Shopping Trip: OOP: $51 {3rd Perfect Pairing trip}

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I was lucky enough to snag another $10 off 3 Perfect Pairing coupon from a friend of mine–and with all the great Ralphs eCoupons (which are all available right now!) I decided to take a trip in again. :)

Not sure what I am talking about? Take a look at the entire promotion HERE. You can also do this at Food 4 Less with Less Out of pocket. Check out the details on the promotion HERE

I went to Ralphs and Albertsons. Here is my breakdown:



(2) Essential Everyday Crackers $2.50 each
(3) Crav On French Fries $2.99
1 lb bananas
3 Limes
3 Avocados $1.25 each
(2) EE Cream cheese $0.99 each
(2) EE Rice Cakes $2.50 each
(2) 32 oz Bags of EE White Rice $1.79 each
5 lb Bag of Cuties $2.77
(1) Tapatio
1 lb Strawberries $2.99
1 onion

(4) Essential Everyday BOGO Free coupons
(3) FREE Product Crav On coupons
used $20 off $20 purchase coupon from Gift Card deal
Paid: $4.75

My Ralphs trip wasn’t as great as I hoped for. I wanted to use the $5 off meat coupon in conjunction with the $5 off Seafood eCoupon that was available. I THOUGHT that if I purchased $15 worth of Seafood and $10 worth of Beef that both eCoupons would come off (since the $5 off $20 eCoupon is for meat AND Seafood) However, that did not work for me.

I think if you plan to do the same as me– you are better off sticking to strictly seafood vs. mixing them up (or maybe the $5 off $20 eCoupon isn’t working for Seafood? Despite what it says)

Bought :

– 4 Bottles BV Coastal $5.59 each
– 2 bottle Smirnoff $9.79 each
– 4 boxes General Mills Cereals $2.50 each
– 4 Betty Crocker Pouch Cookie $1.67 each
– 1 Coffee mate creamer $2.99
– $17 worth of Salmon
– $11 Ground Beef
– 2 Gallons of Milk (Free with purchase of milk and Betty Crocker cookies
– 1 Sprite $1.19
– 6 Toblerone Chocolate $1 each
– 3 Duracell 4 pack batteries $1.99 each
– 1 Stacys Baking Chips (found in the Deli/Bakery)
– 3 mini lunchables $1.69 each
– 2 McCormick Gourmet Spices $2.99 each
– 1 Canadian Bacon $2.69


– (3) $0.50/1 Duracell coupons
– (3) $1/2 Toberlone coupons
– Free Stacys eCoupon
– $1/1 Coffeemate coupon
– (2) $2/1 McCormick Gourmet Spices coupon
– (2) $0.75/2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix coupons
– (2) $1/2 General Mills coupons
$10 off 3 Perfect Pairings Hangtag
– $6 off $60 eCoupon
– $5 off Seafood eCoupon
– $40 Perfect pairing promo
Paid: $47.00, will submit for the $8 Smirnoff Rebate in the 11/10 RP
= like paying $39 for entire order!

If you want to use all of the Ralphs eCoupons that are available–I would suggest that you purchase $20 worth of seafood and $40 of groceries and of course, your six bottles of whatever. :) My thoughts are (because it worked last time I did this) that the $6 off $60 eCoupon, $5 off Seafood and $5 off $20 Meat or Seafood eCoupons will all come off your order if you do it that way.

Check out all of the recent Ralphs Deals here

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  1. christina says

    Hi Josie!
    Does the $40.00 off coupon wyb wines etc. Show as -$40.00 at the end of the receipt? Or does the $40.00 get taken off each item the discount applied to? One last question is the deal on any wine?


  2. Jenn says

    Any idea where the $10/3 coupon can be found? I’ve looked at Vons, Albertsons and Ralphs. Do you think it’s not out there anymore?

    • judy says

      Unfortunately I wouldn’t have time to trade you because the Smirnoff coupons expire on the 28th. But I can tell you where I found them, At the front of Albertsons where they keep their weekly ad you can find another add of all their alcohol sales, in that ad are manufacture coupons for $2 off of one bottle of Smirnoff. Hope that helps.

