Ralphs Freebie Friday: Free Sundia Grapefruit Fruit Cup!

Ralphs Freebie Friday: Free Sundia Grapefruit Fruit Cup!


It’s time for this week’s FREE Friday download at Ralphs!

TODAY (Friday, February 14th) ONLY download a digital coupon for one Free Sundia Grapefruit Fruit Cup 7 oz. The coupon will be available TODAY ONLY, but you will have through 3/1 to redeem it as long as it’s loaded to your card.

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  1. joe says

    does anyone know which single rev wrap, i swere i went in tonight and got the singles.. tried scanning 3 different 3 oz varieties and none were the right freebie!:( i’m so sad ive never gotten in on the friday freebie. i got them next to the ham deli meats

    • Jessica says

      I noticed you said you scanned them yourself so I’m guessing you used U-Scan? When you scan an item at U-Scan, the ecoupons don’t come off automatically. You must hit “Pay Now” then the ecoupon will come off.

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