Ralphs: Hot Pockets just $0.89 each!



There are a bunch of new Ralphs eCoupons available! I spotted this awesome eCoupon that makes for $0.89 Hot Pockets at Ralphs through Tuesday!

Buy (5) Hot Pockets 2 ct $1.49 each
Load $3 off 5 Ralphs eCoupon (you can use this up to 5 TIMES per transaction–so a total of 25 boxes)
Pay: $0.89 per box!

In order to get the sale price of $1.49 per box–you will need to purchase an additional item that is part of the Buy 6, Save $3 sale- There are a ton of items include– you can score FREE Lady Speed stick–check it out HERE (coupon expires TODAY)

You can also snag Kraft Mac and cheese for $0.50 per box HERE

If you are a Smith’s or Fry’s shopper–this deal should be good for you too!

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  1. Maricela says

    How do you know you can use the ecoupon up to 5 times? I asked at Ralph’s the other day and the manager said that ecoupons could only be used for one item, not five.

  2. jackie says

    So if I buy 10 hot pockets I will get $6 off as long as I buy 2 additional participating items, is that correct?

  3. jackie says

    AWESOME! I got my first receipt with a negative for my total at target and the first thing I thought was this is all possible thanks to Josie :)

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