HOT: $2/3 Iams Wet Cat Food Coupon = FREE at Vons {and More!}

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woot! woot! I LOVE this coupon!! The $2/3 Iams Wet Food coupon has RESET! You should be able to print two more per computer.

I found these for just $0.55 at Vons– which means THREE free! You can also find them for $0.80 each at Ralphs (last that I checked) and pay just $0.13 per can.

If you are in need of Dog Food the $2/3 Wet Dog Food coupon is still available! (which is just $1 through TODAY!)

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  1. marky says

    i would think that would be fine as the 4 coupons would count for 12 cans. for this promo i don’t think you have to buy in multiples of 10, you can just get the 12 cans and use the 4 coupons. right Josie?

  2. Daisy says

    These are 10/$4.50 at the Riverside Plaza Vons. I got 18 cans for 10 cents plus tax. There weren’t a lot left on the shelf but they may have more to stock.

  3. Rosie says

    When I was getting my free cat food, I had a big snafu with the cashier who said they only accept one like internet coupon and no internet coupons that reduce the cost by more than 50%. (I haven’t gone back to check their policy yet). I ended up having to deal with the store manager, I was on the store for about an hour, he finally let me use them, but took down my drivers license info and made me feel like a criminal! Not going to be going to Vons as much any more…

    • Daisy says

      That stinks, Rosie. Don’t hesitate to write to corporate about it (include your Vons card number so they can see you are a regular customer.)

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