Ralphs Weekly Ad 2/26-3/4

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Here is the Ralphs Weekly Ad 2/26-3/4. Ralphs is located in Southern California and is an Affiliate of Kroger stores– I have listed the best deals I see this week with coupon match-ups. Check out the Ralphs coupon policy here

New to Shopping at Ralphs? Start here:

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  • Don’t understand the Match ups below? Check out this quick Tutorial on how to make the BEST of the coupon match ups each week!
  •  <<< — MY Favorite Deals!


This week, there is a Mix & Match Mega Sale! Buy 6 participating items and receive $3 off instantly at check out. Prices below under “Buy 6, Save $3″ reflect additional $0.50 per item savings assuming you have purchased 6 participating items.


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  1. melissa says

    not happy that some of the prices got raised by .50 cents. Not happy at all. making a shopping trip tonight for a few items before the prices get raised

    • ladybugpam says

      In my ad, cheezits are now $2.49 when they were $1.49 last week. I’m hoping it’s a typo. Has anyone checked the price for the new sales week?

      • Jessica says

        I went this morning and was mad they raised the prices too! Healthy Choice and Marie Callendar’s frozen meals were $1.38 wyb 6 last week. Now they’re 2.49 when you buy 6. Same with the cheez-its they went up to 2.49 wyb 6 and were 1.49 last week.

        • ladybugpam says

          it’s total bunk and I sent them an email stating such. they lost my business this week and they have been steadily losing it with every bad experience I have at their store. it’s gotten to the point that I dread going in there!

          • Melissa says

            The cheez-it’s at my store got raised to 1.99 ( price if you buy 6 items)
            Glad I found $1/2 ip and got four last week. I love cheez-itz. Wonder if the Pringles got raised.

          • Jessica says

            Hopefully corporate gets back to you. I’d write an email to them too but I work at Ralphs so I can’t. I think what they did was they raised the items that did the best in sales during the mega deal. We were completely wiped out of every variety of cheez it’s at my store last week along with the Marie Callendar’s & healthy choice dinners. They also raised the General Mills cereal 11 cents which isn’t that bad I suppose but still 11 cents!

    • Shelly says

      That’s false and deceptive advertising and should be reported to Weights and Measures. If they advertise one price and then it’s different in the store, they will be fined big $$$$$$.

      • Jessica says

        Ralphs is not advertising one price in the ad and then it being a difference price in the store. Everything in the ad is correct for the mega deal. General Mills Cereal went up to $1.99 wyb 6, Cheez Its and Town House crackers went up to $2.49 wyb 6 and Healthy Choice and Marie Callendar’s frozen meals went up to $2.49 wyb 6 this week. All of that is advertised in this week’s ad. The ad on this post contains some of last week’s prices.

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