makes my budget stretch and it brings me so much happiness! This sale rocks and so do you Josie. God bless you and your family thank you your site means the world to me!

  21. LD says

    My wine had a hangtag, buy 2 bottles rcv $6 off turkey or roast beef (but limit one per transaction). I used that coupon, plus $5/ $35 digital and $5/ $15 produce. The produce coupon worked on pkged produce, so they must have fixed it. We got $161.48 of groceries, vitamins and wine, and our OOP was $6.60. And other than the wine, all healthy food items (not junk). Yay!!

  22. Andy says

    After visiting what seems like 127 stores now, I finally found (one olny) of the $6 off turkey/ham coupons this morning, and wow, I felt like I’d won the lottery just finding that! :-)
    I must live in the wrong geographic area for the hang tags :-(
    My kingdom for one of those $45 MIR! :-)

  23. annette says

    I loaded a buy one get one free windex to my ralphs card awhile back. Anyone know if the free one will count towards the 40.01 total?

  24. Brandon says

    FYI…Found some $1 off BV wine tags on some wines at my local Ralphs. So can use the $10 off 3 bottles coupons and then use 3 of these $1 off for even a better deal if you can find them. Even sweeter is when you use these they are donating money to charity!!

  25. Stephen says

    Josie just posted the MCR Free Coca-Cola 12-pack for 30 points. This would be great for this promotion especially when 12-packs are not on sale.

  26. Jen says

    Josie, can you come to Laguna Niguel and go shopping with me on Saturday? 😉 LOL I’m going to try this on Saturday. I don’t really have many coupons. I’m nervous.

  27. Sandra says

    Does anyone have $10/3 or single bottle coupons to trade for the $45 MIR? I found a bunch on a trip to Santa Barbara tonight.

  28. Andy says

    I (finally!) found some of the $10 off groceries when you buy 3 bottles ‘Perfect Pairings’ coupon.
    I’d like to trade 3 of these for one of the $45 Diaego “DIAGEO3110” mail-in-rebate.
    Please email me if interested at onesoundstate AT yahoo DOT com (all one word).
    Thank you! :-)

  29. sarah says

    This will only work in the LA AREA (and only parts of LA), but I received the SUPER A MARKET circular yesterday in the mail (Wednesday, November 20) and on the front are two manufacturer’s coupons — one for $3/2 BV wines and the other is $2 off Baileys. These are awesome coupons to use with the Perfect Pairings deal, and even better if you can find the $45 Rebate. It will mean basically free Baileys. (Actually, paid Baileys!) I am going to stop by Super A today to see if I can get a few more circulars. There are no limits on the bottom of the Baileys coupons saying how many you can use in one transaction — Does Ralphs have a “4 identical coupons per transaction” policy?

  30. Andy says

    Between the two different ‘Perfect Pairings’ message threads, there are a few conflicting
    answers on using the $10 off 3 bottles coupon, so can someone who has used the coupon
    please clarify for me:
    If I buy 6 participating bottles of wine/liquor AND use the $10/3 coupon, do I need $40.01
    of groceries in my cart, or $50.01?
    Glenn are you out there? 😉 I think you mentioned you’ve been using 2 of these coupons
    in one transaction, does that work with only $40.01 of groceries in your cart? Thanks!

    • Brandon says

      I only bought $40.01 (around 40.40) and used the $10 and also 3 $1 ones and all worked. Might be able to use 2 of the $10 ones but I think the coupon says one per trans.

      • Andy says

        Wow, sorry for my sloppily-composed post above Josie! 😮
        Brandon, thanks for the info. I thought perhaps Glenn said he’d managed to use 2 of the $10/3 in one transaction despite the ‘limit one’ wording, maybe he’ll chime in on that.

  31. Jennifer Bond says

    Question: I plan on going to Ralphs tomorrow and buying meat ($40.01 worth) & 6 bottles of wine. I saw today that there is a $5/$20 meat, a $5/$15 seafood & $6/$60. If i buy $40.01 in meat and seafood with the $40 in groceries still come off because of the two $5 Ralphs coupons i am using and will the $6/$60 recognize the wine as part of $60? or will i need to buy $60.01 in groceries not including the wine. Thank you!

    • LD says

      Jennifer, Yes and No. The $6/ $60 digital coupon states that it excludes alcohol, fluid dairy, CRV, etc. So my guess is that you will need to buy $60.01 in addition to the wine in order to stack.

      HOWEVER as to your question on the $10 meat/sea digital on the $40.01 pp, the $10 digital savings (and any other paper coupons you use) will not count against you (or raise your $40.01 purchase requirement) for the pp wine deal. Hope that makes sense.

      There’s also a $6 MC off turkey or beef wyb 2 bottles of BV or Sterling wine. It is limit one/ transaction. I got my coupon off a bottle at Ralph’s in Irvine (last week) & there were more at the time. I have not found the $10, $1, or MIR though. Best of luck.

    • Stephen says

      I found the rebates at Albertsons. I found 1 two weeks ago and when I was at Albertsons today, they had more. My guess is since the rebate period is still on-going, you’ll see them pop up again at store that didn’t have them the first time you looked.

      • LD says

        Stephen, where exactly in the store did you find the form?

        Has anyone seen the MIR form or the $10 coupons in Orange County? Thanks.

          • Stephen says

            LD: Sorry, didn’t answer all your questions. I found them on the bottles (Kettle One, Smirnoff bottles)

          • LD says

            Eeek! Thank you, thank you! I will check tonight! I didn’t realize the MIR would be a hangtag. Not sure why, but I was looking for a large piece of paper or a tear pad. Fingers crossed for tonight. Thanks!

  32. Andy says

    I bought 6 bottles of BV wine tonight as part of the promotion, and picked one of the kindlier cashiers at the store I went to, and was able to use two of the $10/3 bottles coupons, although the 2nd coupon did beep, and after a brief discussion where I pointed out I did have 6 correct bottles, she put thru the 2nd coupon, but you mileage may vary depending on the cashier you get, they could easily nix the 2nd $10 coupon.
    Thanks Josie for pointing out this deal, and all the coupons/rebates available out there for this promo as well! :-)

      • Andy says

        I found a small number of the $10/3 coupons at Albertson’s a week or so ago. It was sheer luck I think, as I had looked in this particular store several times and found none, then found them one night after work. Probably caught it right after the salesman had visited the store earlier that day.

  33. Laura Nygaard says

    Thanks so much for the info on this promo! Found the info on the wine aisle, had gone with hubby to get the rest of our supplies for Thanksgiving. Before club and the $40 off total was $187, after $70! Love it. Will have to try again using some of your scenarios! Thanks for all your hard work.

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