Pinecone Research: Earn $3 Per Survey!

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Pinecone research is looking for the following:

Pinecone Research is accepting applications! I have been a Pinecone member for quite awhile and absolutely love them! The surveys that are sent via email are easy and simple PLUS you are paid $3 for every survey that you are qualified for and complete–I usually receive at least 1 survey every week.

You can be paid via paypal or by check–which usually is sent out a couple of days after completing the survey.

Pinecone is very selective when choosing applicants so if you aren’t chosen this time–don’t be discouraged. They are looking for certain demographics everytime they open.


FREE Simple Budget Form


Forget those complicated Budget Forms. This one is so easy, you will wonder what the heck you've been doing all these years ;) It really is that easy.

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  1. Kat C says

    They don’t pay you any longer through Paypal. They give you points that you redeem for gift cards and other goodies.

    • crlzmmr says

      They also still allowed me to load my points ( = $3 ) to the debit card.
      It’s a few clicks, but eventually you get to the end.
      (don’t forget the last step).
      I think I had to go to “help” or something
      to get the directions for how to do it ( wasn’t obvious ).

  2. mrs pala says

    Hi J- Would like to say “I LOVE the upgrade to your site”! Question, today, I received an email from Pinecone Research…”We are currently accepting limited number of applications from competent
    shoppers to evaluate Western Union’s services and programs, both in-store and on their Website). they stated they would pay me $200.00 to complete. Is this Legit? as always, thank you!

  3. Julie says

    I went to sign up and filled out the information page. When I clicked on submit, the screen went to a confirmation page but nothing ever loaded up. Any suggestions?

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