Coupon Cheat Sheet 2/9

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I’m so excited to add this awesome new feature to SCS!

This NEW Southern Cali Saver Coupon Cheat Sheet  is a great new tool to help you sort through your coupons a tad bit easier. There are several ways to use this. You can download the Coupon Cheat Sheet and use it in several different ways:

  • You could use it as a guide to tell you when to throw away coupon inserts. (you will notice that each coupon lists the expiry date) cross off each coupon as they expire.
  • If you do a no-clip method, you can add this sheet to sort through coupons faster
  • Easy tool for referring to which insert a coupon is in
  • Or just use for a reference!

I have listed two papers on the sheet as well. San Diego Union Tribune and the Los Angeles Times–if the coupon is not in that paper–you will see “no SDT or no LAT” next to it in the very last column.


Enjoy!! :)

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  1. Claudia says

    Is there a way to see the front cover of each insert and dated? I don’t clip, I file, but I’ve fallen behind and now I just have stacks of inserts and no idea which weekend they correspond to! I could pick coupons in each and match up with the database, but I have a feeling that would take a long time. Please let me know if you know where I can find this info. Thanks!!

  2. Rebecca says

    Josie, does your UT come with Red Plum because mine has not come with one in months? I live in San Marcos. The same paper should come with the same sets of coupons, I know coupons are regional but I dint understand why no red plum.

  3. Crystal says

    I don’t have either of those papers – I subscribe to the Press Enterprise (Inland Empire/Temecula). Do you have something that would work for this paper?


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