Ralphs: $5 off $15 Seafood eCoupon!

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Today, we have a $5 off $15 Fresh or Frozen Seafood eCoupon! Remember, this eCoupon is available via facebook ONLY. You can not access from the Ralphs app and you may have issues if you are mobile.


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  1. Joanna says

    There is some Private Selection seafood included in the Buy 4 Save $4 promotion this could pair well with. Thanks Josie!

    • LD says

      Maddie, There’s a seperate faceplate for coupons. You can click on the link that Josie posted above, which takes you directly there. Otherwise, if you are on the Ralph’s main FB page, just under the like button you will see a box that says “coupons” in red & white. If you click on that, it will take you to the page that has the coupons. There should be 3 coupons for you to load. HTH.

      • ChipL955 says

        In the few months that Ralphs has been doing the Facebook coupons, I’ve noticed a trend:

        Tuesdays: Total purchase coupon appears ($5 off $35, $5 off $50, $6 off $60, $10 off $100, etc.).
        Wednesdays: Department coupon appears ($5 off $15 worth of seafood one week, fresh produce another, fresh meat another, frozen on yet another).
        Thursdays: Throwback Thursday coupon appears (Cool Whip for 1986 price of $0.19, e.g.).

        (So there are only two coupons on Facebook right now, as I write this.)

        Then, on Fridays, not on Facebook, but on Ralphs.com, the Free Friday Download coupon appears.

        HTH, too!

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