Ralphs/Smiths: $5 off $20 Meat or Seafood Purchase

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We have an additional $5 off $20 Meat Purchase eCoupon available at Ralphs AND Smiths stores! Be sure to head on over here and choose your local Kroger store–load to your card and head into the store!

Of course, this is good for use on a Turkey if you plan on purchasing one! Don’t forget that you can load a $6 off $60 coupon, $5 off $15 Seafood coupon HERE

PS: I think as long as you buy $20 worth of seafood, you can use BOTH $5 ecoupons and pay $10 for $20 worth of seafood!

Thanks, KrogerKrazy

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  1. LD says

    There are also hangtags on the BV Coastal & Sterling Wine bottles (at Ralph’s). Buy 2 bottles, receive $6 off any turkey or roast beef (limit one per transaction). I was able to use this MC coupon last week when I did the $40 perfect pairing promo. At the time, the register also took off the $5/ $35 digital facebook coupon and the digital FB produce coupon. So…. this week FB offer is $6 off $60. These deals would stack nicey! The $6 off wyb 2 bottles wine is a MC coupon, so reduces your total after the $6/ $60 (and the $40 off if you do the perfect pairing). I am wondering if the $6 MC can be stacked with the $5/ $20 in the meat dept coupon posted above. Would be even sweetwer savings.

      • Brandon says

        Don’t think it will. I had the $6/$60 loaded on my card. Bought 40.40 groceries and 33.54 of wine. Total is over $60 but it did not take off like the $5/$35 did since the $35 was under the $40 min. Might have to buy $60 worth (less alcohol, etc)and then all ecoupons ($6, $5, and $5) would come off along with the $40 and the $10/3 bottles if you have it and 3 $1 for the other 3 bottles. Would need to use any CAT’s you have or other coupons to bring the total down more.

  2. Andy says

    I bought $23.97 worth of lobster tails tonight as part of the Perfect Pairings” promotion, but only one of the $5 facebook seafood coupons came off, the $5/$20 did not. I’m not complaining, as I got a great deal on my groceries, including the $6/$60 facebook coupon, and a paper $2.00 Ralphs seafood coupon I had.
    Perhaps some of you will have better luck getting both $5 facebook coupons off your total.

  3. Katie says

    Does anyone know if the $5/$20 works on clearance meat? I thought that I had seen people posting about their transactions with clearance items, but I just wanted to be sure….Thanks!

  4. LD says

    Has anyone used this e-coupon successfully? If so, please share what you purchased. I spent over $20 on frozen wild seafood. Since I also had the $5/$15 loaded, that coupon came off. I was considering a second round of seafood with this coupon, but I noticed it states meat/seafood department. Makes me wonder if I must purchase from the fresh case. I don’t know if it will work on items from the frozen case. Has anyone tried using it this way? Also, I am interested in the Aidells organic chicken sausage. They keep moving it around. Sometimes they sell it close to the lunchmeat and hotdogs, other times they keep it near the breakfast sausage & bacon. Does anyone know if that product will qualify? It isn’t sold in the same case as raw chicken & beef- so again, I’m not sure as the coupon states “meat/seafood dept.” Thanks!

    • Daisy says

      I don’t think the Aidells will work for you. I used that coupon yesterday on beef and chicken and it worked fine. When it comes off it’s higher up on the receipt than the other dollar amount coupons so make sure you check your whole receipt so you don’t miss it. Because it doesn’t say frozen seafood like the $5 off $15 did I don’t think it will work on frozen items.

  5. sarah says

    I did the Perfect Pairings promotion last night, and bought $18.25 in fresh salmon and $4.35 in ground beef. For some reason, the $5 off $20 worth of meat did not come off my bill. It’s strange because the previous $5 off meat coupon worked with the PP promotion when I did it a few weeks back, and also because I didn’t have any other Facebook coupons loaded to my card. Has anyone had any luck in a situation like mine? I want to do it today and get the $5 off, but I’m worried it won’t work.

      • Daisy says

        I forgot to mention, if you take a print out of the coupons on your card the cashiers are usually pretty good about manually entering anything that didn’t come off as it should have.

  6. Sarah says

    So do I need to spend $45.01 on good total because of the ecoupon? The PP didnt work today, but the $5 came off making my food total $35.65… Hmmmm.

    • Brandon says

      Yes..at least for e-coupons since those automatically come off. With paper coupons you can wait until the $40 comes off before handing those over.

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