  3. ChipL955 says

    Here’s my haul from last night:

    4 12-packs Diet Coke
    2 6-roll packages Bounty DuraTowels
    2 8-roll packages Bounty
    2 8-oz. bars Ralphs pepper jack cheese
    1 16-oz. tub Knudsen sour cream
    2 8-oz. packages Pillsbury crescent rolls
    2 1-liter bottles Kroger diet tonic
    1 box Stove Top stuffing
    1 package Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush refill pads
    1 package Van de Kamp’s hamburger buns
    1 package Van de Kamp’s hot dog buns
    6 750ml bottles B.V. Coastal Estates merlot
    1 Larabar Uber Bananas Foster energy bar
    6 boneless New York strip steaks (3.61 lbs.)
    1 7-oz. package Kroger sliced pepperoni
    1 12.6-oz. bottle Suave shampoo
    1 12.6-oz. bottle Suave conditioner

    (2) $1.00/1 Bounty DuraTowel (one Ralphs Catalina, one IP)
    (1) $1.00/2 Bounty (from insert in Duracell package last year)
    (1) $1.00/2 Ralphs cheese (from Ralphs MyMagazine)
    (1) $1.00/1 Knudsen sour cream (MQ)
    (1) $0.50/2 Pillsbury crescent rolls (Ralphs digital coupon)
    (1) Ralphs Facebook coupon for StoveTop (pay $0.95 instead of shelf price)
    (1) $0.40/2 Van de Kamp’s buns (store coupon from “Best Customer Savings” mailing)
    (3) $3/2 B.V. wines (from Super A Foods Market weekly circular)
    (1) Free Larabar (Ralphs Free Download Friday digital coupon)
    (1) $5/$20 meat or seafood (Ralphs Facebook coupon)
    (1) $0.40/1 Kroger pepperoni (store coupon from “Best Customer Savings” mailing)
    (1) $1.50/1 Suave Professionals (Ralphs digital coupon)
    (1) BOGO Suave Professionals conditioner WYB Suave Professionals shampoo (MQ)
    (1) $40/$40.01 Perfect Pairings promotion
    (1) $6/$60 Ralphs Facebook coupon
    (1) $5/$75 Entertainment Book coupon
    (1) $1.75 customer service adjustment digital coupon (for past Kroger mistakes!)
    (1) $1.00 Catalina (from Sheba promotion)
    (1) $15.00 Ralphs Rewards Plus Visa rewards check
    (1) $10.00 Ralphs Rewards Plus Visa rewards check

    Shelf Value: $236.38
    Total out-of-pocket: $16.76
    Savings: $219.62 (92.9%)

    This is close to a personal best for me. The cashier pretended that one of those plastic order devices was a microphone and started yelling into it, “He just got all that for $16.76!” It was funny, kind of embarrassing and kind of exciting at the same time.

    And I would never have known about the Perfect Pairings or even the Facebook coupons if not for SouthernCaliSaver and Josie. Thank you, Josie!!!

      • ChipL955 says

        The Ralphs MyMagazine is a digest-size magazine that comes in the mail every 6 weeks or so. Each issue contains manufacturer coupons, store coupons and recipes. I think in order to receive it, you have to go to the Ralphs website and make sure your postal address is updated and correct. Hope this helps!

        • Daisy says

          I get that! I didn’t realize it even had a name- I pull the coupons I will use out, file them in my binder and toss the rest. Its rarely in tact for more than 5 minutes after entering the house!

  4. maria says

    Does anyone know if I can use the $2 MQ for smirnoff AND submit the receipt for the $45 mail in rebate? Can those two be combined? TIA

  5. Daisy says

    I just did my first trip….. $192. and change for $38.43 It was a couple of freebies (Stacy’s, yeast, larabar,) beef, chicken, seafood, coconut oil, 12 cans of kitty food, 5 bottles of BV wine and a bottle of Captain Morgan.

    I can’t wait to see the next bunch of digital coupons to do this again!

    If you think your $5 off meat coupon didn’t come off be sure to look up higher on your receipt- mine appears partway through the receipt instead of grouped with the rest of the dollar off coupons at the end.

  6. Daisy says

    Check your mail for a Ralphs holiday magazine with coupons! One of the last pages has a $2 off one bottle of BV wine coupon. :)

  7. Daisy says

    There are 2 new Facebook coupons in case you have some last minute holiday shopping to do!

    $10 off $100
    $5 off $15 produce

    Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! Especially you, Josie, your help has put a lot of good food (and wine!) onto people’s holiday tables and into their donation bags this year.

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