Amazon: 100 “Magic Erasers” for just $11.99 {0.11 each!}

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Amazon: 100 "Magic Erasers" for just $11.99 {0.11 each!}


Check out this great deal! You can currently pick up Eraser Cleaner Magic Sponge(100 ct) for just $11.99 on Amazon!

This deal was available several months ago and I picked up 100 just to test them out– and I am excited to tell you that they work fantastic!

If you don’t need 100, you can also get 10 ($2.19 + free shipping) or 50 ($7.28 + free shipping)

Head on over and check out this awesome Eraser Cleaner Magic Sponge Deal! 

Amazon prices can change very quickly. If you find this post and the price on the product is no longer as listed here–this deal is likely over.

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  1. Tracyfl says

    They do work well, but be careful. I used one to clean the plastic keypad on a brand new microwave and it left permanent scratches on it. I was/am so bummed about that!

  2. Daisy says

    Thanks Josie! These are awesome- we’re pretty close to chemical free and these work so well you don’t need anything other than water most of the time.

  3. Julie says

    Are these the real Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? I heard recently that some things being sold on Amazon now lead you to think it’s the real product, Then they’re received and find out it’s not. I haven’t had that happen and personally LOVE Amazon. So I hope that really doesn’t happen.

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