Rite Aid: BioSilk or Rusk Hair Care just $2.49 each!

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Rite Aid: BioSilk or Rusk Hair Care just $2.49 each!

Check out this awesome deal on BioSilk Hair Care– you can score a $10 +Up when you purchase these two packs. Great thing– they are regularly priced at $14.99, which makes them just $2.49 per 12 oz bottle.

BioSilk or Rusk Hair Care Twin Packs $14.99 (regular price)
Pay: $14.99, Get Back $10 +Up (limit 1)
= $2.49 PER Bottle!

That is a smokin deal considering these are fairly expensive!

This is a MONTHLY deal–so you have plenty of time to grab it!

Thanks, Jamie! 

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  1. Kate says

    Make sure you get the ones that are marked at $14.99. I just bought a twin pack for 12.59 and didn’t get the reward. There was a display at the Poway store, but no prices. I couldn’t find either product at the Carmel Mtn. Ranch store.

    Kate :)

  2. Denise says

    I just bought the rusk hair spray and it counted towards the BUY AND Earn. It was marked with the tag. I picked it up for $11.99 with my gold discount. Yay. Thank you Josie!!!

  3. Chrystal says

    So with the Up Reward, you have to buy one 2pk at regular price, and return the next day to apply the discount, right? Am I understanding that correctly? So really, it’s ~$5/bottle.

    19.98/4 bottles

    • JB says

      UP rewards are basically store credits, valid on *most* items in store, that can be used on a future visit. So, as long as you buy only things you need at good prices, then just be loyal to that drugstore and you can make UP rewards work for you, to save money. Google “rite aid up rewards” to find out all the details.
      In this case, yes, you must buy one 2-pack at regular price ($14.99 + tax). That purchase will earn you the listed $10 UP reward. It will either print at the bottom of your receipt (like a paper coupon) or electronically load to your Rite Aid card. It is your choice which way you do it. I had the cashier change me to the printed UP rewards, as i like controlling it that way.
      So, we are saying the final price for the 2-pack is $14.99 (what you paid) – $10 UP reward (that you earned)= $4.99 per 2-pack. $2.49 per bottle. We list that price because we assume that you will take that $10 UP reward and use it like a store credit on your next purchase at Rite Aid. Buy something on sale that you need (toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.) and you will be making the system work for you. UP rewards do expire in 14 days, and they aren’t valid until the day after your purchase. So a lot of people just swing by Rite Aid once a week, buy the sale items or other drugstore necessities, and keep “rolling” their UP rewards. If you forget about using your UP rewards and let them expire, then you have lost all the savings and effectively paid full price. Hope that helps.

  4. JB says

    This $10 UP reward printed for me today when I bought a 2-pack of Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier (blue bottle) for $19.99. These 2-packs weren’t tagged with the monthly deal, but they were on the shelves near the Rusk and Biosilk two-packs. A great deal, as each bottle usually sells for $14.99 at Target.

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