1. Mike says

    This one was a welcome upload since the one from last week i thought expired yesterday before I could stock up on the Angel Soft. Got 8 packs of TP, 4 boxes of Pizza Rolls, 2 rolls of Foil and 9 cans of Iams. The $6 came off the top, and then a separate $5 off (from last weeks $5 off $50?), Then with my coupons for all my total with tax was $30. Great!

  2. Ronni says

    Aww, I didn’t get the $6 off $60 when I shopped last night; will save for next week. I did get the $5 off $50 and the $5 off $15 in produce. Plus I had a coupon for $4 off $20 from the meat dept (stocked up on $0.99/lb chicken thighs), as well as my regular coupons. Oh, and my 6 boxes of free pizza rolls too.

    Spent $137, saved $114. I was pretty happy with my trip last night. :)

    (Last week was even better. Spent $68, saved $97!)

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