How to pay $105 for $130 worth of groceries at Albertsons



Today is the last day of the Gift card promotion at Albertsons. I will say that I’m sort of sad.. because this year they included the Mastercard Gift Card and the Amazon gift card which are a great deal in my eyes!

I just wanted to give you this quick tip– maybe you will benefit from it. However, today is the last day to do the gift card promotion–so you will need to head out TODAY and buy your gift card. The rest can be done anytime this week and next.


Next week, we will see a $10 off $100 AND a $5 off $50  Total purchase coupon in the Albertsons ad. This coupon is good AFTER your manufacturer coupon (according to the fine print)

SO- if you can find the $100 Mastercard Gift card (which is JUST like cash!) you can do the following:

Buy $100 Mastercard Gift Card + $5.95 fee
Pay: $105.95, Get Back $20 coupon good on your next grocery purchase

THEN, go back when you get your grocery ad for next week:

Buy $130 worth of groceries
Use $20 coupon from your Mastercard gift card purchase
Use $10 coupon from Albertsons Ad
Pay: $100!

If you want to use coupons– your total would need to be $120 AFTER all manufacturer coupons then you can use the $20 coupon and the $10 coupon after that.

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  1. hazzy says

    Is the Mastercard gift card considered a “Gift Card”? Because the coupon says calculated AFTER gift cards. Thanks! or does that mean after an “Albertson’s gift card”?

  2. mona says

    I purchased a few of these deals myself. Unfortunately I haven’t been shopping at Albertsons a lot lately because their prices are much higher on the items I normally purchase. When I’m paying two or three times as much for items the 20 voucher savings goes out the window. IMO.

  3. hazzy says

    or does that mean AFTER you pruchase a gift card? LOL I’m confussed. Just want to be clear incase I get the EVIL EYE from a cashier. LOL

  4. I don't shop @ Walmart says

    I’ve got an awesome shopping done today at Kennewick, WA Albertsons using $10 of $50 coupon and $20 Cat. My store had some clearance on Pillsbury mix (marked $1 ring up 2/$1) , Duncan Hines frosting ($1), Dunken coffee, Purina Beneful Baked Delights ($1), Busy Bone Dog Treats ($1). I didn’t read fine print on coupons, I let computer and cashier decide to take or not to take coupons.

    I purchased:

    8 Essential Chips 4/$5
    2 5LB packages of Flour (clearance$1)
    4 Bounty Napkins(clearance $1)
    4 DH Frosting (clearance $1)
    16 Baked Treats (clearance $1)
    7 Busy Bone (clearance $1)
    Org Valley Eggnog $2.50
    Whole Chicken $8.90
    Whole Chicken $8.93
    Hormel 8 ham clearance $5.65
    Tropical Jam (clearance $1)
    3 Potatoes $1.50/ 10 LB
    4 Bakery items $.99 ea= 3.97
    Coupons used:
    $10 off $50.00
    2 @ $3 Manager special Chicken coupon= $6.00
    4 EE B1G1 coupon. Cashier took full value off $2.00 =$8.00
    2 DH frosting peelie $.35 =$.70
    4 Napkins $.25 =$1.00
    Hormel coupon $2.00
    7 Busy Bone Coupons $1.00= $7.00
    16 Beneful coupons $1.50 adjusted down to $1.00= $16

    Subtotal 2.99
    Tax 1.15
    Total 4.14 for 48 items!!

    I newer did purchase this big and that much savings before.
    MF coupons $32.00
    You Save $117.59
    Promo $36.00
    Total Savings $188.04 or 98%

    Without the clearance on dog treats, I would not would of reached $50 mark. According to wording on coupon potatoes and meat is not included in $50 min purchase

    Pretty good haul in my books :-)

  5. sv says

    Thank you,I don’t shop @ Walmart for letting me know that I can use $10 off $50.00 coupon before MQ. I have one $20 Cat, too. I hope I will get as good shopping as you. :)

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