Albertsons Gift Card Promotion: Buy $100 in Select Gift Cards, Get $20 of FREE Groceries!


Reminder: This ends tomorrow 12/3! 

This great Albertsons Gift Card Promotion is back! Beginning 11/20-12/03:  when you purchase $100 of select gift cards (you can mix and match) you will receive a $20 coupon good off your next grocery purchase at Albertsons.

What is Included: 

  • Applebees, American Eagle, Bass Pro Shops, iTunes, Kohls, Amazon, Buffalo Wild Wings, Mastercard, Lowes, Regal Cinemas, Toys R Us and AMC!

Buy $200 Kohls Gift cards (separate transactions)
Get $40 back to use on Groceries at Albertsons
= $160


Shop at Kohls during a Kohls cash promotion
Spend $200 at Kohls , Get Back $60 Kohls Cash to use on anything!

So, after everything is said and done–you’ve spent $200 with $40 in free groceries and $60  Free at Kohls…$100 FREE!!

Note: Kohls cash event is currently NOT available. Kohls gift cards never expire.

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  1. Julie says

    To make it even sweeter, a lot of times Kohls has their $10 on $50 purchase plus percent off coupon at the same time – 15%, 20%, or 30%.

  2. Jaclyn says

    Josie- a while back there was a similar promotion at Stater Bros where you bought a gift card (I think MasterCard?) paid the activation fee approx. 5.95, got back the catalina for free groceries. Then you take the 1st giftcard to buy the 2nd giftcardgiftcard & get back the catalina again, etc. Basically rolling the giftcards. Do you think this will work here? Let us know if anyone tried it! :)

  3. becky says

    This may be a stretch…but VONS has the spend $150 on gift cards and get $25 off your next grocery purchase (with $50 purchase).

    I really wanted the giftcards at VONS (which includes Lowes). Think it would work to buy the Mastercards at Albertsons, and then use those giftcards to buy those at VONS?


    Spend $317.85 for three $100 MC giftcards at Albertsons, get $60 back for Albs shopping.
    Use $300 gift cards to purchase 2x$150 gift cards at VONS, get back 2x $25 VONS shopping.

    Total spent = $317.85, get back $60 to Albertsons, and $50 (off $100) at VONS.

    Technically, it doesn’t matter how you pay for the gift cards at VONS, right?

    • says

      I have been told that I can’t buy Gift Cards with gift cards at Vons… even if you didn’t buy them there. I would think its up to you how you use your gift card, so I think you have a good idea.

      • becky says

        What part of Southern California are you in? I’m in Temecula…so Riverside County. Not sure if all VONS run the same. Regardless, the Albertsons deal is good enough on its own.

        What is your experience when buying multiple gift cards at Albertsons? I’ve done the VONS spend $100 (usually on Mastercard), get $10 grocery coupon five times before but haven’t purchased multiple offers like this at Albertsons.

        • says

          Becky, I am also in Temecula. The Vons on Rancho told me this however, I’ve always found them to be very inconsistent with their policies. This was quite awhile ago– so, it could be different now. :)

          I’ve found that the Albertsons doesn’t really care how many times you do the promos like this. However, I have not done it five times in a row. Hope that helps!

      • Jacqui says

        If you read the fine print on ANY gift card, it says you can’t buy a gift card with a gift card. The Albertsons ad states this in the fine print, as does the current Vons promotion. Technically, the registers don’t recognize it, but per the terms of the gift card (which you agree to when you buy it), you can’t use it to buy other gift cards.

    • Karen says

      My Albertson’s(San Diego Area) has Lowe’s cards in this deal, check the sign at the card stand. I have bought 3 already, we need $400 in handles for our cabinets!!! Check it out!!

  4. heatherc says

    Other websites are listing amazon gift cards with this promo (although I don’t know what state) any idea if amazon gift cards are included here in so cal?

  5. David R says

    At my Albertsons I purchased a $100 Kohls gift card and a $100 Mastercard gift card in two separate transactions. Neither transaction gave me the $20 catalina. I had to speak with the manager to get the $20 (one for each transaction). The manager said I had to purchase the cards in $25 increments and that’s why the catalina’s didn’t print out. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem?

    • Daniel says

      No, you don’t have to buy in $25 increments. However I bought a $100 Amazon gift card today and the Catalina did not print, but the manager scanned some bar code he had on a paper and that made the Catalina print.

  6. molly says

    woohoo thank you for the heads up on this!
    I didn’t see the rebates for the beer

    I did buy the prepaid mastercard with my visa card. thank goodness because I have a new credit card where If I spend a certain amount within 3 months, I get extra bonus points. I’m trying to figure how to spend $500 in 3 days to reach the requirement without throwing my money out on random stuff.
    This is a great idea! pretty much just putting my money on another card and getting $14 in free groceries.
    I bought the giftcard and the cashier pretty much new a catalina was going to come out. I went to get my $20 worth of groceries and ended up only paying $0.93! I grabbed some buy one get one free meet. at $9.99/LB I think it’s ridiculous, but with a BOGO and free money to splurge, I got 2 packs. plus the $0.49 canned veggies, some chips and a splurge on some gelato ice cream. bought another mastercard in a separate transaction since you can’t use the $20 on a giftcard. I think I’ll go back and get a Khols card for black friday :)

    Thanks for letting us know about this!!

  7. der says

    I tried to use the $20 on milk and other groceries valuing over $20 and also put in another $100 toys r us gift card and the $20 didn’t go through.

  8. Elaine says

    I live to far from Albertson’s to ever do this promo again. I didn’t read the dates on my 2/$20 coupons. Not realizing they expired yesterday. I just lost $40.

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