Albertsons: Buy 6 Select Spirits, Save $40 off your groceries! {with Manufacturer coupon!}

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Albertsons: Buy 6 Select Spirits, Save $40 off your groceries!


Beginning January 15th– Albertsons will jump on the sprits promo bandwagon! I  case you missed it, We’ve seen similar promotions at Ralphs, Vons and Food 4 Less. (Currently, the only one that is currently running is Vons– you can see details HERE)

Here are the details of the Albertsons promotion: Buy 6 select participating Sprits and save $40 off groceries with in-ad manufacturer coupon.

This promotion seems to offer the higher priced BV wines in addition to the usual spirits suspects–here are the prices listed in the ad:

  • BV Napa Cabernet or Merlot $13.99
  • Sterling Napa Cabernet or Merlot $18.99
  • Captian Morgan Spiced Rum $12.99
  • Baileys Irish Cream $16.99
  • Crown Royal $17.99
  • Jonnie Walker $17.99
  • Tanqueray Gin $15.99

The thing that makes this offer different is that it is NOT instant savings like that previous promotions. You will need to redeem the Manufacturer coupon to get the $40 off–so, my idea is that you can not use additional alcohol coupons on top of this $40 coupon. I think Grocery coupons would be ok though.

Thanks, Iris

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  1. JustD says

    So since this is a manufacturer’s coupon, can’t it be used at any retailer that accepts manufacturer’s coupons?

  2. Jen says

    Any updates on this deal? I finally got the coupon in the mail and was hoping someone has any transaction ideas! TIA!

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